The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Website using AI (ChatGPT + Midjourney)

Did you know that by 2030, artificial intelligence will boost the world’s GDP by adding 15.7 trillion dollars Today, we can witness artificial intelligence everywhere, from business tools to household kitchens. The “AI vs Humans” debates are the talk of the town. Every 15 days, we see a new AI tool popping up!

These AI tools are also sweeping over old-school methods in website design and development and redefining the digital creation scenario, witnessing an influx of artificial intelligence.

You might wonder, is it possible to create an amazing website using AI that can save you a lot of time? Take a few minutes to skim through this blog, and we will explore how to do that using ChatGPT and MidJourney.


What is ChatGPT?

Introduced in 2020, ChatGPT is an AI conversational agent or an AI chatbot. Being a part of Open AI’s (a global artificial intelligence research institute) GPT-3 language model release, it reacts to prompts and gives human-like responses. ChatGPT is trained on a large corpus of text data and took the internet by storm after experts gave it a thumbs up.

From swiftly resolving coding challenges to generating practical ideas, ChatGPT is prepared to roll for the future!

But AI-generated content doesn’t typically perform well in Google SEO results. Hence, it is recommended to do not rely on it completely. You can utilise the chabot and generate content ideas rather than directly copy-pasting.

How to Use ChatGPT?

Create an account and start your conversation! ChatGPT can talk to you about almost anything using its pre-trained language capabilities. Yes, as simple as that.

Let’s take a scenario where you are looking for the website’s name for the healthcare niche. Give the prompt intelligently.

chatgpt example

ChatGPT depends greatly on your prompts, just like any other search engine. What you ask, it will respond to you accordingly.

Some of the suggestions were very general, while we saw others were not that bad. What if you are not satisfied with the results? Don’t stop! Give a new prompt. For example, you can write, “Suggest me some out-of-the-box ideas,” “Recommend some creative solutions, Tell me some ideas to consider, etc.

Afterwards, you can go to ChatGPT to help with your website’s framework. But here, you have to be page-specific, like the home page, service page, help page, etc.

Suppose you choose to start with the home page; the first thing you need is the layout. Save your time and ask ChatGPT to do it for you. ChatGPT can provide appropriate recommendations to let you create amazing layouts for your website.

chatgpt prompt

The explanation deserves applause. We must only move ahead with praising the details. It tells you about graphics, texts, to USPs. Now you are ready with the basic structure. You can start curating the content for each section.

chatgpt explanation

How Does It Work?

ChatGPT interacts with you portraying a human-to-human conversation. You have to sign up with a mail account, and you’re good to go. We are impressed by the user interface. It’s effortless to navigate the portal. In addition to this, the interface is not messy but clean.

It allows you to converse about multiple topics by creating different chats simultaneously.

chatgpt conversation

Yes, it talks like a human. ChatGPT remembers its conversations with you so that you can resume them anytime. But obviously, it comes with limitations too. Sometimes, it may be repetitive with answers or not much sensible.

On this note, let’s move to another tool, which is Midjourney.


What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an artificial intelligence image generator tool where prompts are given as text descriptions. It creates beautiful images based on your instructions. Midjourney, Inc is an independent research lab based in San Francisco that hosts Midjourney. On July 2022, Midjourney entered beta.


There are 5 versions of Midjourney, and the makers are working hard to improve their algorithms. If you want to use Midjourney, you can access it through Discord.

How to Use Midjourney?

Midjourney asks you to give its prompt with /imagine command. Discord bots generate the artwork in the Midjourney. It gives you the four propositions or designs depending on your given prompt.

how to use midjourney

You can always get another design if you are unsatisfied with previous versions of the results. It also allows you to render and download the images in better resolutions. Midjourney restricts you from generating 25 images for free.

Though it’s an AI, it wants you to be patient while creating the artwork based on your description. Once you become an expert on the platform, creating artwork will be much simpler.

How Does It Work?

Midjourney is accessible only through Discord. You need to create a Discord account if there is not one. Follow the instructions given in the Quick Start section of the page. A guide is simply teaching you to get started with MidJourney using Discord.

Once you are done with Discord and able to reach the Midjourney bot, you will be able to create images using prompts.

how does it work midjourney

Midjourney allows you to create anything and everything until and unless your prompt doesn’t breach its community guidelines.

Apart From Content and Design

A website is far more than just content and layout. You require marketing tools, chatbots, educators, videos, engaging photos, etc., to excel in the field among your competitors. Your AI Tool is your go-to option in case you need any assistance from any AI tool. It has an extensive tool collection entirely based on artificial intelligence. You can use the available tools in conjunction with human expertise to create something fresh.

Creating a Website

Now, you are ready to move forward with the ready-to-post content and layout. copy-paste is never recommended, especially from ChatGPT. Search engines recognise AI-generated content easily and do not rank it. ChatGPT works excellently to give ideas. What you can do is take ideas and generate content by yourself. It produces excellent results in brainstorming your ideas.

And there is no such condition that you have to post images as generated by the Midjourney. You can customise them anytime using any usual editor like Adobe or Canva. You can write texts over images, change transparency, or remove the background.

Try merging two images together. It works substantially. Prioritise your styling choices with your artwork and content curation. You can use Canva to create unique logos. It’s super quick. Remember the colour palette and theme for your brand.

The next step is to find a drag-and-drop website builder to start off. Many websites in the market let you adjust your images, including Wix, WebWave, and WordPress. Place your elements accurately and use grids and tables to create a user-friendly interface. Ensure to make the website flexible to add anything else in the future.

Position the elements, images, and text in place, and your AI website is ready.

What Are The Limitations?

What we observed by using artificial intelligence tools continuously is that it creates repetitive content. Whether it is ChatGPT or Midjourney, the creativity is less, making all of them look alike.

A proficient person can easily tell if the website images are created using an AI tool. But that’s OK. At least for the beginning! There is no requirement to create a masterpiece at the start. It’s just an initiation of the process; you are trying and experimenting.

But these AI tools have an ever-evolving nature that opens the doors of limitless possibilities shortly.

Why Choose an AI-Powered Website?

It saves you cost and time! AI tools allow you to create customised results, and there are whole tons of options to choose from. Breaking the myths that you can create a unique website only by coding, these AI tools are paving the way for non-coders to imagine and create.

When you go AI, you implement innovative work strategies instead of hard work. What we like the most about using AI tools is that these tools enable you to create websites in any niche.

Artificial intelligence is doing wonders! Not limited to crafting a new website, it is always available to assist you in improving your existing templates. Giving you highly personalised websites, AI tools successfully lend support to create at least the basics of a website. When you finish the fundamentals, you can add elements and customise accordingly later.

Closing Statement

AI’s intelligence can be harnessed to craft exceptional websites. You can combine ChatGPT and Midjourney to create a breakthrough web page saving money and time simultaneously. ChatGPT will assist you in content creation, while Midjourney helps in creating an appealing visual of your platform. Make sure to give smart prompts to unlock the potential of these artificial intelligence tools.