How to get customers before you even start?

You have your brand new idea and an entire plan in your mind about how your business will look like. You already have a name for your business and you even have your domain purchased! However you haven’t started yet, so what should you do with your webpage? Leaving it blank would be unprofessional; but, on the other hand, you don’t want your customer to see “Under construction” or “Not found” messages on every second page.

Instead of losing potential customers you can create a so-called “Coming soon” page to let your visitors know what they will eventually find here. As the web design and technology continue to improve, the “Coming Soon” page is now more than just a simple white page with an under-construction sign. Below you will find a list of 5 features which we believe any good “Coming Soon” page should have:

 1. Explain to the visitors what to expect

When someone visits your page, he should immediately know what your website will be about and also why it is interesting for him. Since you want your visitors to come back, they have to know why they would bother to visit it again. Give some brief indications and use a corresponding layout. Unless you purposely want to use the curiosity of your visitor to get him to subscribe to your “mysterious project”, try to describe in a few sentences what you do. Give your customer as much information as required to let him know about your future plans, but scarce enough to make him curious and eager to come back once you start your business.

 2. Collect subscribers

Besides informing visitors about what are you about to do, you want them to come back once you will have completed building your website. Therefore, since they simply won’t check your website by themselves every day, you should give them the option to be informed once you are done. The best way is by subscription to a newsletter. Make sure that it’s settled in the center of the page and clearly visible to your visitors. Also, add the so-called “Call for action” to encourage them to subscribe. Regardless of whether you want to send out a single email after you lunch your business or you plan to send regular updates be clear about that.


 3. Use Social Media!

Everyone knows how much of an essential role social media plays in modern marketing. You shouldn’t forget about that while creating your “Coming Soon” page. Place links to your social profiles on Facebook, G+, and Twitter, etc. – that will let you gain new likes/followers. Also, remember that social media profiles like Facebook fan pages are the perfect place to interact with your future customers and keep them posted about your progress in setting up your business.

4. Multilanguage

Regardless of whether you want to lunch an international startup or a local restaurant – multi-language is always a good option (or at least the English version if it isn’t your mother tongue). Support for other languages will always be a huge advance and will highlight your professional attitude to customers.

5. Always look good

You only have 1 chance to make a first impression so you can’t waste it! Make sure that your Coming Soon page looks just awesome. Use only high res pictures, or… videos!  A short movie in the background will surely attract the attention of your visitors. Check the sample demo below:

Click here to see demo (it will open in new tab).


You shouldn’t spend too much time on your Coming Soon page, as you probably have other core business-related things to do. On the other hand, you should make sure that your Coming Soon page is outstanding. How to combine these two?

Creative-Tim has something made especially for you. An amazing, responsive and easily editable Coming Soon page, which you can totally get for FREE! Just download it and start using it. The Coming Soon page comes with 4 predefined samples that you can use or you can create a brand new one in a few clicks. Replace your background image or video, adjust social media, add your content and add multi-language support if needed. That’s it. Your Coming Soon page is ready in 10 minutes and you can start advertising your business!

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Dawid Adach

Dawid Adach