Top VueJS Tutorials for 2018

Vue JS is a lightweight framework that is used to develop/build the user interfaces. It helps to create the lightening apps without any complexity. The file size of the Vue JS is 16kb(minified). It is faster than Angular vs. React at runtime. Vue Js is the UI framework which works on the view layer similar to React, and Vue is easier to use than React and Angular.


Prequisitives: HTML,CSS, JavaScript

  1. Vue.js Fundamentals — YouTube — Curtis is a fantastic teacher, in my opinion, and his teaching style is very effective. It doesn’t go too far in-depth, but it is a great starting point.
  2. Vue 2.0 and Laravel 5.3 — YouTube — This playlist of videos is on Vue.js as well as Laravel. Now you might not like these videos if you’re not interested in Laravel, but Laravel chose Vue.js as their official View layer, so they help you learn how to tie Vue.js into a Laravel backend. I recommend at least a few videos even if you’re not interested in Laravel.
  3. Learn Vue 2: Step By Step — Laracasts is a fantastic online learning resource, and all of their Vue.js courses from that link are free. Another solid free resource.
  4. Awesome Vue Tutorials — A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js. Here you will find tons of useful information.


Is Vue.JS worth learning?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve by learning VueJS. If you want to find a job, then VueJS may be too immature for recruiters to appreciate right now. You will probably have to wait 4 or 5 years before VueJS picks up as a mainstream standard.

However, if you are trying to build a highly interactive, dynamic and data-driven web application, then VueJS is absolutely fantastic. Its architecture is intuitive, and you can pick it up within 15 minutes. Unlike Angular or React, it doesn’t have a big learning curve. All of its documentation is easy to read and understand. You can perceive the magic of it within a few minutes.

Even the way you structure your code, i.e., single-file components make your application very maintainable. Third-party plugins for Vue can also be read and analyzed quickly without having to sift through their documentation.

As a developer who needs to pick up a stack for her next project, VueJS is absolutely worth learning.

The only downsides to picking up Vue as an already-employed developer might be

  • Hard to find other VueJS developers. Existing Angular and React developers might be too invested in the frameworks they already know.
  • Not a lot of 3rd party tools for automatic documentation and testing
  • Not much support from Stackoverflow community (although this is changing albeit unnecessary since Vue is so easy to understand)
  • Job-hopping might be harder if you say you know only Vue

Overall, there’s a very little downside to picking up Vue.

Diana Caliman

Diana Caliman