Creative Tim is on Discord!

Great news, guys! This year we want to stay closer with our community, so you can find us on our Discord server from now on. This server aims to help our community use our products better, get feedback so that we can fix bugs rapidly, and generate ideas that can help both our customers and us.
Our dev team is easy to reach
Our team and the product's creators will be active on the server, ready to help and share their experience with you!
A great number of subjects to discuss
We got everything you need from UI/UX topics to front-end technologies and web 3 topics:

  • Creative Tim land - our latest news
  • Community - let's not each other!
  • Code help & support - let's see how we can improve our product
  • Products - our latest products and updates
  • Web3 - let's talk about business ideas and crypto markets
Join us on Discord

We take great interest in how our customers use our resources and offer strong support and unlimited updates. We are constantly thinking about how to make our products intuitive, beautiful, and extremely easy to understand, so feel free to tell us your thoughts!

Alexandra Murtaza