Step by Step Instructions to Give App Users A Wonderful User Experience

Every mobile app development company understands that the secret to the success of a mobile app is great user experience. This is not to say that other factors don’t also contribute to the success of an app, but user experience contributes much more. The founder of a highly successful mobile app development company said user experience contributes about 80 percent to the success of an app while the other factors collectively contribute the remaining 20 percent.

He even stated that in a game app, user experience contributes even more than 80 percent. So, every top app development companies in Dubai now takes user experience more seriously. Whether you are the one that intends to develop your mobile app or you intend to hire a mobile app development company, here are some important tips on building great user experience.

Start With Simplicity

Every reliable app development company makes its apps very simple to use. There are too many apps for anyone to waste time on any difficult-to-use app. So, once your app becomes too difficult to use, users will dump it for simpler alternatives.

Think about ease of navigation. An ideal app should be easy for even a kid to use. Instead of choking your app up with too many unnecessary features and functions, you should just concentrate on the few necessary features. Fewer functions lead to fewer buttons and links and this makes for simplicity.

You may also need to make your app as intuitive as possible. You may want to provide enough text to educate users; you need to understand that too much text can also make your app look clumsy. Instead, you may need to group all the text under different collapsible headers. This way, when a user taps on any header, the relevant information drops down.

It is great to strive towards uniqueness but you should also understand that there is a limit to uniqueness. Remember, there are generally accepted icons for certain functions. You should not change any. For instance, the generally accepted icon for search function is a magnifying glass. So, don’t change it. You will only end up making your app more difficult to use.

Size Matters

It is very important that every mobile app development company makes its app as small as possible as size now matters a lot. The smaller an app is the better for users. Users are now careful about the size of apps. In fact, most users usually check the size of an app before downloading it.

When your app is too big, users will shy away from it for two to three reasons. First, it will consume a lot of mobile data while being downloaded. Second, it will consume a lot of storage space on their devices and the third reason is that they may be prompted to delete some of their apps to create space for your app. So why will anybody delete any app to create space for a new app when he can get a smaller alternative? Instead of deleting their apps, they will rather dump yours and look for a smaller alternative.

Battery Conservation

The world is now witnessing a paradigm shift towards energy efficiency. So, the level of energy efficiency of any device will determine its level of acceptance. Users do not like having to charge their phones often. Once they figure out your app as the one that drains most of their battery power, they will delete it immediately or they will begin to use it less often.

Make It Free

It has become an obsolete idea to pay for an app, especially when there are numerous apps serving the same purpose. If you fix a price as low 50 percents on your app, users will rather look for a free alternative. So, your app should be free.

If it is free more people will use it. And when the users of your app hit a certain number, advertisers will approach you for ad contracts.

Ads Should Be Few

While it is okay to make money through ads, you need to limit the number of ads you accept. If the ads are too many, users will begin to drop it gradually. And when that happens, some of the advertisers will gradually begin to withdraw their business offers.

Your App Should Support Both Platforms

Although there are numerous brands of mobile devices, they all run on only two platforms. They run on either Android or iOS. So, you should ensure your app supports both platforms or you have a version for each of them. The success of any app is judged by its number of users. If your app only supports one of the two platforms, you have already halved your chances of success.

Consider Lower Requirements

Although Android 7 Nougat and Android 8 Oreo are the two latest Android operating systems, a lot of people still have devices that run on Android 3, 4, 5, and 6. So, if your app only supports Android 6 and above, it means you have cut off users of Android 3, 4, and 5. You have cut off a lot of potential users.

Check out successful game apps. You will find out that the ones that have up to 50 million users are the ones with very low requirements. So, you should not shoot yourself in the leg by raising the requirements of your app.

Quick Response

Your app should load as fast as possible. If you can help it, your app should not take up to 10 seconds to load when launched. Besides, your app should also be very responsive. Nothing annoys users more than slow, non-responsive app.

Low Crash Rate

If the crash rate of your app is high, people will dump it. They will not only dump it, they post a negative review of it. This can be costly for your business since a lot of people depend so much on online reviews. This is why you should always consider servers with a high redundancy rate. Remember, the short period for which your app experiences a downtime could be someone’s first time of using your app. And you know that first impressions last much longer and they are even difficult to change.

In conclusion, if you follow the requirements outlined above, you will boost the success chances of your app tremendously.

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