Simple Ways To Continuously Improve User Experience On Your App

What you should know is that there are several simple ways to improve users’ experience on your app and some mobile app development companies have been using some of the simple ways. This article discusses some of the ways by which mobile app development companies can give users wonderful experience without spending a fortune.


Continuous update

App development world keeps evolving and the features that used to wow users long ago may just be a normal feature now. So, no matter all the wonderful features you have on your app, at some point, users will get tired of them and they will no longer be dazzled. This is why you need to continuously update your app with new features.

You don’t need to continue to crack your brain on new features that will dazzle users. What most mobile app development companies do is to engage users. Seek continuous feedback from users of your app and they will always give you leads to how you can continue to improve their experience on your app.



This cannot be overemphasized. Experienced mobile app development companies already understand the importance of simplicity so they ensure their apps are always very easy to use and understand. The problem you may encounter is that whatever is easy for you to understand may not be easy for others to understand. This is why it is important that you test your app for simplicity before you launch it.

There are so many apps on the net that nobody will make efforts to understand the use of an app. In fact, the most first-time users will not spend up to 10 seconds on your app before dropping off if they find it difficult to understand.

One sure way to keep it simple is to limit the functions on your app to only the ones that are related to the main purpose of the app. When there are too many functions on an app, it becomes a little difficult to understand and use the app.


Provide a chatting platform

Make it possible for users of your app to chat with one another. This is another feature that attracts users. Give them access to each other. One thing about youths is that they love making friends. So, if you make it possible for users to communicate with each other, each of them will have opportunities to make new friends.


High loading speed

Humans are not only naturally impatient, but they also have the short attention span. Delay in the loading of a page often gets users infuriated. So, you need to do all that it takes to ensure that all the pages and functions of your app respond within 2 seconds.

Sometimes, an app may be asked to carry out a complex task that will take more than 30 seconds. In that situation, it is important to respond with a simple message like “please wait”. This will inform the user that his request is being carried out. If not, he may assume that the app or the particular function is not responding.


Localize and customize the content of your app

Your app will become more usable with both localized and customized content. A very good example of what can be localized is the prices of your products. When your app is being accessed from a location in the United Kingdom, prices should be displayed in pounds but when it is accessed in the United States, prices should be displayed in US dollars.


Allow them to challenge one another

This tip is applicable to only game apps. Ensure you allow players to challenge one another in one-on-one game mode. In fact, players prefer to play with one another to show their supremacy in games. As much as players don’t like using their mobile data to play games, they don’t mind using it to challenge themselves in online mode.

Another feature that motivates players to play some games is the availability of leaderboards. They want their names to be listed among the best in the game. So, you should also ensure that your game app has leaderboards.


Offline functionality

Even if your app cannot achieve its purpose offline, it is a good idea to include some offline functionalities so that it can be used in areas with low or no internet connectivity. When your app has offline functionalities, it can also be used on airplanes.

Offline functionality is what makes Wikipedia app one of the best in academic research niche. Generally, people use offline apps more often. So, making your app work offline will boost its usage.


Less typing

Typing on mobile devices is very difficult and discouraging so it is better that you design your app to make users do less typing. One of the ways to do that is to keep your registration form very short. Long before now, asking for only 4 pieces of information (name, email address, phone number, and residential address) used to be cool, but now, that is even too much. You only need the name and email address. However, you may still need both residential address and phone number if you deliver orders.

Another way to make users type less is to make your phone number on your app a call-initiating link. That way, when a user wants to put a call across to you, he only needs to tap your phone number and the call will be initiated. This is much easier than having to copy and paste your phone number on the dialer.


Multiple languages

If you only want your app to be used by only English speakers, you can disregard this tip. However, it is not likely. App success is a game of numbers. The success of an app is determined by its number of users. So, it is not likely that you will deliberately restrict the usage of your app to only English speakers.

So, it is important that you launch it in several languages. Users will only need to choose their preferred language either during download or during installation. You can even launch it in just 2 or 3 international languages and you will add other languages in subsequent updates.

In summary, there are several other ways to dazzle users with great experience but the ways discussed above are the simplest and cheapest ones. You need to try them all.

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