The One Reason Why Every Business Should Use VoIP Service

As a business owner, you’re always on the hunt for new ways to draw in customers, increase sales, and capture leads while they’re still fresh. It might sound a little too good to be true, but one simple feature offered by voice over IP (VoIP) services providers can make a noticeable impact on your bottom line with little to no effort needed from you.


VoIP & Your Website

Likely the most compelling reason your business should have VoIP is to take advantage of the click-to-call button. If for no other reason than that, VoIP is a huge benefit for you that will pay for itself many times over.

Click-to-call buttons connect customers directly to you through a VoIP call. Whether they’re on their laptop or a mobile device, they’ll be able to immediately call you through a VoIP line. It’s free and instantaneous. If you’re using a WordPress site, it’s also simple to add a button to your website in a prominent position. Numerous widgets and themes exist to make it easy for even the least technically savvy among us to add a call button anywhere on their site.

Click-to-call buttons serve as excellent CTAs on landing pages and website service or home pages. Customers who use these buttons are hot leads who just need a little more information to make a purchasing decision. They want that information now, and they’re very interested in what you’re offering. Giving them a convenient way to get in touch with you immediately increases their chance of conversion by significant margins.


VoIP Reduces Customer Service Friction

If you could give your prospective customers a seamless, stress-free way to contact you and ask questions that lead to a buying decision, why wouldn’t you? Click-to-call is one way to speed up the sales process and convert more leads. The best part for you is that you know ahead of time that the majority of people clicking the button to make a call are already further down the sales funnel than the average website viewer.

Mobile page visitors are especially likely to take advantage of the click-to-call feature. They’re already on their phones, so calling feels natural and convenient. Not everyone prefers to use the phone, but for many it’s a quick and easy way to get answers. While live chat is another convenient way to get similar results, VoIP calls are simpler to set up, cheaper, and easier to keep running with instantaneous response times.

Customer experience matters. Click-to-call and other instant customer service options enhance the customer experience and give people a reason to buy from you. Creating a good experience matters, and one-click calling can be part of that.

Without a click-to-call feature, how many people will take the extra steps to find your contact information and reach out to you independently? Are you willing to risk those leads over something so simple? Get a VoIP phone plan, if for no other reason than using click-to-call.


Is VoIP Appropriate for Every Business?

Businesses of all sizes have different needs. SMEs don’t have the same challenges as enterprises and large businesses. No matter its size, every business has to figure out what to do about phone service. The issues look different, but the general concerns are the same.

Most businesses can benefit from VoIP. Even if you discount the click-to-call feature (which you shouldn’t), there are other benefits offered by VoIP, including:

  • Scalability

If you get a VoIP service as a small business, you can scale it up to meet your needs even as you grow larger. Grow your phone plan to any size without a lot of extra equipment or setup costs.

  • Plan Options

You have your pick of all the providers you find. Not all of them offer appropriate plans for your business, but many do. There are no limitations based on where your business is located, and you’re not restricted to using only the local area providers. Choose whichever provider offers the best deal.

It’s also worth mentioning here to VoIP phone plans tend to be cheaper than traditional phone plans, especially for long distance or international calls.

  • Mobility

VoIP phones only need an internet connection to work. You can install a VoIP app on any mobile device, computer, or specialty VoIP desk phone. If you want to take the phone with you anywhere, just pick it up and move it to another location with internet access. Your phone number moves with you instead of keeping you tied to a phone line.

  • Calling Options

You can use video calling and multi-party audio or video conferencing over a VoIP line. Instead of just sticking to audio calls, you can expand your communications with your remote work teams, clients, and leads.

  • Extra Features

VoIP business phone plans give you a lot of choice in how your phone is set up. You can get features like call forwarding, intercom communications, automated directories, and other convenience features with your normal plan.

  • Integration

Click-to-call isn’t the only way of using VoIP in connection with third-party apps or services. You can integrate VoIP software with a lot of different applications and services you already use with your business.


VoIP can help you get connected with interested leads as fast as possible. They’ll get the right information and answers to help them make a buying decision, and you’ll get the benefit of their business with a lower chance of them moving on to your competitors.