CodeThisPage Challenge #3

As we said before, we plan on launching a series of contest with some very simple rules. We will provide you with a kit and a template, that you can use to build a landing page. The most popular pages will get access to the PRO version of the kit ⭐️

We think the easiest way to build and share code in a visual way is Codepen, so we will start here. We will upload the Now UI Kit and the template that you can start with. And then we would love to see your own interpretion of a mobile app landing page that contains the following section: header, work, team, about us, contact us. The 3 pens that get the most likes will receive the Now UI Kit PRO with the Developer license ($524 each one).

Starting UI Kit: Now UI Kit

Now UI Kit


So, if this sounds fun to you, here are the steps detailed:

  1. Create a profile on Codepen here. If you already have one just login.
  2. Fork our Now UI Kit template here.
  3. Check the Now UI Kit and the code for Components, Buttons, Icons etc..
  4. Create a mobile app landing page with it.
  5. Leave a comment with a link to your pen in the comments here.
  6. Share your page on Social with the tags #codethispage #creativetim
  7. Ask your friends/family/colleagues/enemies to vote your Pen.
  8. On the 28 December, we will announce the winners. 3 x Now UI Kit PRODeveloper Licenses ($524 each one).

We are very excited to see what people build with our tools and also that are the most popular influences. Let’s see how this goes.

Diana Caliman

Diana Caliman