Top 10 Web Scraping Tools for Efficient Data Extraction in 2023

Businesses that use web scraping tools can collect more data in a shorter amount of time at a lower cost. This information can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, competitor analysis, and market trends, giving businesses a competitive edge in the marketplace.

To help you select the right web scraping tool, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best web scraping tools based on their features, pricing, and ease-of-use. Our list covers a broad range of web scraping tools, from simple browser extensions to powerful enterprise-level solutions, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced data analyst, our comprehensive guide will help you find the best web scraping tool for your needs. With the right tool, you can easily scrape websites for valuable data and gain insights that can help your business grow and succeed.

But first, let's see what scraping tools actually are.

What are Web Scraping Tools?

Web scraping tools are powerful software designed to simplify the process of data extraction from websites.

While data extraction is an essential process, it can be complicated and messy, often requiring a significant amount of time and effort to accomplish. This is where web scrapers come in handy, as they can extract structured data and content from a website by analyzing the underlying HTML code and data stored in a database.

The data extraction process requires several sub-processes, including preventing your IP from getting banned, parsing the source website correctly, generating data in a compatible format, and cleaning data. Luckily, web scrapers and data scraping tools make this process easy, fast, and reliable.

Best Web Scraping Tools

Now let's see the most useful tools for scraping on the market. Choose the one that fits your needs!

1. Shifter

shifter web scraping tool is a leading provider of online proxy services with one of the largest residential proxy networks available. Its robust residential proxy network spans over 195 countries and boasts more than 30 million IPs from multiple internet service providers, making it the ideal choice for operations that require a high volume of unique IPs.

Shifter is a cost-effective solution for users who need residential proxies for data gathering, scraping, digital marketing, and market research. Its backconnect proxy system allows users to control IP rotation times and geotargeting, and the network operates on a proprietary cloud infrastructure to provide high speeds and success rates when running multiple concurrent connections.

Shifter offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that rely on its residential proxy network and private cloud infrastructure, providing best-in-class results across various industries, including market research, advertising, ad verification, travel fare aggregations, finance, and e-commerce.

The platform offers direct access to the residential proxy pool and ready-made web scraping APIs, including HTML Scraper, Search Engine Results Pages, and Amazon Product Data. Additionally, Shifter provides advanced anti-detection systems, automatic proxy rotation, and CAPTCHA solving capabilities to ensure smooth data extraction.

Shifter's excellent price-to-quality ratio allows users to take advantage of its vast network of proxy services and powerful scraping tools without breaking the bank. The platform also provides 24/7 customer support to address user concerns promptly and efficiently.

2. WebScrapingAPI


WebScrapingAPI is an advanced REST API that simplifies the data extraction process for developers. With powerful features like Javascript rendering, mass scraping capabilities for any website or page, and access to over 100 million datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies, it's the perfect tool for fast and accurate data collection.

The tool also offers geotargeting with up to 195 locations, rotating proxies, and advanced capabilities for preventing captcha, fingerprinting, and IP blocking. With easy customization of headers, sticky sessions, and timeout limits, it's easy to tailor your scraping to your specific needs.

WebScrapingAPI seamlessly integrates with other software products in various programming languages and offers unlimited bandwidth for high-speed data extraction. Even non-developers can easily understand the well-structured documentation and get started with scraping. For quick and simple jobs, the API playground allows users to set parameters and instantly receive HTML code

WebScrapingAPI supports a wide range of programming languages, including Curl, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Java, C#, and Go. The API offers a freemium payment system, allowing users to access 1000 free API calls per month with the free plan.

With its comprehensive range of powerful features and user-friendly documentation, WebScrapingAPI is the ideal solution for developers seeking efficient and reliable data extraction tools.

3. Bright Data

Bright Data

Bright Data is a web data platform that provides an efficient, cost-effective, and compliant way to collect public web data. Its solutions cater to the needs of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and small businesses that require high-quality and reliable data for better decision-making.

The cloud-based platform, accessible via Bright Data’s website, offers a wide range of features that make web scraping easy and flexible. It is highly reliable with the highest quality data, better uptime, faster data, and exceptional customer support. It is also flexible, offering premade solutions, scalability, and customizability.

Bright Data's platform is fully compliant, with transparent practices that reduce risk. It provides a variety of export options such as CSV, Email, HTML, JSON, and API, and seamlessly integrates with AdsPower, PhantomBuster, SessionBox, Apify, VMLogin, Multilogin, Insomniac, Selenium, Puppeteer, Playwright, Web Scraper, and GoLogin.

The platform supports XPATH Selector, IP Rotation, Geolocating, CAPTCHA solving, and Javascript Rendering. You can also schedule crawls or trigger them via API, and connect to major storage platforms. It supports programming languages such as Node.js, Java, C#, Python, VB, PHP, Ruby, and Perl. Additionally, it offers tailored search parameters, geolocation, time range, safe mode, and other features.

Customer support is available via Chat, Phone, and Email, and the platform is compatible with the web. Pricing is available upon request from sales, and a free 7-day trial is also offered.

4. Apify

Apify - web scraping

Apify is a powerful web scraping and automation platform that allows developers to create an API for any website, with integrated residential and data center proxies optimized for data extraction. The Apify Store offers a range of ready-made scraping tools for popular websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps. What's more, developers can earn passive income by creating tools for others, while Apify takes care of the infrastructure and billing.

One of the key features of Apify is the Apify Proxy, which provides HTTPS support, geolocation targeting, intelligent IP rotation, and Google SERP proxies. You can export your data in JSON, XML, and CSV formats, and Apify seamlessly integrates with Zapier, Keboola, Transposit, Airbyte, Webhooks, RESTful API, and Apify.

Apify is also very flexible when it comes to data extraction, allowing you to extract data from Amazon,, tags, and any web pages with ease. The platform supports CSS Selector, IP Rotation, Geolocating, CAPTCHA solving, and Javascript Rendering, making it ideal for a wide range of use cases. Apify even offers Google Sheets API support, allowing you to easily import data into your spreadsheets.

In terms of pricing, Apify offers a range of plans starting at $49 a month, with a 20% discount available for yearly payments.. Apify offers a range of features and solutions, including shared datacenter IPs, external access, residential IPs, browse ready-made tools, enterprise solutions, custom solutions, data retention, and more.

Customer support is available via live chat and email, making it easy to get help whenever you need it. Overall, Apify is a powerful, flexible, and reliable platform for web scraping and automation, with a wide range of features and solutions to suit a variety of use cases.

5. Oxylabs

oxylabs web scraping

Oxylabs is a top-tier provider of premium proxies and web data extraction solutions designed for large-scale operations. Their Scraper APIs offer real-time search engine data and allow for the extraction of product, Q&A, and best-selling data from e-commerce marketplaces or JavaScript-heavy websites with ease. These APIs are resilient to SERP layout changes, deliver structured data in JSON format, and can be customized with various request parameters.

Some notable features of Oxylabs include the ability to pay only for successfully delivered results, scrape multiple pages simultaneously with up to 1000 URLs per batch, and retrieve results via an API or to your cloud storage bucket such as AWS S3 or GCS. Oxylabs also provides localized search results from 195 countries and offers seamless integration with various web tools such as Multilogin, AdsPower, Ghost Browser, Puppeteer, Selenium, Octoparse, and more.

With Oxylabs, users can extract data from competitor sites, eCommerce sites, and public data from target websites with ease. The platform supports XPath and CSS Selector and can be used with popular programming languages like Node.js, Python, Java, and .NET. Moreover, it offers localized search results, adaptive parser, customization options, and other features that make web data extraction a breeze.

Oxylabs provides users with 5000 free API calls, and customers can enjoy excellent customer support via chat or email. The platform offers various pricing plans that start at $99 per month, and users can try their services with a 7-day free trial. With Oxylabs, businesses and organizations can enjoy a reliable, scalable, and efficient web data extraction solution that delivers real results.

6. Zenscrape

zenscrape web scraping

Zenscrape API is a comprehensive web scraping API designed to handle all web scraping challenges with ease, allowing you to extract data at scale without the fear of getting blocked. Its HTML extraction feature is lightning-fast, boasting the industry's fastest response time. You can submit any number of requests, and Zenscrape will always provide enough performance. Furthermore, it is language-agnostic and can be integrated with any programming language using an HTTP client, making it accessible to a vast community of developers.

Zenscrape API offers a wide range of powerful features, including IP rotation, geolocation, CAPTCHA solving, and JavaScript rendering. Requests are rendered using a modern headless Chrome browser, enabling you to focus on code parsing, while Zenscrape handles data aggregation. It supports various file formats like JSON, XML, Excel, and CSV, and it seamlessly integrates with PHP, Node.js, and proxy. With a free lifetime basic plan, you get access to 1000 free API calls, allowing you to extract data from different websites, search engine results, competitor's site, online sources, internet, and web pages. Zenscrape also supports CSS and RegEx Selector and offers Google Sheets API support.

In addition to its powerful features, Zenscrape API provides customized and AI-powered APIs for various industries like finance, food, security, and more. It offers customer support through tickets, chat, and email, making it easy to get the help you need. It is available on the web platform, and plans start at just $29.99 a month, making it affordable for businesses of any size. With Zenscrape API, you can extract data at scale without worrying about being blocked, making it a reliable and efficient solution for all your web scraping needs.

7. Smartproxy

smartproxy web scraping

Since its inception in 2018, Smartproxy has been a leading provider of high-quality proxies. Now, they have expanded their offerings to include scraping APIs for various use cases, combining over 40 million residential and datacenter proxies, a web scraper, and sometimes, even a data parser. Their consumer-centric approach has earned them awards, as they make data gathering possible for even those without coding knowledge. Recently, Smartproxy has introduced the No-Code Scraper, which works on the click-and-collect principle, further simplifying the process.

Smartproxy offers a range of scraping APIs, including SERP Scraping API, eCommerce Scraping API, Web Scraping API, and No-Code Scraper. You can receive results in raw HTML, JSON, or CSV formats, with a 100% success rate and no CAPTCHAs. Real-time integration is possible from any country, state, or city, using headless scraping. You can also subscribe to scraping solutions via a personal scraping-dedicated Smart Wallet. The eCommerce, SERP, and Web Scraping API allows you to gather data by sending just one API request. Inclusive documentation and scraping API integration cover several programming languages, and the platform seamlessly integrates with Multilogin, AdsPower, VMlogin, GoLogin, Session Box, Octoparse, Apify, and other platforms.

Smartproxy's pricing starts from just $7.5 per month, making their services affordable for businesses of all sizes. With their extensive range of features and reliable service, Smartproxy is a top choice for businesses that need efficient and scalable data gathering solutions.

8. Scraper API

Scraper API

Scraper API is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of web scraping by providing easy-to-use APIs for managing proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs. With a simple API call, you can get the HTML from any web page, making it easy to integrate into your existing projects.

Scraper API offers unparalleled speed and reliability, allowing you to build scalable web scrapers that can handle large volumes of data. It also provides geolocated rotating proxies, ensuring that your web scraping efforts remain undetected.

The tool allows you to customize the headers of each request and the request type, giving you more control over the web scraping process. You can export your data in JSON or CSV formats and seamlessly integrate it with NodeJS, Cheerio, Python Selenium, and Python Scrapy Integration.

With 5000 free API calls and support for programming languages like Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and Node.js, Scraper API is accessible to a wide range of developers. It supports CSS and XPATH Selector, making it easy to extract data from HTML Tables and the Amazon website.

Scraper API also offers Google Sheets API support, allowing you to easily import data into your Google Sheets for further analysis. Additionally, it provides features like custom headers, custom sessions, and the ability to never get blocked, ensuring that you can scrape data with ease.

The customer support is available via contact form and chat, and the platform is supported on the web. Plans start at $49 a month, and there's a free trial available for 7 days with no credit card required.

9. Agenty

agenty web scraping

Agenty is an efficient Robotic Process Automation software that automates data scraping, text extraction, and OCR. With just a few clicks, you can create agents that can be easily reused for analytics. Agenty provides easy integration with Dropbox and secure FTP, and sends automatic email updates when jobs are completed. All activity logs can be easily viewed, boosting business performance by facilitating seamless collaboration. Adding custom logic and business rules is also easy with Agenty.

Agenty supports various features, including IP rotation, geolocation, CAPTCHA solving, and JavaScript rendering. You can export your files in XML and JSON formats and seamlessly integrate with various apps like Email, Zapier, Shopify, Algolia, Amazon S3, Dropbox, SFTP, Firestore, and Webhook. With a free trial of 100 API calls, Agenty can extract data from an unlimited number of web pages and public websites. Agenty supports CSS, REGEX, XPath, and JSONPath selectors and offers Clearbit and Google Sheets API support.

Agenty supports a wide range of programming languages like .NET, C#, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Android, Data Science, and Machine Learning/AI. Its features include benchmarking, competitive analysis, phone number extraction, image extraction, IP address extraction, pricing extraction, metadata extraction, and web data extraction. Agenty offers customer support through live chat and contact forms, and is available on the Windows platform. Plans start at $29 a month, and there is a 15% discount on yearly payments. A 14-day free trial is also available with no credit card required.


import io web scraping tool is a user-friendly web scraping tool that simplifies data extraction from any web page and exports it to CSV for easy integration into applications via APIs and webhooks. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to interact with web forms and logins, and its cloud storage feature allows for easy access and storage of data.

With, users can schedule data extraction, automate web interactions and workflows, and gain valuable insights through reports, charts, and visualizations. The tool supports geolocation, CAPTCHA solving, and JavaScript rendering, ensuring accurate and reliable data extraction. It seamlessly integrates with email and PagerDuty, and offers Google Sheets API support.

Users get 100 free API calls, and the tool easily extracts data from web pages using XPath Selector. supports multiple programming languages like JavaScript, NodeJS, Java, C#, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, REST, Go, PHP, and cURL. The tool provides powerful analytics and tracking features, allows for dynamic pricing, and helps to protect and monitor your brand. offers customer support via contact form and is available on the web platform. Pricing is available by request from sales, and a 14-day free trial is available with no credit card required.

11. Crawlbase Crawler

crawlbasee crawler

Crawlbase is a leading provider of premium proxies and web data extraction solutions catering to large-scale operations. Their Crawler offers a powerful parameter to effortlessly scrape data from various popular websites. With their Crawler's parameter meant to scrape popular websites at a large scale, users can access real-time search engine data and extract product details, Q&A, and best-selling data from e-commerce marketplaces or JavaScript-heavy websites.

Notable features of Crawlbase's Crawler include resilience to SERP layout changes, structured data delivery in JSON format, and the option to customize requests with different parameters. Users pay only for successfully delivered results, and they can scrape multiple pages simultaneously with the option to create different crawlers and queue different scraping. Retrieving results can be done via API or saved to the Storage API.

Crawlbase supports localized search results from 30+ countries and integrates seamlessly with various dashboards and web tools, such as Ghost Browser, Puppeteer, Selenium, and more. This ensures a versatile and efficient web data extraction experience. The platform allows users to extract data from competitor sites, eCommerce platforms, and public data from target websites, all while supporting CSS Selectors and can be easily used with popular programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP and Ruby, making it easily accessible to developers.

With excellent customer support via chat or email, and various pricing plans starting at $0.3 per request regular web pages for the and $0.6 for JavaScript-enabled web pages, users can explore Crawlbase's Crawler with confidence. The Crawler enables businesses and organizations to experience a reliable, scalable, and effective web data extraction solution, providing real and actionable results.


In this post, we have covered the top 10 best web scraping tools that can help you efficiently extract data from any website. However, before using any web scraper, it is important to consider the ethical and legal implications of web scraping. We hope that this list helps you make an informed decision about which tool to use for your data extraction needs. Do you use any other web scrapers that you find helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

Alexandra Murtaza

Alexandra Murtaza