January Updates from Creative Tim

Great news, fellows! We've started this year with fresh and awesome plans for our community and products. We want to keep on building the best products for developers & designers and keep our customers closer.

Below, we’re sharing all our new products and updates that help you lean into what you do best.

📖 Our Book is ready for ordering!

ui ux design book

After our successful pre-order campaign (300+ people pre-ordered our book), our book is getting ready for shipping.
Fundamentals of Creating a Great UI/UX by Creative Tim includes six parts (chapters) that walk the reader through the process of designing a website from the basic elements like buttons, cards to the macro elements like sections and pages.
After reading our book, you will learn how to Design & Use all the UI/UX design components for your Web Pages & Mobile Apps.
If you missed our pre-order sale, get it now at a special price!

💬 Our Discord Community is Up and Running!

We want to keep our community closer, so starting from January 2022 you can find us on Discord. The aim of this server is to constantly help each other with the code, bug fixing, talk about new ideas and product improvements, and many more productive things.

Join our community!

🚀 Our TikTok community is growing

creative tim on tiktok

Feel more creative after spending your time on TikTok? We feel you! This is why we've recently started our learning community on this popular platform and it is killing! Web development tips, UI/UX "how-to" tutorials, we have everything you need to get inspired. Check out our profile!

🆓 Our New Free Products

Let's what are the latest freebies from Creative Tim!

1. Vision UI Dashboard React

react material ui admin template

Beautiful Material UI dashboard built on React framework. It is built with over 7 front-end individual elements and 7 fully-coded example pages.

2. Vision UI Dashboard Chakra

Start your Development with an Innovative Admin Template for Chakra UI and React. It is built with over 70+ frontend individual elements and 7 example pages.

🌟 Our New Premium Products

Let's see what are the latest premium products from Creative Tim!

1. Vision UI Dashboard PRO React

Innovative Admin Template for MUI and React. It is built with over 300 frontend individual elements, 32 example pages, and 6 customized plugins.

2. Material Kit 2 PRO React

material kit 2 react template

Material Kit 2 PRO React is our newest premium MUI Design System based on React. Its amazing design is inspired by Material Design and contains all the components you need for your development.

3. Vision UI Dashboard PRO Chakra

Vision UI Dashboard PRO Chakra is the trendiest, complex, and innovative premium dashboard made by Simmmple & Creative Tim. It is based on Chakra UI and React.

4. Notus Design System PRO

Start your development with a premium UI Kit and Admin components library for Tailwind CSS. Let Notus Design System PRO amaze you with its cool features and build tools that will get your project to a whole new level!

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Happy Coding! ❤️
Creative Tim team

Alexandra Murtaza

Alexandra Murtaza