15+ Best Bootstrap Landing Page Templates (Free & Premium)

Landing pages are a useful tool that lets you generate steam around your business. With a landing page, you can create and nurture leads, as well as sell products or digital software. According to Marketo, “Strategic landing pages are used by 68% of B2B businesses to acquire leads.” All these businesses are already enjoying higher sales online with their landing pages. Today, I’ll help you faster catch up on lead generation with 15+ best Bootstrap 4 landing page templates.

What’s Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a responsive grid system that can be used for building a website. Bootstrap is the most popular solution used to make a site or landing page responsive. Without it, the layout of your website will be cluttered, old-fashioned, and, most importantly, not mobile-friendly. Sounds bad, huh? Then, make sure that you get yourself a Bootstrap landing page.

Why You Need a Bootstrap 4 Landing Page Template?

According to Adobe Blog, “Only half of the landing pages are optimized for mobile devices.” Those 50%, whose landing pages are unappealing and falling apart on mobile, are definitely losing a bulk of mobile-first customers.

So, you should mind the responsiveness of your landing page. To achieve 100% responsiveness and convenient UI on mobile, use Bootstrap 4, the latest version of this #1 page grid. It was released in January of 2018. Bootstrap 4 provides for present-day adaptive features of your landing page and ensures an even better page browsing experience for mobile-first users.

The best Bootstrap 4 landing pages I present today are built with the latest web design trends in mind. They foster user engagement with Parallax, smart scrolling, and CSS animation. Moreover, these web template designs feature pre-built forms for lead generation and conversion-optimized CTA buttons. Some of the designs can be even customized coding-free thanks to a pre-built visual builder.

Bootstrap Templates Examples

Corporate UI Dashboard Pro - Landing Page included [Freemium]

bootstrap 5 corporate

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Corporate UI Dashboard Pro Creative Tim's newest Admin Template designed specifically for professional websites. It is based on Bootstrap 5 and is made of hundred of elements, designed blocks, and fully coded pages, including stunning landing page examples. Get it now!


Soft UI Design System – Landing Page included [Freemium]

bootstrap 5 design system

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Soft UI Design System is the most complex and innovative Design System Made by Creative Tim.  It was designed for those who like bold elements and beautiful websites. Made of hundred of elements, designed blocks, and fully-coded example pages (like Landing Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page), Soft UI Design System is ready to help you create stunning websites and web apps.


Get Shit Done Kit [Freemium]

get shit done theme

More Info

Want to build an HTML website or landing page that looks professional? Take advantage of the free UI kit offered by Creative Tim. This kit can be used to create literally any kind of website. It brings you beautiful transparent navigation panels, different navigation, and pagination types, sliders, and progress bars. On top of this, this kit includes beautiful image shapes and carousels.

The typography kit of the theme is also very rich. You can experiment with fonts, create pre-styled notifications, labels, and tooltips. That’s why, with this kit, creating a landing page or HTML website will always be simple. Finally, this UI kit employs Bootstrap 4 to ensure the responsiveness of your content. This is the latest version of Bootstrap, which lets you enjoy experimenting with modern layouts.

Other features:

  • Different Button Types and Shapes;
  • Switchers Included;
  • Collapsible Elements;
  • Fully Responsive.


Rocket [Premium]

Rocket – SaaS Bootstrap Template

More Info

Rocket is a premium Bootstrap 4 website template created for ambitious SaaS business owners to best showcase their product. With Rocket you get all the necessary pages an online SaaS website needs such as a pricing page, support page, landing page including a beautiful dashboard to use for your application.


  • 27 hand-crafted presentational pages, landing pages included;
  • fully-fledged dashboard;
  • 9 pages including an overview, app analysis, tasks, user management, and many more;
  • Gulp, BrowserSync, and Sass workflow;
  • an integrated UI Kit featuring accordions, buttons, modals, nav items, and many more.


Awesome [Freemium]

awesome landing page

More Info

Awesome landing page by Creative Tim is a modern and highly customizable free HTML Bootstrap landing page template. The template will be a good option for mobile apps or software promotion. It includes the buttons users need to download your app from different app marketplaces. This ensures higher conversion for your business. Awesome landing page theme includes 15 handcrafted elements, 2 custom plugins, and 3 sample pages instead of one.

What’s most exciting about Awesome landing is the fact that it comes with 5 pre-built color schemes. That’s why recoloring the theme to match your brand colors will take just a couple of clicks. Despite being free, Awesome competes with premium themes with its appealing and clean design and modern animated sections. The template actively employs Parallax effect and smart scrolling techniques to achieve higher user engagement.

Other features:

  • Header and Footer Navigation;
  • Responsive and Retina-ready;
  • Bootstrap 4;
  • 3 Sample Pages.


Pixel Pro [Premium]

Premium Bootstrap 5 UI KIT

More Info

Pixel Pro is a premium Bootstrap 5 UI Kit without jQuery featuring over 1000 components, 50+ sections, and 35 example pages, landing page included.

Other features:

  • It is available in both the latest stable version of Bootstrap 4.5 and the new Bootstrap 5 version without jQuery;
  • It comes with a fully fledged user dashboard;
  • It comes with a user dashboard containing charts, vectorial maps, statistics, cards, messaging, user settings, billing, and many more;
  • Advanced development flow.


Swipe [Freemium]

Free One Page Bootstrap 5 Template

More Info

Swipe is a free mobile application One Page Bootstrap 5 Template featuring sections such as about, testimonials, frequently asked questions, and two app download CTA sections.


  • Swipe is powered by Sass source files that can make changing colors, sizing, and fonts so much easier;
  • Swipe also comes with advanced Gulp commands such as compiling the Sass source files, generating both a minified and un-minified version of your project, and BrowserSync to make development a seamless process;
  • Swipe is built using the latest version of Bootstrap 5 meaning that jQuery is not a required dependency;
  • It uses beautifully vibrant colors and illustrations.


Leo Agency Template [Premium]

 Leo - Agency Bootstrap 4 Template

More Info

 Leo is a premium Bootstrap 4 Template for agencies. With a bold, stylish, and unique design you can make a website that any great agencies deserve. Leo also comes with a fully-fledged UI Kit which you can check out by browsing the documentation. It is reliant on well-modularized variables and mixins, as such changing colors of the theme is an easy process.

Other features:

  •  Leo comes with 15 unique and responsive pages, landing page included.
  • All HTML is 100% W3C validated, properly minified using custom Gulp commands
  • You can also use Sass & Gulp for a more seamless development workflow
  • It includes a html&css folder if you only want the basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript version of the theme


Leaf [Premium]

 Leaf - Nonprofit Environmental Bootstrap 4 Template

More Info

Leaf was created to provide non-profit organizations a platform through which they can efficiently send their message to the world. It’s clean and it is the best non-profit environmental theme ever created. It puts a lot of focus on scientific data about climate change.

It is based on the most popular CSS framework called Bootstrap 4 and comes with the most advanced web developer toolkit, namely Sass, Gulp & Npm.

Other features:

  • The pages from Leaf are logically constructed to provide both scientific data but also to offer a way to reach out to donors;
  • Leaf comes with 15 unique and fully featured pages including a donation page, updates page, “our mission” page, and the other specialty pages, landing page included;
  • It comes with a special folder called html&css which does not include Sass for those who want to avoid it;
  • Leaf has a great speed performance and fully valid W3C HTML files.


Pixel Lite [Freemium]

 Pixel Lite - Free Bootstrap 4 UI KIT

More Info

Pixel Lite is a free, fully responsive, and modern Bootstrap 4 UI Kit that will help you build creative and professional websites. Use Lite components and sections, switch some Sass variables to build and arrange pages to best suit your needs.

It is a premium extension of the famous Bootstrap CSS Framework featuring pricing cards, profile cards, timelines, and many more. All components are created to comply as much as possible with the WCAG 2.1 standards.

Other features:

  • Pixel Lite comes with 6 premium example pages that we created to show you the beautiful user interfaces that can be created, landing page included;
  • Each component, plugin, and the general workflow is well documented;
  • Pixel is compliant with the latest UI design accessibility standards and passes the WAVE evaluation tool and the Achecker tool as well;
  • This product is built using the following widely used technologies: Bootstrap, the productive workflow tool Gulp, and the awesome CSS preprocessor Sass.


Spaces [Premium]

Listing Bootstrap Template

More Info

Spaces is a premium Bootstrap 4 Directory Listing Template featuring over 37 advanced pages, a user dashboard, MapBox integration, and a fully-fledged UI Kit.

Spaces theme comes with all of the necessary pages you need to create any type of listing website having 3 landing pages, secondary pages such as pricing, about, contact, support center, listing details page, a user dashboard, and so on.

Other features:

  • 37 hand-crafted pages, landing page included;
  • Spaces also comes with a complete user dashboard including an overview, user settings, messaging, billing details, and item details pages;
  • MapBox integration;
  • Gulp, BrowserSync, and Sass workflow.


Neumorphism UI PRO [Premium]

Neumorphism UI PRO Bootstrap

More Info

Start developing neumorphism (aka. Neomorphism) inspired layouts, web apps, and pages. Neumorphism UI PRO makes use of the original neumorphism design specs.

All components are perfectly in compliance with the neumorphism design trend making use of the specific shadow and coloring attributes. Neumorphism UI also comes with the shadow inset style add-on. Only some neumorphic components that are included are timelines, profile cards, pricing cards, call to action sections, and many more.

Other features:

  • It features over 1000 individual components, 25+ sections, and 13 example pages (landing page included);
  • Neumorphism UI PRO comes with 13 example pages including an about, pricing, contact, login and register pages;
  • Each component, plugin, and the general workflow is well documented;
  • This product is built using the following widely used technologies: Bootstrap, the productive workflow tool Gulp, and the awesome CSS preprocessor Sass.


Webline [Premium]

Webline - Startup Bootstrap Landing Page TemplateMore Info

Webine Project theme is a full Bootstrap 4 landing page offered by the Novi Builder team. This easy-to-navigate template will be the right choice for startups and digital agencies. Use it to promote your company and have reliable lead generation tools. Webline Projects incorporates various pre-made Newsletter subscription block designs. Using them, you can collect client’s information in the site’s main body, sidebar and/or footer.

Other features:

  • Requires Novi Membership;
  • Fully Responsive;
  • Parallax Effect;
  • Strong Social Media Integration.


Umeet [Freemium]

Umeet - Free Conference Bootstrap Landing PageMore Info

Are you hosting a meeting, a forum, or a conference? Get more people involved with a new Bootstrap 3 landing page. Umeet is a free template that will help you market your meeting online. The theme boasts of attention-gripping appearance, stylish animation, and conversion-optimized design. It will keep your to-be attendees interested and engaged as they browse your conference landing page.

Other features:

  • Retina-ready;
  • Stylish Photo Gallery;
  • Conversion-optimized CTAs;
  • Vector Icons and Google Fonts.


InHouse Free [Premium]

Free Website Template - Real EstateMore Info

Great news! InHouse is a free Bootstrap 4 template for a real estate agency landing page. If you’re an interior design, architecture, or construction company, this one-pager is designed to let you present your company and properties. With this theme, you can not only offer properties for sale, but also for rent.

Other features:

  • Cross-browser Compatible;
  • Extra Pages Layouts;
  • Carousel, Slider and Grid Gallery;
  • Search Engine Friendly.


Landing [Freemium]

Landing - Free Bootstrap 4 Landing Page TemplateMore Info

Meet an exciting free minimalist one-pager. Landing has a quite simple yet catchy design, which employs Flat Design elements, large captions, color gradients, and slanted dividers. Landing is created to help you effectively present your business and current marketing options. For this, you get several content sections that help you present your services, uncover your advantages, and introduce your team. Additionally, Landing theme also offers you smooth scroll, pricing tables, FAQ accordions, image sliders, and more.

Other features:

  • Animated Accordions;
  • Fully Responsive;
  • Sign Up Form;
  • Optimized for Performance.


MobApp [Freemium]

MobApp - Free Landing Page HTML TemplateMore Info

MobApp is a modern, utterly responsive Bootstrap 4 theme. Its created for desktop software and mobile app landing pages. It’s the trendy, vibrant colors and gradients that foster incredible engagement of MobApp. The theme has a clearcut structure that lets you uncover all the draws and applications of your product. Moreover, the theme has tools to boost customer trust, including animated Testimonials and social integration options.

If you check the design of MobApp, you’ll notice that it sports several premium features although it’s free. For example, this theme delivers you a sticky top navigation bar, trendy on-hover animation, smart scrolling, etc. Moreover, this theme features several “Download” CTA buttons that get users downloading your app more effectively. Of course, MobApp theme displays well on different screens. It’s Retina-friendly and cross-browser compatible.

Other features:

  • Different Buttons for Google Play and AppStore;
  • Top Slider Included;
  • 14 Discrete Sections;
  • Responsive Burger Menu.


DJ Fox [Freemium]

Free Music Website TemplateMore Info

If you want to create a DJ or music event landing page, you don’t have to spend a penny with DJ Fox theme. It’s absolutely free! At the same time, DJ Fox’s design is modern, immersive, and pleasant to browse. It includes 6 basic sections to introduce you and the upcoming events. The display of these sections is impressive with counters, borderless galleries, latest news, and more. Moreover, the top part of DJ Fox includes a premium-looking animated slider that you can use to grab the user’s attention.

Fox theme is built with high-quality free imagery. It also allows you to embed videos and video players with ease. The template also has blogging functionality, inviting you to post about your music, band, and events. DJ Fox also incorporates Google Maps and rich social options. This Bootstrap 3 landing page is fully responsive and displaying equally attractive for mobile-first users.

Other features:

  • Fully Responsive;
  • Retina-ready;
  • Extra Pages Layouts;
  • Back-to-top Button.


One Page Wonder [Freemium]

One Page Wonder - Free Responsive HTML Landing PageMore Info

Do you need a simple, attention-gripping, and positive landing page design? One Page Wonder is a minimal free landing page template that helps you present a startup, agency, or event. This template opens with a fullscreen hero image that showcases your landing page caption with a creative font. Then, the theme invites users to learn more by providing their contact information. Below the hero image, you’ll find three Services sections that let you better inform your audience about their opportunities.

One Page Wonder theme is responsive, accounting for the peculiarities of every screen from a large to a small one. Moreover, this theme features a fixed top navigation, which remains visible as users scroll One Page Wonder page down. Needless to say, this template is built with valid code, which is easy to customize.

Other features:

  • Header with Repeating Background Image;
  • Content Sections with Images and Text;
  • Fully responsive Design;
  • Built with Bootstrap4.


RatherApp [Premium]

RatherApp Landing Page HTML TemplateMore Info

Are you looking for a premium-looking and minimal mobile app landing page design? RatherApp is a good prospect for you. This template has a clear-cut and polished to perfection design, which conveys the notion of your professionalism and app development expertise. This landing page design looks highly reliable with the color palette of light blue and white, large sans-serif captions, practical CTA buttons, well-placed lead generation forms, etc.

The UI kit that RatherApp offers to you is extremely rich. You get 10+ professional page section designs, which you can modify up to your liking. Moreover, this template also incorporates the new-gen Material Parallax to add immersion and engagement to a number of your landing page sections. Moreover, with RatherApp theme, you get free high-quality images as a bonus. With them, you don’t have to overspend on purchasing additional stock photos.

Other features:

  • Cool CSS3 Animations;
  • Optimized for Speed;
  • Premium Gallery;
  • Working Contact Form.


Digilab [Freemium]

Digilab - Free One-page Bootstrap 4 Landing Page TemplateMore Info

Meet Digilab HTML5 landing page template, a modern and responsive one-pager. It will be an ideal choice for freelancers, web design agencies, and professionals. The theme incorporates all the blocks needed to present the services you provide and your work ethics. Digilab theme is created to leave a positive first impression with a split-screen top slider, which looks exceptionally present-day. Additionally, the theme includes the well-positioned CTA buttons to gently streamline users to conversion.

Other features:

  • Optimized For Mobile Browsing;
  • Ready-to-use Forms;
  • Built with Bootstrap 4;
  • Free with Footer Credits.


PC Fixer [Premium]

Computer Repair Services Landing Page HTML templateMore Info

PC Fixer is a clean and fresh-looking landing page for PC repair and maintenance businesses. With its straightforward design, you get a chance to tell everything about your company and collect contact information before the potential clients leave. For this purpose, PC Fixer is equipped with an effective newsletter subscription form, which takes no effort to customize. Moreover, this template is compatible with MailChimp, one of the most popular solutions to manage email listings and marketing.

Other features:

  • Rich User Interface Kit;
  • Parallax effect;
  • Pug and SCSS Files Included;
  • Stick-to-top Menu.


LeadGen [Freemium]

Free HTML5 Theme for Marketing AgencyMore Info

LeadGen is a clean and beautiful one-page template for marketing and digital agencies. It has an eye-catching design, which best clarifies who you are and why prospects should go for your services. The theme is built using smart scrolling techniques and CSS3 content animation. This lets you better engage the site guests and generate leads more effectively.

As you can see, the theme effectively displays a lead generation form above the fold. Several CTA buttons, such as “Get a Quote” and “Get in Touch” are repeated throughout the page. So, your prospects will always have an opportunity to convert when they feel ready. The theme also includes an appealing testimonials section, where you can display the feedback of your happy clients. In the page’s footer, you’ll find social links, which help you boost your influence on social media.

Other features:

  • Images Not Included;
  • Fully Responsive;
  • Optimized for SEO;
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.


Final Thoughts

You’ve just seen some of the best landing pages templates 2019 – both free and premium. They all feature active lead generation options and rich UI kits. Choose the design that best fits your needs and enjoys the potential of Bootstrap 4 landing pages to generate steam around your business.

Have you ever used a landing page to promote your business on the web?

Share your experience and questions in the Comments section below.

Stay tuned!

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