The Best Graphic Trends Your Business Should Implement This Year

This is your year to make it. You have the chance to take risks and discover huge possibilities in life and of course, graphic design. By taking risks, you have the chance to make your design stand out this year.

As a potential audience to other businesses, you can understand how many things are fighting for your attention. Food. Investments. Pets. Weather. These are the same things that have your audiences’ attention most of the time. So what can you do about it?

You may have tried out different things last year. Some worked. Some simply didn’t. And that is why you should try out new things this year. Your competitors are probably repeating what worked last year, but not you. No more mind-numbing stock photos and boring graphics.


As a leader in 2018, you need to go an extra mile for riskier color schemes, GIFs and images. Here are seven best graphic trends your business should implement this year.


Embrace Visual Advertising

Visual advertising is growing rapidly this year and designers predict that it will be at the top next year. Custom visuals have been discovered to illustrate clearly a point and create an experience in your audience. Something that touches you to the core cannot be easily forgotten. And that will be the case if you touch your audiences this year with visual advertising.


Warmer Tones Work Like Magic

This year, designers have emphasized that people will use warmer, natural tones in design. A color such as Aspen Gold will be trending most this year to spring next year. For you to succeed this year, incorporate more natural and warmer colors than last year into your designs to be ahead.



Speed up Your Website

Did you know? You have only three seconds to create a permanent impression on a site visitor. As technology advances rapidly today, consumers are purchasing fast and efficient mobile devices. Internet speeds are becoming faster as days pass and your audiences are being impatient. If your designs are not optimized for mobile risks, you risk losing potential leads every day. You need to have simpler designs on your site.

Look at the size of the images you use and how long it takes to load the font. Your site might be having additional features which are slowing it down. Remove them or improve them for your site to load fast!


Eye-Catching Fonts

Bold handwritten fonts add vibrancy to your designs. The design world is embracing this trend and moving away from minimalism which is perceived to be boring today by many. Cheap writing services are the key to success today. Bold handwritten fonts stand out against the usual overused font styles which your competitors are currently using. Embracing the new trend will make your content jump to social media. And this will attract your most potential audiences.


Videos Attract

Having a video background in place has several advantages. It has been discovered that people respond to videos in such a way that other visuals cannot be compared. A research conducted reported that 81% of marketers or designers who use videos saw an increase in sales and revenue. In fact, 53% of support calls reduced drastically after marketers added videos. Both websites and social media users will continue embracing videos. And you should too.


Use GIFs. Reduce Reactions

You probably love GIFs just like me. The most successful designers use GIFs on a daily basis to communicate not only to potential audiences but also friends and colleagues. Aren’t they funny? As the saying goes, people forget what you say but always remember how you made them feel. Using GIFs in your marketing activities will make your audiences associate fun with your brand. Replace your images with GIFs and see how it works.


Cinemagraphics Put You Ahead


What are cinematographic? People call them the refined cousins of GIFs. They are just GIFs or frozen videos that have an area of subtle movement. They can be used in all your marketing activities because they are less obtuse than GIFs or even videos. That subtle movement makes people stop and look at it. They are more eye appealing than static images. Cinemagraphics is the key to attracting your next potential customer.


To Conclude…

As designers fight for the top seat in 2018, they probably do not have all the tools to reach there like you. All these trends discussed in this article puts you ahead of the pack. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. Improve every aspect of your site and designs consistently by embracing these trends. And you will just watch the magic happen.

Implementing these trends will not only reduce your work and budget but will also increase sales and revenues. You will also find yourself having accomplished most of your new year’s resolutions!

Tiffany Harper

Tiffany Harper