Significant UI Design Principles For Every Mobile App Developer

With the advent of mobile app technology, the global market witnessed the expeditious demand of mobile app developers among small-scale businesses, startups, industries, and corporate enterprises. Hundreds of high-performing iOS & Android applications appear with those that exist on the respective app stores. Undoubtedly, an app customized with interactive and functional interface design appeals the users while its intriguing features engage them to make out regular usage. So, you must stick to some important principles if you want to accentuate your mobile app with eye-striking UI design.


Check out the given-below UI design principles for mobile app development along with useful guidelines which may help you throughout the process:


Redefine the consistent model

Start your work on UI designing with a well-defined structure that includes all essential components which are considerable for your app idea. Stay focused on the major elements and separate them with unmatched or dissimilar ones. It is favorable for a mobile app developer to discover and enlist meaningful ways in order to frame a recognizable UI for your mobile app. This structure-based principle will help you to consider only related things & put only relevant things in your mobile app design.


Don’t forget the rule of simplicity

Simplicity enables flexibility in your work style and the same rule will go for mobile app design as well. This approach will help you in creating influential UI designs customized in simple terms and users’ own language. Your mobile app design must reflect users’ interests & customized to let them use shortcuts to lengthy procedures. So, always stick to the simplicity rule in order to make it work.


Prioritize visibility along with interactivity

Always make sure to render excellent visibility to all requisite buttons and sections in your mobile app design. This visibility principle clearly says that even if your app’s UI design is highly interactive, it will be of no use if the users are not able to click on main sections & buttons that are not visible to them. Many mobile app developers commit the same mistake for UI designing as they ignore to add on all customized icons & buttons on the main menu.

Many times, you may find it difficult to incorporate all major elements within the page layout using another alternative just like your own navigation model.


Functionality favors users’ interest

Your app idea is unique & you have to transform it into fully-functional mobile app design. It will be a major setback of any UI design if doesn’t reflect the exact purpose behind your app idea. Every iOS & Android app developer is aware of this fact as they distinctively customize app with specific features & seamless functionalities.


Design for platform-independent app

Compatibility entertains better user accessibility and therefore, you need to customize your mobile app design to make it cross-platform supportable. Many businesses spend their cash in hiring mobile app developers to port their existing app for another platform. However, you can save your money by customizing the app’s UI to create flexible mobile app design for multiple platforms.


Take benefits of user’s inference

A user doesn’t need to remember the proper way of using your app once accessing it in a flow. Your mobile app design must guide every first-time app user with intuitive buttons, slides, icons, and navigational options that are favorable to enhance the inference.


Final words

An incredible mobile app design feasibly works to involve the increasing number of users on your app. You must try to bring out the best results using all above UI design principles with ever-changing mobile app designing trends.



Author’s name is Ashni Sharma, a proficient mobile app designer at AppsChopper. She has been creating amazing UI designs for mobile app development. Her applaudable expertise in mobile app development inspires her to write interesting articles & blogs based on the latest trends and tactics of mobile app development. This blog is one of her unique and well-written composition aimed at delivering important knowledge to readers.


Diana Caliman

Diana Caliman