10+ Portfolio Website Templates With Stunning Design (2019)

Millions of people dream of becoming self-employed and use the Internet as a significant driving force of all their business. The power of online presence allows you to sell products/services to customers is as easy as one-two-three. After all, that’s where people go first to find out the information about the brand and what it offers.

People working as freelancers can and should increase their brand recognition using their primary tool – a personal portfolio website. In many ways, such portfolios remind us of traditional resumes where you’re supposed to “sell” your skills and knowledge to the employer. The way how you are going to “write a resume” will determine your success on the market.

Today we are reviewing 10 portfolio templates with stunning and relevant for 2019 design. All the themes not only are aesthetically appealing in their design but also extremely easy to customize and manage. This means you do not need to be a web developer to create and edit pages yourself – it’s just all pre-done for you.

Novi Builder, for instance, helps users customize templates in a drag-and-drop manner. Not going to lie – Novi is the best website builder for portfolio, and it will become a decent alternative to CMS (WordPress, Joomla) and other visual editors. At the same time, it’s very affordable in pricing – only $16 for a single site license, which is less than the price of an average template!

Important reminder: each layout can be tested in Demo before purchase – no risk to your wallet, no spoiled mood, and so on. For more options, take a cool at the complete collection of photography website templates.


#1 Rubik Presentation

Details | Demo

Looking for a stylish template for your photography agency or a personal photographer’s portfolio? Try Rubik – a full-screen theme offering a wide range of functions for creating galleries. Aside from a portfolio, it also provides 3 more showcases to choose from – a company, agency, or a startup. So depending on your project type, you can easily find a suitable template to go for. Rubin can boast of stylish components, elements, and effects that look organically together in any representation. Apart from choosing a proper showcase, you can utilize multiple options for customizing your page elements to your liking. It’s incredible is all possible ways!

Important reminder: Rubik does not include any images in the product archive, they are just for the demo purpose. If you want to use them in your project, please contact the authors.


#2 Material Kit Pro Bs3

Details | Demo

In spite of the long name, Bootstrap 3 UI Kit inspired by Material Design is a simple and easy-to-manege web solution to go for. Built on Bootstrap 3, the theme features a considerable number of components (over 1000 full-coded items) to help your own website look unique from everyone else. All parts vary in color, so with a thousand possible options, you can come up with several thousand combinations!

So each item contains PSD element and HTML/CSS/JS implementation, which saves you a lot of time going from prototyping to full-functional code! Each component comes in separate layers organized in folders, as well as has multiple states for colors, styles, hover, and focus. Finally, the Material Kit package features a large number of sections to make your page customization process even easier.

#3 Paper Kit 2

Details | Demo

Paper Kit 2 is a free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit that looks as minimalistic and clean as it can. Nonetheless, it remains a new web solution for any type of portfolio. Just look at its pale colors, beautiful typography, and smooth elements, which make Paper Kit look way different from the other mentioned options. Transitions, shadows, colors – they all resemble the flow as if you would have used real paper pieces to combine this website template. Thus, such a design feels light, fresh, and easy to go through.

Paper Kit 2 offers a PRO version, so here you’ll get even more components, sections, and page layouts to choose from. The theme already implies Bootstrap 4 Beta support.

#4 Leo


Details | Demo

Leo is a premium Bootstrap 4 Template for agencies. With a bold, stylish, and unique design you can make a website that any great agencies deserve. It contains all the necessary pages an agency might require. Leo comes with 15 unique and responsive pages. All HTML is 100% W3C validated, properly minified using custom Gulp commands, and based on Google’s PageSpeed Insights all pages have a score above 80.

Leo is based on the most popular framework, Bootstrap, as a starting point for the components and if you are accustomed to using the framework you will have an easy time using Leo as we made sure to use the same CSS classes. Leo also comes with a fully-fledged UI Kit which you can check out by browsing the documentation.


#5 Pixel Pro

Premium Bootstrap 5 UI KIT

Details | Demo

Pixel Pro is a premium Bootstrap 5 UI Kit without jQuery featuring over 1000 components, 50+ sections and 35 example pages including a fully-fledged user dashboard.

Buttons, timelines, blog cards, profile cards, tables, accordions… you name it and we have it. Its components are a perfect extension of Bootstrap 4 so you will find it very easy to work with our code if you’re familiar with their class names and styles. Furthermore, all its components are well documented.


#6 Neumorphism UI PRO

Neumorphism UI PRO Bootstrap

Details | Demo

Start developing neumorphism (aka. neomorphism) inspired layouts, web apps, and pages. It features over 1000 individual components, 25+ sections, and 13 example pages. Neumorphism UI PRO makes use of the original neumorphism design specs.

Neumorphism UI PRO comes with 13 example pages including an about, pricing, contact, login and register pages. You can use these example pages to quickly set up a working website in no time.


#7 Evan Robertson

Details | Demo

Evan Robertson is a perfect example of a clean personal portfolio template that has a bunch of customization opportunities to go for. The theme includes 20 ready-to-use HTML inner pages, including a blog page with four types of content display and a grid gallery. Although having a straightforward and clean design, it doesn’t look boring at all. The calm white-grey color scheme with eye-catching yellow accents will make a perfect portfolio design for professional in both creative or more non-arts work fields. Evan Robertson looks incredible on all devices since all texts and images are rendered correctly to the screen size. Just a perfect Bootstrap-based HTML template to start!


#8 Oliver Bates 

Details | Demo

For lovers of more classy and clean options, opt for Oliver Bates multipage HTML5 template as a web solution primarily for individual freelancers. Doesn’t matter whether you’re engaged in copywriting, web development, or commercial photography, the grid will make it work anyway. The theme comes with a drag-and-drop Novi Builder that offers a bunch of useful add-ons and customization options. Those are Google maps & fonts, multiple gallery types, speed optimization, UI elements, and blocks, etc.

In general, Oliver Bates is based on intuitive and optimized code written using the most modern technologies. You can also use ready-made layout styles to speed up the development process. The design is fully adaptive and will look confident on the Retina screens.


#9 Tutor 

Details | Demo

Is tutoring your profession? Or maybe you’d like to become a freelance tutor, but you don’t feel confident about doing this business online? The tutor will help you establish a good career as an online tutor! Starting your own website is easy when your web building platform is solid as this one. First of all, it’s a modern-looking website template with a bunch of customization options.

In fact, it works with both personal portfolios and large educational platforms that will resemble something like Coursera or Udemy. Here you can create online tutorials catalog that will look awesome on any screen and be SEO ready. And the last but not the least, the template comes with excellent documentation and tech support team which is second to none at the marketplace! Choose this template to get more opportunities in tutoring people in a convenient way all over the world!


#10 Hiro Agency

hiro agency template preview

Details | Demo

The Hiro Agency landing page was designed for one job alone… impress you! Featuring an attractive, clean design, Hiro Agency landing page is an ideal candidate for promoting your new start-up. It boasts a stylish design with a neat color scheme, which instantly grabs user attention.


#11 Kelissa Smith

Details | Demo

Kelissa Smith is a full-screen theme for photos with a broad set of functions for creating galleries and portfolios. If you do choose this Photographer Portfolio Website Template, you’ll be able to build a reasonably creative site that will look awesome on any mobile device all over the world. After all, the role of mobile browsing increased in time throughout these recent years, so you got to make sure your photo gallery is mobile-friendly.

You won’t need to worry about the poor or no coding skills – you can always rely on our drag-and-drop website creator. Here you can add text, multiple header options, pages with background video and full-screen menus to the slide show. This experience is unforgettable!


#12 The Future 

Details | Demo

The Future is a multipurpose HTML template rich on many features and options responsible for creating a highly-fashionable portfolio. If you are in love with bright and crazy color schemes, unusual grids, and creative page elements – this is your story! It doesn’t even matter which industry you’re coming from – in spite of such a bright solution, the Future can work well for various businesses.

Currently, the theme offers 7 home page options featuring various layouts for headers and footers, so you have a pretty decent choice by default. Not to say, it features 60+ ready-to-use HTML pages and 400+ elements to go for. Among ones, we should highlight beautiful CSS3 animation and sliders, parallax effect, video background, a huge set of UI elements and blocks, and many more.


#13 DePaletra 

Details | Demo

Unicon was created for designers who love sophistication but yet minimalistic designs with bright accents to catch the viewer’s attention. So DePaletra seems like to fit perfectly under such a description. It offers many customization options, from changing your header logo to the footer contact form. It can be an excellent template for a creative design studio or an artist portfolio.

The template already offers 5 ready-to-use pages, all of them remind us of a Japanese style with a laconic layout and grey & white color scheme with bright yellow accents. Among the most essential features:

  • one can highlight the valid clean code;
  • cool CSS3 animation effects;
  • rich UI kit;
  • Google maps; 
  • powerful search engine.


#14 Brave Theme

Details | Demo

Finally, let’s take a look at multipurpose Bootstrap-based Brave Theme. With over 100+ HTML pages, as well as header & footer variations coming in the package, this template makes a perfect solution for web designers and web developers. First of all, you’ll definitely find something suitable for each industry, including various options for a client’s portfolio. Just use these pre-made cross-browser compatible page layouts with clean code and easy documentation. Get your job finished in less than an hour!

The other good news is that Brave theme comes with Novi Builder. It’s a super convenient visual builder to help you manage your layouts effortless! Moreover, Novi Builder allows you to work with the template code in case you need it. Herewith, the theme can boast of unique navigation & footer styles, a powerful flexbox grid system, working social feeds, friendly 24/7 support, and many other cool features. All images are included, which means you can add them in your own project already!

Have you already used one of the portfolios mentioned above templates? Share your thoughts about one below in the comment section!


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