Top 10 Best Programming Languages for 2023 (Rating included)

While working on your product, you may wonder what programming language to use from such a wide variety of options.

After reading this post, you’ll know the most demanded options for 2023 and see the future tendencies of the programming world.

Programming Languages Rating

TIOBE and PYPL are considered the most authoritative sources.

Their work principle is similar: The ratings are based on how often a particular programming language was mentioned in the media. Anyway, the methods of ranking are a bit contradictory.

TIOBE works mainly with browser search results containing the language's name. Their index includes data from platforms like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc.

PYPL employs the user’s interest in programming tutorials researching Google Trends.

That’s why their results may be different.

Let’s analyze both indexes and distinguish the most accurate one.

  • Index of TIOBE

TIOBE claims that Java has been a leader among others in the previous two years.

But three other participants may change the situation. Extreme C, Python, and C# popularity growth caused this.

Its index is not really for identifying the best one, instead, it is more helpful for developers seeking to make their skills level higher and to see an actual demand on the market.

top programming languages
  • PYPL Analysis

Here, the leadership is taken by Python, but JavaScript and Java are slowly getting closer and closer. It is assumed that the more people search for specific language tutorials, the more this particular language is in demand.

best programming languages

Best Languages to Choose for 2023

Analyzing what languages are actively used among beginners and skilled professionals is essential. So let’s dive in!

1 - Kotlin
Kotlin’s popularity is based on the rise of Android users and devices.
Most Kotlin developers use it to create Android apps, less for backend development and other purposes. It also performs excellently in collaboration with Java.

Famous applications: Netflix, Tinder, Slack, Google, etc.

2 - Swift
Today Swift is number one for developing iOS apps. It’s simple to work with, and that’s where even the most experienced programmers agree.

Applications: Facebook, WordPress, SoundCloud, Uber, etc.

3 - Objective-C
Since 1983, Objective-C has been a paramount instrument for iOS development until 2014 became the year of Swift's presentation.

Even though today’s macOS and iOS are based on Swift, Objective-C is still used because most iOS apps were created with this language first.

Applications: Apple Music, iTunes, Dropbox, etc.

4 - R
R is a language that solves the problem of creating statistics. It is commonly used among data analysts.

It also works on MacOS, Linux, and Windows software. This language is applied chiefly in healthcare, banking, and government areas.

5 - C/C++
C, as well as C++, belongs to the C family. Anyway, they have the same level of appreciation among users. C has developed since 1973 but remains the most usable language.

It is also quite simple to find a programmer among a variety of true professionals already experienced in C++/C. C and C++ share similarities, including the same syntax. However, C++ remains an object-oriented programming language.

Applications: Mozilla, Microsoft software, and Adobe products are built with C++

6 - PHP
PHP is a generally oriented language for developing web pages, web apps, and more.

In simple words, PHP is responsible for powering most web pages. But usually, its code is used to add some dynamics to websites.

7 - C#
Besides sharing a lot of similarities with its siblings, C# also has elements of Java. C# allows developers to make anything from desktop and mobile apps to cloud-based services and games.

Microsoft Visual Studio, KeyPass, Pinta, and the game Hearthstone were made using C#.

8 - JavaScript
JavaScript is used to entertain website users by implementing pop-ups and simple mini-games. Besides this, it is also heavily used to develop simple mobile games.

The Famous Google Dinasour game is made using JavaScript.

Applications: Yahoo, eBay, etc.

9 - Java
Java holds its status tight too. The majority of brands use it to build their digital products. Google Play is full of apps made with it since Java is considered the default language for developing Android-based apps.

Applications: Amazon, eBay, Twitter, etc.

10 - Python
Python heads the deserved leadership. Unsurprisingly, its simple syntax helps solve complex issues fast and easily.

Reddit, YouTube, Quora, and Spotify apps were built using Python.

We already know how things are going up to date. Let’s also take care of future perspectives and determine which language to look out for.

To receive the overall insight, it makes sense to examine languages that are actively growing in usage and popularity right now.

fastest growing languages

As you see, the first line of this top is taken by Dart. Briefly, it’s an alternative to JavaScript. One of its developers, Mark Miller, claims that Dart could become an advanced version of JavaScript, excluding ‘fundamental flaws.’

How to Find Your Match Among Programming Languages?

Obviously, there is no one valid answer for everyone. Before making a choice, carefully analyze the purpose and aim of your project.

Consider a platform where you will stream it, the task or issue it is supposed to solve, and the technology stack you are ready to offer. It may truly simplify your dilemma and help your project grow and bloom faster.

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