10 Real Reasons To Date a Web Designer

Why dating a web designer? Try to see beyond the stereotype that they are boring and geeky. You’ll find out that they are really cool, creative and have the power to make everything simple with a click.

More benefits? Below you’ll find 10 reasons that will convince you that dating a web designer is an awesome thing.


1. He is very creative

It’s well known that creativity is one of the main virtues of a designer. This comes from the fact that they know a lot about color schemes and because they come up with amazing ideas and designs. This will turn in your favor for sure. He will love to shop for interior design and find the perfect home decoration. So who wouldn’t want a creative partner?


2. He is probably rich

In this modern and technological age, there is no reputable company that isn’t available on the web. And for that, businesses need help from web designers to make their online presence work smoothly. The demand is high, so in this field there is always something to work on. Many also choose to take the self-employed option.


3. He will give you great gifts

Web designing requires attention for every little detail. And this habit will apply in the personal life, for sure. This is not a bad thing when thinking about gift giving. He will spoil you with amazing and inspired gifts. Just give it a try!


4. You know what he likes

When it comes to buying a gift for a web designer, it’s a very easy thing. With a gift card for his favorite tech store or a place where he can buy video games, you’ll be a winner. And if you add a gift card at the local Starbucks, where he can find great inspiration drinking a good coffee, you will make him very happy. (You’ll also be happy because you’ll have time to enjoy yourself while he is working.)


5. He knows how to match

There are advantages to working with colors and designs and paying attention to the little details. One of them will be the help you can get when needing an honest opinion about some combination of clothes. He can help you match the perfect dress with the perfect accessories or a skirt with the perfect shirt. So let him help you.

6. He can be a great photographer

Every photo a web designer takes can be a real photoshoot. He has a good taste for a good design, so it’s not that simple to find the perfect background. Enjoy being the subject of a full album of photos!


7. He can build you the website you dreamed about

If you ever wished to have a website customized exactly the way you want it, dating a web designer will make this wish happen. Don’t feel selfish regarding this, he will be more than happy to design a website for you if this way he’ll know you’re happy.

8. You will never run out of things to talk about

A web designer knows too many random information because of his analytic thinking. So he will make a great person to have a chat without the awkward silences.

9. They don’t cheat. Who has time for that?

Like we said before, the web design field is in high demand. It doesn’t matter if he works for a company or if he is working as a freelancer, he will always have to work, that’s for sure.

10. He will design the best and most unique wedding invites

If you finally convinced yourself that dating a web designer is an awesome thing, maybe you’ll marry one. So when the time for making wedding invites comes, a web designer knows exactly what to choose. He will choose the perfect type, the perfect color palette, and the perfect layout. Bonus: custom and free wedding invites.



Diana Caliman

Diana Caliman