Design Inspiration #1

Having a great list with design inspiration may be a real help for your workflow. With some inspiration design, you can jump into projects more efficiently and meet easier your clients’ needs.


With that in mind, here is our first design inspiration gallery with some of the best designs, portfolios & projects.


Kygo Life by Kygo


Sean J Klassen by Sean

Paper Collective

Edward Green

Official Website by Dominic Thiem

MacKenzie – Childs

Broadcast Blog by UI8

Music lovers Landing Page by 

Delicious Food App by 

Hotel Mercure App by Katarzyna Piotrowska

Traveler Map by 

Flights Concept by Jakub Nespor

Food interface by 

IKEA Redesign Concept by 

Soft Handmade Toys by 

Medium Blog by 

Devinyl the book by Nico Inosanto

Anna Morosini


FiftyFour Jeans by FiftyFour

Photo viewer interaction by Divan Raj

Firststep App Animation by Michał Jarosz

.Mura branding and website by Romain Bourdieux

Google Fonts Trends and Combinations by Abhishek Garg

Adventure by 

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3 thoughts on “Design Inspiration #1

  1. Inspiration is a really important thing for creative people. Or just for those who are working using imagination. I`m also doing creative work. I`m writer. So i know how hard it is to write even the simplest essay when you have no motivation. That`s why i really like this article. All these pictures are so good. To be honest they inspired me to write about beautiful things. Thanks!

  2. Ok now, this is a kind of article any reader would love and share. The way it is written, the way each example is given makes this content super informative. Yes, indeed I agree with you that when it comes to designing to need few inspirations to learn from and grow yourself.

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