What Do You Think The Reason Behind The Popularity Of AngularJS Framework?

AngularJS is a javascript based open-source framework popular among the front-end web developers. This is created and maintained by Google. The Framework is applicable to dynamic web apps. It makes the codes effortless. Top web development companies were following AngularJS to utilize their time to create web applications in a significant way to their clients. Websites were created with more interactive, responsive, and impeccable. There may be lots of ways to create and design web apps even though this framework gives importance to the data at its utmost level.

This framework is responsible for maintaining the code in a single page application with a cleaned manner. It also can bind with the Html documentation. The components in this framework can reusable.  Developers can reduce their work using this framework by its process with front-end behavior.

Important Terms to be considered when you think about AngualarJS.


Directives are the markers on the document object model (DOM) element. It helps the AngularJS to attach or transform the DOM element based on the behaviors. It also offers flexibility to create and customize the web application.


As a part of the module, you can use it to integrate it as a dependency after the step of the directive when you are defining a new module and directives that require on your page is considered as a term called re-usability over here.


You can allot a name to the directives that you have created to enhance the structure of the code to read and to understand it easily.

Greater Use of Template

The view of templates creates a manner able feature for the directive. It also reduces the code duplication the same as Html template code that could be used at several places without the requirement to write the code in the Html file.

Angular UI & Bootstrap

AngularJS is meant to its outlook mechanism. This framework has become popular due to its dynamic web response. It creates great UI with its eventful feature. Those who look to create a good looking UI has to go for UI based frameworks such as bootstrap, Kendo-UI, etc. Angular UI has the craziest feature to enhance routing, grid, angularJS code editor plugins, bootstrap module, etc. The UI makes the web to pass the visitors high where the Angular can bring you more visitors by its UI feature.


This feature is an important skill of AngularJS as it helps to create a single page application. The important reason behind the popularity among the developers of this framework is the feature to create a single page application. This feature is said to be as Routing.


To create a reusable component service, the feature can lead to an Angular module. This can insert in another module using the feature of dependency.

Through the below content, you may know the reason behind the popularity of the AngualrJS framework.

1. Easy to Use

AngularJS is designed with high rated features to make web application development professionally by creating websites with minimum codes. No need to set or get different data models. The integral part of the code doesn’t have any directives. This creates the team to manage the task parallel to decide and function. Writing the code with a reducing format saves a lot of time and effort.

2. Architecture of MVC

To develop mobile apps there are lots of techniques require to handle. And many frameworks are available in the market to create the mobile app. MVC is important in means of creating a software product where the MVC stands for Model View Controller. When you make use of the AngularJS it will be more helpful to create the apps with most of the above that I have mentioned. This is because it has the potential to string the code together. This saves time a lot in later to test its functionality with more accurate.

3. Performance on Client Side

It can compatible with both sides of desktops and mobile browsers because it operates on the client-side.

It is an impeccable feature that helps you to develop the front end of any kind of application without disturbing the backend of the source code.

4. Modularity Reduces the time of Process

The Concept of making multiple modules to link and combine them to create a system is said to be modularity, where the AngularJS has been created with this amazing feature. It is one of the major reasons to become the AngularJS as popular. Each module is capable of combining to run a complete application. This framework recognizes the additional module to the system to create an application module.

5. Filters help a lot

To transform the stored data in AngularJS responsive design the AngularJS filters more helpful to do that criterion. The directory of AngularJS gives the developers different kinds of filters for numbers, lowercase, uppercase, currency, order by date and more. You can also create your filter by creating and registering the account in a new filter factory.

6. Binding the data in two ways

Data binding in means of two ways is functioned amazingly. And also please make a note that if you made any changes in UI that will affect the application to get function. By using the AngularJS framework, the user action and module changes simultaneously.

7. Easy to handle Testing

To test the application when it is built with the framework of AngularJS, it is really easy to handle it. This is because the manipulation of the different parts of the application can be done easily. The feature called module separation enables the developers to load the services that are required and also can implement the automated testing with an ease manner.

Final words

AngularJS is an amazing framework for the front end developers from AngularJS development companies those who were looking for the dynamic application. As I said before this was developed by Google hence it will be more advantageous to be used as they perform their system by enchanting the user by their communities. Thus the above information might give you some information about the reason behind the popularity of AngularJS.

PS. Here‘s a list of useful Free & Open-Source Angular components and libraries…you should check it out! 😉

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