About Creative Tim

The idea

The idea behind Creative Tim is providing new, clean and pretty interface content. That means everything that you might find useful in your web design. Templates, plugins and kits are all meant to do the same thing: help you with your work.

We want to create a standard of things we would personally use in our products and actually need.We want to create a community of designers that are product focused – meaning they care about the usability and the actual use in real products.

Who we are

We are two young college grads who go by these names and profiles: Elena Conacel and Alex Paduraru . You couldn’t have known us before, but we intend to make a difference. That was our drive from the beginning and that is what keeps us going hard.

We got help along the way from Radu Tintescu, Diana Miron, Ana Maria Dan, Tudor Vintilescu, Stefan Condurachi, Sanjay Mistry and many others. We continue to receive a lot of support and feedback from a bunch of cool people. We never would’ve expected for people to be so open-minded and helpful. Big ‘Thank you!’ to them and good luck in everything you do; we hope you’ll stay close to Creative Tim!

How we started

We started out in the fall of 2013. We were thinking about posting some of our work before, but never got around to it. So, being familiar with Ruby on Rails and how easy you can get a project running we started implementing some structure and design. It took us longer than expected to get a prototype going and we pretty much obsessed over every detail. It was an interesting journey and we wouldn’t change anything if we did it again.

After having the application skeleton, the next steps came: building content and getting in touch with people. This was already March 2014 and if we ever had a deadline, we passed it. But things seemed right and we were pleased with what we did. You know the feeling? That you’ve done something right.

So we just worked harder, on plugins and the Get Shit Done Kit; freebies done the way we would use them in projects. And we started building our social profiles and getting in touch with people. It’s hard to find your place on the Internet, but I think we eventually settled. We couldn’t believe the support we got on Designer News and Product Hunt. These guys have built some incredible communities and you should go check their stuff out!

We are now working on the pro version of the Get Shit Done and new freebies. Stay tuned! We are also opening our doors to see what other people could share. Tell us about your work and share it with the community. Our main challenge is trying to get designers to help one another! We take it for granted on GitHub, but in the design space things didn’t evolve in the same way. We want to move from a showcase to actually giving out advice, freebies, plugins. We think the future has some exciting things in store!

Get involved

Our main drive the past months has been to get in touch with our users. We want to know who you are, how we can help and make better products. You have been more than friendly and provided us with great insight. For that we thank you again! You can find us on social networks, we will post regularly on the blog and will send emails often enough for you to be up to date with what we do.

It’s been a great ride so far, it’s up to you and the designer/developer community how long the vision will last, so get in touch and tell us how we can get better!