Design Reads For Your Morning Coffee

There is no better time for reading articles than in the morning, when you need to start getting used to the idea of being up. Reading the “morning internet” seems like stretching for your brain, but some articles are simply more than just brain stretches. We rounded up a few of our favorite discoveries from this week, some are eye-pleasers and some are eye-openers.


Why being a city geek is so cool today on Fastcodesign


Inspiration can come from the most unnoticeable things. This article exemplifies how a city’s infrastructure can become a source of inspiration for more than just artists, and why architecture has a massive significance for all creatives.


Print Advertising Ideas on Canva Design School


Another good post from Canva Design School, or an article that’s simply very visually satisfying.


How we rebranded our startup in three months on Process.St Blog


Why branding and a good product to offer are equally important, but at different points in the life of a startup.


5 Key Ways to Improve Metric for your Content on Sitepoint


You can never know enough about SEO. Never.


Cool and Creative Guerilla Marketing Campaigns on Designer Daily


Guerilla marketing lies somewhere between classic marketing and growth hacking, being an inspiration to both. Although it doesn’t have as clear a target as growth hacking implies, it definitely forces a reaction from the viewer. If classic marketing is like your dad trying to be cool, guerilla marketing is that uncle with good taste in music and an experimental youth.


20 Beautiful Examples of Brutalist Web Design on Bashooka


Brutalism in web design has been a thing for a while now, but mainly gravitated in the artistic area of the internet. It has now become a quite familiar trend that is spreading further beyond art galleries and portfolios. This boundary-breaking type of design is as beautiful as they come, each example seeming like a poster that has come to life. Coded and fully responsive of course.


What To Do If Someone Steals From You 7 Times a Day on Icons8


A must-read for any creatives that post their work online and the importance of knowing when to act and when to accept things as they are.

Roxana Giuroiu

Roxana Giuroiu