How Artificial Intelligence is Important for Data Security

As everything has shifted from the physical world to online, a lot of changes have taken place in the world. With the evolution of technology, the evolution of cybercrime has also happened.

Now, new and refined ways of breaching your data are there. It takes a lot of work to deal with on your own.

To keep your network secure, AI Tools are here to save your day. A man may not recognise every attack, but an AI can surely do that. The article discusses how artificial intelligence is essential for data security. But before that, let's talk about the types of data breaches you may encounter.

Types of Data Security Breaches

To deal with security breaches, you first need to recognise or know about them.

Social Engineering Attacks
One of the most common ways to access data is through social engineering. Phishing, a social engineering attack, is the most widely acknowledged way among attackers that is used to breach data.

In this attack, the attacker requests or contacts people through an email that makes them believe it's from a renowned company or institution.

The affected person gets typically tricked into believing the message and provides their private information with their own hands to the predator. The attacker then uses this information to breach the data and mess up essential documents or files.

Just as the name suggests, this type of attack asks for a ransom for leaving your data alone and secure. Ransomware is one of the most effective ways of stealing your data.
In this type of cyber attack, the invaders use encryption keys on your documents and then ask for money in return if you want to decrypt them.

However, things become even more problematic when you end up paying the ransom but never see your data again. This virus can spread quickly and destroy larger chunks of your corporate network.

Malware is a virus installed on your device without your knowledge when visiting a compromised website, clicking on a shady email and other means. This type of virus harms your data in the worst possible manner, and then the attackers misuse it however they want to.

Security data breaches in the History

Data breaches have become so common these days and have a way of affecting millions of users all around the globe. To understand the consequences, you can consider the most significant data breaches in the history of the Internet.

  • Yahoo
    In August 2013, more than 3 billion users on Yahoo had to go through the frustration of their data being exposed. A Russian hacking group entered Yahoo's data when it signed a deal with Verizon.
  • Aadhaar
    In January 2018, Aadhar was compromised as the attackers managed to get hold of their ID database. More than 1.1 billion users had to suffer because of it. Everything was exposed, from their emails, phone numbers, and biometric information to their bank accounts.
  • Alibaba
    Who needs to learn about Alibaba here? It's by far the most extensive shopping website to ever exist. In November 2019, a person named Taobao created a crawler software and stole the information of more than 1.1 billion users.
  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is a professional website where users make accounts to connect about various professions. In June 2021, the data of almost 700 million users was posted on dark web forums.
    This data should have included the data or much personal information. However, the information was enough for varying social engineering attacks, ultimately putting all those users at significant risk.

How can AI Protect you against Data Breaches?

Although man has created machines, machines have performed various tasks much better than man. A machine can also perform the functions of more than a hundred men flawlessly. This is the world of ultimate technology, where artificial intelligence is the master.

Nowadays, AI can help perform many tasks and providing you with the ultimate protection against data breaches is one of them. Use an AI data security tool with a dedicated IP, and you are secure for life.

Let's see how AI tools work in data security settings.

Pattern recognition
AI can study or monitor a large quantity of information within seconds. That's why it can easily recognise various patterns and spot malicious ones.

Password management
Weak passwords are major causes of accounts being hacked and data being lost. Setting up a strong password is something that only some can do, especially if you've to deal with a lot of accounts. Nowadays, AI can help you set up robust passwords that can act as a shield between your system and potential attackers.

Ai doesn't rest
Unlike human beings, AIs don't sleep. They're working 24/7 daily, so they're excellent monitors. This means not a second goes by when AI is not keeping a check on your system. Hence, it instantly blocks all malicious attacks and keeps your data safe and secure.

Top AI Tools for cyber security to avoid data breaches

A wide range of AI Tools available can help tackle the issue of data breaches.

1. Sophos Intercept X tool
This is one of the AI Tools that has gained popularity because of its excellent features and effectiveness. It can conduct deep analysis and give you the data breach report within 20 milliseconds.

2. Cyber Security Tool Kits
As the name suggests, these toolkits help you develop methods to fight against cyber security. It's a Python library full of data sets, various program modules and tutorials that help developers create armor for their systems.

3. Vectra's Cognito
The attacks inside the cloud enterprise networks, IoT and data centers are easily detected by this AI tool. It not only sees them but also responds to them within milliseconds. It makes use of behavioral algorithms and then judges the hidden attackers accordingly.

4. Tessian
The ML-powered filters of Tessian can quickly eliminate malicious attackers both outbound and inbound. Because of its excellent monitoring skills, it can easily detect suspicious activity and then deal with it before everything goes down the drain.

5. DefPloreX
This AI deals with large-scale crimes. It has open-source libraries that help you deal with millions of compromised web pages. In other words, you can analyze defaced websites through it as it can turn the defaced structure into readable descriptions with the help of machine learning and visualization methods.


As the online world is filled with billions of users, humans alone cannot protect others without the help of machines. AI Tools have come into the market to ensure your virtual world remains secure and safe.

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