8 Incredible Web Development Trends to Watch for in 2019

Before we begin a discussion about the trends in web development, let’s all agree to the fact that a website which looks fancy may lose its charm over time. This is why staying updated about the current trends always works well.

Since there has been an immense focus on responsive and user-friendly websites, developers and designers should pay attention to the same while developing a website. Let’s walk you through some of the prevalent trends that will dominate the sphere of web development in 2019.


  1. Javascript and PHP 7

The domain of programming witnessed two events at once. First, Javascript is still running the show. Irrespective of the stack, most developers prefer using it in their work. Despite the shortcomings of the language, it still continues to improve.

Also, more than 80% of all sites have integrated PHP. In 2017, it was released after a lot of modifications. In fact, this new and improved version has elevated the performance of the sites. In 2019, the popularity of Javascript and PHP 7 are only going to escalate further.


  1. Focus on typography

If you’re a netizen, you know that most of the information available on the internet is in written text format. This means it’s essential that you make the text more appealing.

Now, this whole process falls under the umbrella of typography. In 2019, you can expect a lot of new fonts that you can apply while designing. It will lend a striking look to your content.


  1. Say “hi” to advanced chatbot options

Live chat is possibly one of the most promising features that a web page might include. In fact, it’s quite popular among companies providing coursework help as it enables to cater to their customers 24*7. Now, with the inclusion of Machine Learning and AI, chatbots are going in for a smarter makeover. Many academic writing companies are already making the most of it.


  1. Flat Design

Since 2017, the focus of web developers has shifted. At present, they prefer to create simple and neat designs that ensure mobile-friendliness and enhanced user experience.

Now, flat design doesn’t signify two-dimensional design patterns. It’s all about usability with a minimalist approach. Basically, the idea is to minimize the clutter and focus on the crucial elements of your website. Fast-loading sites offer clean edges, bright colors, and lots of white space to stimulate and captivate the user’s attention. That’s the reason developers are going to focus on flat design in 2019.


  1. The rise of single page design

Considering the ease of mobile browsing, many websites are switching to single page design, which enables the mobile users to scroll through the content easily.

Faster load times and minimalist design are trends that will not wane away anytime soon. As single page design is easier to load on mobile devices, they are preferred by search engines. So, implementing this system in 2019 will definitely be a win-win situation for you.


  1. Micro Animations are the new norm

Losing your website’s visitors due to slow loading speed feels horrible. To make matters complicated, the Google Speed Update became effective in July 2018, which means that Google has started to boost the rankings of faster loading sites. Your SEO strategies will fail to rank your website if it takes too long to load.

In this case, you must remember that animation can be an excellent addition for some sites. However, it’s not suitable for every kind of website or application. So, if you’re unsure about the purpose of the animation, the old adage “when in doubt, leave it out” pretty much applies to you.


  1. Video backgrounds are a great addition

Video backgrounds are extremely intriguing. Needless to say, these are far better than static images. Videos can communicate intricate messages in a better way than static images and text. Also, your target customer will be able to grasp the message more easily.

Despite the push for more minimalist websites, video backgrounds and other elements of videos will still play a pivotal role in 2019. Simply put, videos can accomplish what static elements cannot.


  1. Pages with modules are in

The progress of web design in the year 2019 rests with the application of modules. With a minimum or even zero understanding of coding, you can develop a cool web page. This is possible because of the modules available with the advanced content management systems. All you have to do is select a module of your choice and drop it into the mix of your website.

Parting thoughts.

The upcoming year is going to be quite promising for those who want to make the most of web development trends. It doesn’t matter if you’re seasoned or a newbie, rest assured you’re going to have a lot of fun designing and developing sites. More so, because you’ll have better tools at your disposal that will assist you to smoothly carry out the job at hand.

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Nandita Srivastava is a creative and results-driven content specialist. She is fond of writing about various spheres of life. The most recurring themes she covers are education, writing, and marketing. She has her own writing style, and that is why she is appreciated by readers. Currently working with an academic writing company providing essay help services to students.

Nandita Srivastava

Nandita Srivastava