Remote Workers & Technology: The Perfect Blend for Improved Work-Life Balance

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

  • Dolly Parton (American singer)

Taking a cue from the famous American singer, more and more professionals are opting for remote jobs nowadays that help them achieve a better work-life balance in their personal and career sphere. Remote jobs do not require them to turn up at the office every day, and the office is where they make it. The point to note here is that such a phenomenon would not have been feasible had it not been for the advancement of telecommunication and technology in this digital era.


A healthy work-life balance – the key to a happy life

The leading industries in every sector usually conduct annual surveys that measure the happiness and satisfaction index of their employees (among other things) at regular intervals. It has been observed that a majority of them was reportedly unhappy since the intrusion of technology; they felt, caused work to eat into their personal sphere, allowing them hardly any time for themselves or their family and friends. Compelling them to be ‘online’ or available round the clock, the professionals in the fast-paced digital era are thus often faced with stress and hypertension problems at a relatively young age.

“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.”

  • Betsy Jacobson (American business consultant)

Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial for the holistic well-being of humankind. With the increasing work pressure, it is imperative that we find ways to strike the perfect balance between our professional and personal sphere so we can aim at having a happy and fulfilling life. Managing time as well as boundaries of space and work is thus vital to achieving the goal of contentment in our lives.


Role of technology in improving work-life balance

Tethering the professionals to their work sphere is the undeniable pull of advanced telecommunications. With the advent of electronic mail, the face of communication in work underwent a massive change. There has been no looking back ever since. Nowadays, it is possible to conduct elaborate conferences and meeting over Skype and other online platforms that have blurred the geographical boundaries into oblivion.

Remote workers, or professionals who choose to work from a location that is not necessarily an office space within the confinements of a geographical address, are the ones who rely heavily upon the advanced telecommunications technology of the modern era. Remote working is an emerging trend that eliminates the need for being ‘present’ in office for work, and one can choose to be anywhere in the world along with availing the flexibility of work timings. Here, we can take a glance at some of the most effective ways to create a perfect work-life balance as a remote worker. We will also see how technology can come to your aid in achieving each of them.

  • Create a daily work schedule

Create a daily routine and divide the entire day into hours that you wish to devote to work and the hours that are for the rest of your activities (be it tending to the garden or going for a quick jog). Nowadays, all smartphones have daily planner features, and they are readily available in the application stores for Android, Apple and Windows users alike.

  • Take a break from work notifications

It is always useful to turn off notifications from work for the hours when you do not wish to work. Only take urgent calls or reply to very important emails during those hours (if you must). Also, some remote workers are of the opinion that going “off the grid” or incommunicado during holidays or weekends (or days that you dedicate only to your personal sphere) is also quite helpful in improving the work-life balance. All smartphones and messaging applications these days come enabled with advanced notification settings that can be customized as per the user’s requirements.

  • Communicate frequently (and efficiently)

Communication is critical for remote workers as the entire flow of work depends upon one-to-one conversation. Maintain a chain of contact with your colleagues, clients, bosses, and co-workers through the most primitive usage of the phone – to communicate.

  • Incorporate leisure breaks

You must incorporate frequent leisure breaks in between your work schedule throughout the day for rejuvenating your mind and increasing productivity. Your smartphone can set break timers, show you videos you like and play the songs of our choice, all by a few taps and swipes of fingers.

  • Maintain a daily to-do list

It is imperative that you maintain a to-do list for the entire day, including work and personal goals for the day. All smartphones have the built-in features of calendars where you can key on the to-do list. Or else, you can go for some fancy applications with more enhanced features. Readily available in the online application stores for Windows, Android and Apple users, these applications can be of real help for the remote workers.

The multifaceted role of technology in improving the work-life balance of the remote workers is thus undeniable. Using the features that modern telecommunications offer, it is possible to strike the perfect balance between the work and personal sphere quite efficiently, especially for remote workers of any industry.


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