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1 month ago

Hi @axelut , Yes, I had an incompatible version of Bootstrap installed. Thanks! /Matts

  • downloaded
2 days ago

Salutare si felicitari pentru acest KIT! "However when I click the hamburger menu (on a small screen) the menu drops down then jumps back up again. It doesn't stay activated." it doesn´t work with the last version of Bootstrap Javascript.

  • downloaded

Well, if you remove: &.navbar .navbar-collapse.collapse, &.navbar .navbar-collapse.collapse.in, &.navbar .navbar-collapse.collapsing{ display: none !important; } from line 86 to 90 in _responsive.scss it solves the problem but you have to handle window resize if the navbar is opened.
2 days ago

  • owner

@adrianloredan thank you for using our product. Can you please send a link to your website? On our example: http://demos.creative-tim.com/get-shit-done/index.html everything is working fine without any adjustments of code. Please make sure you don't have any errors in the Javascript console. Best, Alex!
1 day ago

  • downloaded

@axelut https://codepen.io/lolok/pen/LxwmBW
9 hours ago

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