Best Websites Built With Angular

The Angular story started in 2010 when the framework AngularJS was presented to the world by no one other than Google.

Since then we’ve also meet Angular 2, which appeared in 2016. And in 2017 we were introduced to 4 and 5th versions, which quickly became part of the top trends in the web development world.


Why use Angular?

First of all because of its MVC frameworks and Angular templates.

Also, take into account that the documentation you’ll find is in most cases the true one, because of Google, also known as the ruler of the internet.

When should you use it? We recommend using it for cross-platform mobile development, pregressive web apps and hybrid mobile apps development and well, whatever else you see fit to add.

Let’s go back to our main topic now:


What are some of the biggest websites and web apps using Angular?


Yes, our one and only trusted the source of binging material. How would we waste time if it wasn’t for Netflix? So thank Angular for all those awesomely lazy weekends when the only thing you actually did was discover Narcos and lie to your friends about feeling sick and not being able to go out just so you could press the watch next button for the entire night.



Vevo, owned by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group is the best way of finding (possibly not available in your country) high-quality music videos. All jokes aside, it is an excellent platform, easy to use and interact with, all, in all a great example of Angular websites.



On a scale from one to how much money the PayPal mafia made, the company they started is 100% awesome. Leaving aside the fact that you not having enough funds is not their fault(at all , you hear me?), Angular fits perfectly with the PayPal concept. Yet another example of what two awesome pieces of tech coming together can do.



The happiness of building together with your friends worlds that you become the evil ruler of. The pain of stepping into one of those pieces. Sweet memories of childhood! And LEGO.

LEGO’s website use Angular to bring themselves closer to you and remind you that you’re now old but you can always buy a set ‘for your child’, and definitely not just so you can play.



You know those pieces of paper that arrive monthly and you totally ignore until one morning there’s no running water and you have to go through the whole day not exactly smelling nice. Those are called bills, and you have to pay them…by working. UpWork is one of the best websites that enables you to find jobs and make some money, so you don’t have to smell again.



 Some other cool features include adding screenshots of it to your instagram stories and wining about how winter is cold and summer is hot (cause that’s so not how seasons work).

All jokes aside, all of these are awesome companies that have put their trust in Angular.


Wanna be like the cool kids too?

Check out some of these awesome Angular Components and change your business for the better.

Now UI Kit PRO Angular — a premium Bootstrap 4 UI Kit built on top of Angular 5. It has all the vital components to code a web project. Fully responsive, you can count on it to look amazing on any screen size.

Paper Kit 2 PRO Angular — another easy to use  Bootstrap 4 UI Kit built on top of Angular 4. All its components follow the same design pattern and they’re all fully responsive.

Paper Dashboard PRO Angular — light and very powerful, this is a simple Bootstrap admin dashboard. It is a great tool for visualising your business data. It comes along with documentation and all the plugins you could use in a project.

Now go ahead and do anything you can to make your business amazing!

Diana Caliman

Diana Caliman