Tips On Achieving Great User Experience For Your App

There are some important factors to consider when designing your app. You should always remember that great user experience and ease of use are the two most important factors that attract users. So, here are some of the tips top app development companies apply to continuously impress their app users.

Top app development companies in India focus more on the design of an app since that is the beginning of either the success or the failure of an app. It is at the design stage that they do most of the work.


Easy to tap links

It is understandable that mobile devices have a smaller screen so the app has to be compact and all its images and links have to be very small. However, top app development companies do not make them too small because of users with fat/big fingers. When the links are too near, you could mistakenly tap on a link when you intend to tap on another. So, to avoid such, links should be far away from one another.


Shorter forms

For proper profiling, it is essential for a new user to fill a form during registration, but top app development companies usually make the form short because typing is quite a handful on a PC and it is even more difficult on a mobile device.

When a first time user sees how long the list is, he may get discouraged. So, you should find a way to shorten the form. For instance, instead of creating a separate field each for first name, middle name and last name, you can merge the three together in a field tagged “full name.”

Another way is to break the form down into two or three stages. That way, a user will have to click on “next” at every stage. Breaking the form into bits will prevent it from discouraging new users as they won’t see its full length.


Every action should get a response

If a user issues a command by clicking a button, top app development companies ensure that the user gets an immediate response. Sometimes, it may take the app some seconds to carry out the command, so there should be the signal that will notify the user that the request has been received and it is being worked on.

If that doesn’t happen, the user may continue to re-issue the command and end up making the app hang. Top app development companies usually design their app to respond to such commands with “Please wait.” If the command was issued by clicking or pressing a button, the button should remain pressed while the app works on the command. That way, the user will understand that his command is being worked on and he will wait.


Great apps are usually small

You should ensure you make your app as small as possible because people are now conscious of their storage space and mobile data. This is why they usually check out the size of an app before they download it. If it is too big they may be discouraged because it will not only consume a large chunk of their storage space, it will also consume a lot of their mobile data while being downloaded.

If your app is too large, there is a possibility that the space left on a user’s phone may not be enough to take it. He will then be prompted to delete some apps to create some space. If he feels that your app is not as important as the ones on his phone, he may choose to withdraw from your app instead of deleting any existing app.

The third reason is that even after installing your app if a user tries to install another important app, he could be prompted to delete some apps to create some storage space. In that situation, your app may go first since it will free more space than other apps. Remember that you will still release regular updates. And each update makes the app even bigger. So, imagine if your app is already too large at launch, how large will with be after a couple of updates?


Create shortcuts

If your app has several functions, you should be able to figure out the most used functions among them. Create a shortcut to the most used functions. This will improve users’ experience.


Seek feedback and work on it

Even though you may have tested your app before launching it, you may still not discover all the drawbacks. So, you should continuously seek feedback from users. However, seeking feedback is only the first leg. You need to support it by working on the feedback by releasing regular updates.



Take analytics seriously. This function gives you a daily statistics about your app. It gives statistics like the number of new users and the average length of usage. If the number of new users of your app begins to reduce, it means there is a problem somewhere. If the average amount of time spent on your app reduces, it is also a sign of a problem.

You need to swing into action immediately to get to the root of the anomaly. A problem identified is a problem half solved. But you may not be able to identify it if you don’t take analytics seriously. This is why you must continue to check the daily report on a daily basis.


Uniqueness matters

It is important to state categorically that uniqueness is a two-edged sword. It could attract users to your app, and it could also scare them away. It depends on the kind of app you are developing. If it is a game app, apart from stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, unique storyline and unique characters are the next. Uniqueness works so well for game apps.

On the other hand, uniqueness can work against you as it can make your app a little more difficult for you. For instance, there are generally accepted icons for certain functions or commands. Changing them will make your app harder to understand. For instance, a bin is a general icon for “delete” command so you should not change yours.

Conclusively, while there are several other app design tips to give users a fantastic experience, the ones outlined above collectively play a prominent role too.

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