5 Crucial Things You Must Perform Before Developing an App

You should not even consider developing any app until you are done with these 5 key things!

If I am to guess I would say you are here because you are looking forward to developing an app and probably a digital business. You are possibly feeling a combination of nervousness and excitement. Possibly you are green on where to begin, and that is alright. 

The tech world today may look discouraging especially for startups who are building their digital business for the first time. One of the key queries we are usually asked by our is what kind of strategies and planning are required to be designed prior to concept development. And rightfully so, this is a huge commitment. You need to ensure you are developing something that will provide value to end users.

If you are not going to add value to users, then why would you expect end users to use your product? And provide value to you in turn? Whether it is generating advertising income from sponsors or paying subscription cost, the value will remain two-way traffic.

This basically covers the vital “initial must do’s” before taking the plunge into any product development.

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Here are the 5 key things you need to accomplish before you commercialize any innovative app idea into a business.


1. Choosing the right platform

The discussion on choosing the right platform for your app can prove confusing entirely. However,  when choosing on between iOS and Android applications, think of a holistic User Interface (UI) that you can deliver explicit to your app.

This selection will not just influence developers; it also affects the flexibility and scope of the application. The type of coding needed for the development of a mobile app will furthermore decide the adaptability and utility of your app’s offering.


2. Conduct proper market research

Before performing any task, it is advisable that you do R&D. Developing an application is no different. You need to develop in-depth market research to help you obtain a valuable understanding of your competitors and the current market scenario.

The proper market research will also help you understand the various strategies used and the mistakes made by your competitors. You can easily learn from these mistakes and develop a better plan from it. Always ensure you involve users’ reviews in your research analysis. Query your target audience their need, evaluate real demands and take all the essential decisions to meet them.


3. Understand your users

Developing an app without understanding your target audience is similar to firing a shot plain in the dark. It is important that you know the needs of your customers as the success of your app squarely depends on understanding their needs. Your apps will never make its way to users if it does not add value or solve their problems.

Taking customer feedback always help a great deal. Take opinions and feedback from your targeted customers and know their needs. Align your objectives with user’s demands, and believe it nothing will stop your app.


4. Choose the correct app development company

The App’s idea is solely yours however, its execution is squarely depended on the App Development Company. Its execution depends on the development company you choose to work with. The development company plays a key role in ensuring that your App is aesthetic, intuitive, and user-friendly.

You must check and spell-out all the vital points listed below before selecting a development company:

  • Read the company’s case studies
  • Keep in mind the company’s time zone for effective communication
  • Check the technologies used
  • Contact other companies they have earlier worked with.

It is vital that your developer commands sound designing knowledge in order to provide the exceptional user experience. The developer must put into consideration the app usability, by building the application is a way that users can perform their designated functions without getting assistance.


5. Justify your reason for developing an app

This may look like the least demanding inquiry you should answer. However, being a requirement that you brief your developers about your app, you must first articulate the exact purpose for developing the app.

Defining variations between the website and the app offerings is critical. A strategic clarity on how uniquely you will offer the services to your customers through the app than the website must stand out.

It is important that you have a clear vision for building the mobile app. Also, the vision must be in alignment with your business objectives and how the app will achieve the same.



Keeping these five key things in mind before developing an app will make your app less crumbly. Therefore, mobile applications development is basically a strategic call instead of a technical call, hence must be nurtured inherently in the company’s objectives and values. While developing your app, it is also important that you consider putting in place data recovery plans in an event that you lose your data. SSD data recovery techniques are very helpful for all types of data recovery you may need.

Erica Badino

Erica Badino

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