Psychology Backed Tips on Impressing Your First-Time Website Visitors

Customers are the lifeblood for any business, so it’s crucial to make them happy. All you need is to give your audience what they want. Whether your first-time visitors choose to buy something or not is very often a matter of small psychological triggers. It’s all about the emotions your website evoke once a visitor lands on your site. Depending on the shopping experience a visitor gets, it can increase or diminish purchase probability. So, what are the secrets about them? Jump straight to the list of 9 psychology backed tips to open the first-time visitors’ wallets. So, it’s time to set your site to success.

Psychology Tip #1: Engage the Senses

When it comes to keeping first-time visitors interested in staying on your website longer, it can be challenging to hold their attention. No matter your niche, connecting your product or service to as many senses as possible is the key to building the strongest brand. The trick is, yet, to create shopping experiences that involve the five senses into the buying process online. Do it wrong, and you’ll risk a lot.

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Psychology Backed Tips on Impressing Your First-Time Website Visitors

Try to help your customers feel as though they know your product intimately. But to make this magic happen, focus on high-quality shots and testimonials from other customers that can make your customers happy. Create a memorable experience that touches one or all the senses to cut through the clutter of a noisy world. Use visuals. Use a lot of them. Spice up things whenever possible. This way, you create a bond that connects with your audience. Do it right, make them feel as though they already own it, and you’ll have a win-win situation.

Psychology Backed Tips on Impressing Your First-Time Website Visitors

Psychology Tip #2: Benefit on Emotional Level

That’s no secret that we don’t even think our way to logical situations. Emotions strongly influence and determine our choices. People respond better to emotional appeals than intellectual ones. Whether you like it or not, but emotion usually trumps intellect.

So, use emotions to your advantage, and you’ll win much more than just loyalty from your first-time visitors. Tell a story of how a product or service can benefit their life, make it better, solve their problems rather than showing just a list of its features. Play with their feelings and you’re golden. Ignore it, and you’ll regret it.

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Psychology Backed Tips on Impressing Your First-Time Website Visitors

The quality of a website positively impacts the online shopping experience. Effective websites appeal to human emotions and make them feel rather than think. If your website isn’t set up for success, you’re bound to fail. Positive emotions take advantage of the negative ones, so make the best use of it. Design your website with a positive approach. It won’t take much time, but the impacts are easy to manage. What positive emotions can your product create for your targeted audience? What can it do to eliminate negative emotions? Tell your story that makes your audience feel a deep and personal connection with your brand.

Psychology Tip #3: Leverage your reputation

Monkey see monkey do. Building trust with first-time visitors can be challenging if done wrong. Conformity can be a reliable tool for persuading consumers to choose your offering. This way, positive testimonials from real-live people is the key to inspire trust in new customers. Say, is your team the most caring team in the metro area? Prove it. Show off your caring side. Got a compliment from a client? Head it off right on the homepage. Make your customers the center of your solar system and more successful you’ll be at customer engagement.

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Psychology Backed Tips on Impressing Your First-Time Website Visitors

Psychology Tip #4: Exclusivity Yields Interest

When something is exclusive, and not everyone can have it, it generates buzz. We are humans and by nature, we want what we can’t have. The more rare or unattainable your product or service is, the more valuable it is. That’s where the scarcity principle comes into play. This illusion of curiosity and urgency drives people to do crazy things just to make sure they are on exclusive offer before it’s too late.

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Psychology Backed Tips on Impressing Your First-Time Website VisitorsTo let a strategy on exclusivity work, you have to offer a clear, unique value to your users. Some hook that makes your product or service to stand out. Something exclusive that catches a person’s attention and makes them want to be a part of the lucky community of users who got it. Offer your visitors something they can’t get anywhere else, and you can generate buzz.

Psychology Tip #5: Flexibility Means Less is More

How customer-friendly is your business? To create more lasting and trusted relationships with first-time visitors, flexibility is key. Being flexible and ready to react to the customer’s queries and issues are crucial. According to comScore Inc study, the more robust set of options a customer faces, the more likely he/she is to purchase.

Maybe your website needs a redesign? Indeed, your website might look outstanding but if it doesn’t offer that level of flexibility your audience needs, your business is doomed. All in all, check out how ThemeRex does it will never hurt.

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Psychology Backed Tips on Impressing Your First-Time Website Visitors

Don’t limit their choices. Offer a variety of payment options, let them take control over their purchases. Instead, make sure you offer consumer-friendly shipping and more convenient return process. At last, let a customer decide whether he/she wants to register or not. Try new approaches, even when the old ways are working fine. Over time, your business has a better chance to become more efficient.

Psychology Tip #6: The Paradox of Choice

Having too many choices is a problem that can paralyze. That’s true. Too many choices can overwhelm and lead to no choice at all. The last thing you want your first-time visitor to leave your website with no reason to return. That’s the psychological paradox that makes the decision-making difficult and leads to fewer sales. With the initial goal to make online visitors think less, you should simplify your products offerings. Don’t overwhelm the first-time visitors right at the start. Instead, guide him through your pages showing an array of potentially confusing options step by step.

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Psychology Backed Tips on Impressing Your First-Time Website Visitors

When you’re designing your eCommerce site, do research first. Learn what 8 elements your e-store requires to be effective. Don’t simply share one million different categories of what your offer. Instead, focus on the main areas of your site by creating specific resource pages. Then test and see how many choices are optimum to your site. Funnel people to the right places with smart groupings of products and services.

Psychology Tip #7: Compare and Be Useful

With so tough competition online, comparison shopping has become common. People hop from one online store to another looking for the best items and best prices. How to convince visitors to stay with you longer? The only way to win is to demonstrate your benefits in comparisons. I bet, it works. Today, the ability to find quality and competitive pricing is a part of the consumer decision journey. To win the loyalty of your customers, bring the best value for your customers’ money and time. Demonstrate your benefits by comparing your offerings to those of competitors. Prove in black and white, why your goods jump out from the crowd. All in all, this can make your product, and store, more attractive.

Psychology Tip #8: Use the Middle Option to Win Sales

Have you ever wondered why most companies offer three pricing options to choose from? Whether it’s about design, fairy tales or whatever, things are always best in odd numbers. This actually starts in our early days. Remember the three bears, 3 little pigs, 3 Musketeers, you name it. Everything we learned or did seem to be centered around three.

When marketing to people, it’s easy to want to present a huge list of the best. No matter your niche, taking advantage of the power of three rule will always give greater benefits. When there are three options to choose from, people are more likely to choose the best deal (the highest price). Once the useless option is removed, people prefer to choose the cheapest one. A good rule of thumb is to focus on the top three benefits that your customers can get from each offer you make.

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Psychology Backed Tips on Impressing Your First-Time Website Visitors

Make the best use of the power of three to make it work effectively in your online marketing campaign. Say, you can offer three brand levels at three different price points – the highest value, average, the cheapest price. You can offer products in three varieties, say, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Besides, you can organize your prospects into three groups like hot, warm and cool. Whatever your choice, it will increase your success rate significantly. Check out your landing page. To increase conversions, you may want to add the third option, right?

Psychology Tip #9: Don’t Sell, Solve Instead

What is the best way to get your customers’ wallets open without even showing your products? People are always looking for solutions to their problems. Whether its weight loss, getting rid of acne or an ex back, these evergreen issues are hot top. Once you can demonstrate how your product or service can solve those problems, you’ve won a jackpot. Figure out what problems your demographics have. Even though golf doesn’t immediately scream problem in the same way that weight loss does, yet, golfers might have problems you can appeal to. Now, explain how your product solves these problems in a way that evoke an emotional response. That’s where content marketing psychology does wonder.

Use Psychology Backed Tips Wisely

If you don’t use psychology backed tips in your promotion, the time is now. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to impress your first-time visitors and convince them to make more sales. But if used carelessly, it can do much harm than good to your business. Learning how to do it right is the trick that can win you sales. Bridge the gap in knowledge on what web design and UI trends are the thing today. This way, you’ll prevent your brand blindness and make a lasting connection with consumers.