14 Web Design Trends For 2022 That You Should Know About

Websites are no longer simply a portal to display content. Designers have started treating them as forms of art that amalgamate the perfect mix of play, delight, interaction, and a way to show off new techniques.

It does not matter if you are a business owner, a website developer, or simply a newbie in the web design arena. Keep yourself updated with the web design trends for 2022 and grab the fleeting attention of your website users by incorporating these trends!

1. Colour of the year – Very Peri

The focus of 2022 seems to be on playfulness, and this is reflected greatly in the color choice doing the rounds of all awesome websites of 2022. Very Peri, a unique shade of purple is the colour being used majorly used for web design trends in 2022. Veri Peri is a fusion of dynamic peri blue and vivid violet-red and is known to encourage creativity and imagination.

2. Typography - Bold

Using bold or oversized lettering has become increasingly popular in the year 2022. Bold typography helps highlight important keywords, draw attention, and maintain a connection with your users. However, it should be used in coordination with a distinctive design to deliver your message across correctly.

3. Design Elements – 3D

3D design is not just limited to animation and movies in this era and has started taking hold in web design trends for 2022. 3D elements help you create your video or photo illustrations with more depth, thus helping your users understand your design a little better.

4. Optimistic Designs

The past few years have taught us the importance of positivity, and this is being reflected across all web design trends of 2022. Smiling characters, fun designs, colorful combinations can all be used in conjunction to offer users with optimism and increase your conversion rate.

5. Glassmorphism

Glasmorphism is a UI trend that has become increasingly popular with designers, and it looks like the trend is going to continue in 2022 as well. With transparency, multi-layered approach, vivid colors, and light border on translucent objects being its most defining characteristics, you are sure to lure users to visit your website more often using this trend.

6. Gradients

Gradients enable objects to stand out by adding depth to them. By gradually blending one color with another, you can almost create new colors and add visual interest to your website. The smooth transition offered by gradients is sure to add spark to your precious projects.

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7. Layered Effects

Modern web interfaces make full use of the z-axis. Layered effects can be achieved by incorporating shadows, elevation, blur effects, decorative backgrounds, and progressive image loading effects. Creating a visual hierarchy using layered effects adds a sense of realism and vigor to your designs, thus creating a seamless connection between users and the content that appears on your screen.

8. Unique Imagery

Users are no longer simply invigored by optimism but can also be engaged with your content using unique, extraordinary imagery. Unique images can trigger a wide range of emotions ranging from interest to creativity and can in turn improve your conversion rates in the long term.

9. Abstract Illustrations

Simple shapes, eye-popping colors, art designs, and aesthetic elements can be combined to create abstract illustrations that express complex ideas and emotions via your website. These kinds of illustrations let users project themselves into scenes, thus acting as a blank slate. This radical shift from just using photographs to using different shapes in the same image can do wonders for your brand image.

10. Gender-neutral design

Yet another web design trend for 2022 that is both humanitarian and cool is using gender-neutral design. By doing gender-neutral colors and illustrations, you create a sense of camaraderie with your users, letting them know that you do not discriminate based on gender.

11. Accessibility

While the other web design trends mentioned above focus mostly on visual effects, it is worth noting that users in this day and time expect a wide range of accessibility features from websites. Virtual reality, augmented reality, voice commands, etc. have taken the world over by storm, and the same ideas are surely set to be a repeating trend in web design over the coming years.

12. Interactive Content

You can make your website content more alluring not just by making it visually appealing, but also by making it react to user input or movement. Using interaction in your web design ensures that users feel that they are a part of the navigation process, thus creating a complete experience for them in comparison to just viewing content. You can do this by encouraging feedback, including social media buttons, incorporating user-generated content, or by including gamification and rewards on your website.

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13. Engaging Data

Interactive content is just one portion of the whole user experience. If you have a lot of data that you want to convey to users, you need to make it engaging by following the "less is more" philosophy. Keep the layout simple, use a lot of illustrations, and refrain from using a lot of bulky content to convey important data in the simplest way possible.

14. Animated Illustrations

Animations have become a widespread practice in websites with the introduction of WebGL experiments and fully interactive dynamic effects. Animations bring your website characters to life and can convey messages that even a thousand words cannot. However, use this trend sparingly to prevent your engaging content from turning into an annoyance for users.

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The web design trends for 2022 focus on more interaction, visual appeal, and engagement of the user. However, it is necessary to understand the perfect combination of trends that can make or break your website.