Top 10 UX Design trends for 2019

UX design, which plays an important role in the app’s overall performance, was at the center stage in 2018. And things are going even bigger in 2019 for UX design and user experience trends.

While there have been many web-based and mobile designs that have come and gone, many have to face the failures due to flaws or miscalculations when it comes to UX design.  Thus by embracing the approaching UX trends, you can not only match yourself with current markets but also get the best of users’ satisfaction.  It is unavoidable that technology is evolving every day and it plays a very significant role in how the new-fangled UX design trends are surfacing every year. So if you are building an app or website, here are top 10 UX design trends to look out for in 2019:



Creating good, fact-based, and easily accessible content is going to be something you cannot ignore in 2019. You can build an incredible interface and add a variety of features with it. However, it will only work as long as the quality of your content is not compromised, and it just keeps getting better, making it more and more appealing for online users. By finding the right mix of technology and content with clear visuals and without unnecessary clutters, you can certainly create a great experiencing atmosphere for the users.


Custom-made User Experiences

Personalized or custom-made UX design is something that you will find everywhere. It can be done based on the previous interactions of the website with the users, geographic locations of the users, and more. Building an app and turning it into a big success can be done by delivering personalized UX design and features for the users and give them the ultimate experience so that they will keep coming for more. Keep working on meeting the users’ requirements like conversational interfaces, attractive videos, images, menus, easier and quicker accessing features, voice-activated features, security, transparency, personalized search query, and so on. Create personal experiences for the users and make the best of everything.


Design to save time

Users are usually impatient and can switch to a new app or website within seconds if your app or website is not working for them. So it seems the focus in 2019 will be on creating UX design with features that will save the time and efforts required on users’ part to access your app or website’s products or services and other associated information and activities. The main trick is to find the methods to save the users’ time without compromising their experience with the app or website.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality in showcasing your products is definitely a hot topic in the industry. While earlier AR was just a thing of gaming applications, it is spreading its reality to other spaces as well. In 2019, you can expect web developers to integrate augmented reality into their products and services. Apart from the gaming world, AR is also being used in doing things like letting customers know what product would look like under different circumstances or light and more. With the availability latest camera and display technology, incorporating AR in web development will be a lot easier.


Getting Rid of Hamburger menu

There are some web design features that can be a source of irritation and confusion for the users. Hamburger menu design is one of them. Web designers used this design in their web development projects and it was regarded as a smart way to hide and have menu options while still having more room on the screen. But not everyone is aware of this feature and as a result. Many users would spend lots of time trying to search for the menu on the website. Removing the hamburger menu and replacing it with something more useful is definitely on the to-do list for the web designers in 2019.


Continual use of whitespace

This is not a new concept. But whitespace is that space on a webpage that is not occupied by anything. As more and more people are using mobiles for internet browsing and reading content online, companies also have to put more focus on their page layouts. They want to make it easier for the users to browse through their websites as they read the content and look for other features offered by the websites. They are also using more whitespace on the web page to make it easier for the readers to stay focused and not get distracted by unnecessary clutter.


Device-Agnostic Design

The main purpose behind having a UX design is to ensure that users have a smooth and welcoming experience on the website or app, no matter what kind of device they are using. As a result, in 2019, the web developers will be more interested in creating a device-agnostic design as compared to mobile-optimized or mobile-friendly web designs. Whether it’s a smartphone, smart-watch, tablet, or laptop, the UX Designers will be pushing in the direction of creating more active multi-device experiences.


Card-style Design

The card-style design is not a new trend, but it is likely to stay in 2019. Card designs can be used to showcase a wide range of information on small-size screens like mobile or tablet. This style is very popular among social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


Asymmetrical Designs

In 2019, asymmetrical designs or broken grid are going to leave their mark on the web designing industry. While many are still using flat or minimalist designs, many designers are getting attracted to new, fresh and innovative broken layouts.


Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are very popular and are going to be one of the top trends in 2019 for UX designs. While speed is a huge factor in UX designs, video backgrounds can increase conversion rates.