8 CSS and JavaScript Tools for Impressive Forms

Have you made a purchase from an e-commerce store? Well, then you must be aware of the sign-in form which you have to fill before checking out. According to a report, a survey on group pf people revealed that 86% of them fill out one web form every week. Rest concluded they fill out even more. No matter what is the purpose of your website, it is vital to have at least one web form. Forms are an essential part of each and every website but still, we forget to pay extra attention to its finer details. Joel from Tatvasoft also expressed his views on this and said that web forms is the communicating point between you and your customers and it should be purely user oriented. There are various things which should be possible to improve them by embedding approval, input covers, and other outwardly engaging features. This is only the outer surface of your form as the ultimate goals are to make it attractive and user-friendly. To ensure that your visitors are having a pleasant interaction with your website, it is mandatory to keep a simple and convenient form for all the types of users be it professional or laymen.

In this article, we will be looking at the best JavaScript and CSS tools with amazing functionality and user experience to enhance your web forms on the website.

Cascading Drop-Down Menu

If you wish to provide variant choices to your visitors, then it is a good option to consider this plugin because it stands for creating a drop-down option which will appear right after the user starts typing the specific information. It remains as an incredible alternative for times when you need a structure that requires a client for choosing a few stages.


By utilizing this tool, you can include an alluring select box and content info highlights into your structures. Such a lightweight and vanilla JavaScript gives you a chance to make your own custom info formats. It also works as an alternative to the Select2 and Sleectize plugins and takes a stand for the fresh select box and text features of the web forms. As a person begins to type something in the field, a drop-down window appears and provides a couple of possible input variations.


With the help of this tool, the web form dependent fields appear on the basis of the information typed in the field. For instance, you can input the State field dependent on the Country field. Hence, when a user chooses France in the country field, the State field will appear automatically. The tool likewise gives incredible field conditions to guarantee that the client just observes the fields which are applicable to them and can be a method for approval. It is a jQuery module which enables you to add conditions to any frame.


The tool is a finished bundle which utilizes the CSS/SASS for bringing an improved default style to your structure components. The form styles are cross-browser compatible and provide the same user experience on desktops and mobile screens.


This tool provides placeholder animations which works when a visitor interacts with your visitor with a web form. Besides the fact that this is a simple way to liven up your website, your users will easily get to know where are they from. A specific symbol appears near this field once a person starts to type something in a certain field.


In the event that you need to make a type of info information, for example, dates, telephone numbers, and monetary forms, it is overly simple for the clients to utilize Inputmask. At the point when a client collaborates with a characterized info, a cover is set in the field which speaks to the accurate designing required to round out. Thusly, it not just demonstrates the employments of the required configuration yet additionally guarantees that the info information is substantial.  If any issue is reported, then appropriate buttons are becoming colorful. Therefore, if everything is okay, a button will be displayed.

jQuery Form plugin

With the help of this plugin, it is possible for you to switch HTML forms to AJAX in easy ways. Using this plugin, you can set up the process of submitting information as the plugin offers two methods like ajaxSubmit and ajaxForm for implementing the same. Always remember that all the elements of your website matter along with the appealing web forms contribute towards a good UX.

jQuery Validation plugin

This tool is a highly-customizable tool for helping with the validation of form data. Out of the box, it provides support for both the email validation and the URL. Likewise, it accompanies an API by enabling the engineers to include their very own idea. In general, this plugin is used to check out the accuracy of the information which is filled out in the fields as per the standard rules. Here is a list of the possible commands as defined by the plugin:

required – the field must be filled 

maxlength or minlength – maximum or minimum number of characters

 email or URL – the validity of email/URL 

remote – it points out the file that checks out the field (e.g. check.php) 

date – the date accuracy check 

dateISO – the accuracy of ISO date 

number – check with a number 

digits – numbers only 

creditcard – the validity of the credit card number 

equalTo – the field is equal to another field (the same information) 

accept – the right extension check 

rangelength – the range of characters number: minimum and maximum (e.g. rangelength: [2,6])

 range – the number should be from … to… (e.g. range: [13,23]) 

max and min – maximum or minimum

Wrap Up

Here, we come to the end of the article. We hope you have understood the importance of the great-looking forms for your website as it appeals to amazing user experience. You can select the appropriate web form tool for your website by looking at the requirements and features. Always make sure that a good web form leads to great user experience. Till then – keep learning!

Vikash Kumar

Vikash Kumar

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