10 Ways to Create a Website that Converts Browsers

When you create a website you want to encourage people to become engaged with your site and what you are selling. Whether you are selling a product or an idea, you want people to not only look at your website but also to become engaged with what you are communicating to them. Here are ten ways to create a website that converts browsers to customers.


1. Define your site

Before you start building your website you need to define exactly what you want to accomplish with this site. If you want to generate more leads or sales on your site you need to know exactly who your customer base should be and then tailor the site to their wants and needs. You want your site to be appealing to your customers.


2. Color

Bright colors used sparingly will draw people in but not distract them from what you are selling. You want people to stop and look at your page. And some cleverly placed bursts of color will draw them to your site.


3. Pictures

People enjoy looking at pictures. You could consider putting up pictures of your employees to give your customers a face with your names, or you could highlight your product. Pictures also draw people in and can help your customers better understand what you are selling.


4. White space

While pictures and colors are great attention getters it is also good to have white space on your site. You do not want your site to look crowded and muddled with too many words, pictures, or colors. While too much white space can be distracting, a balance can be achieved and give your site a professional look while also drawing your customer in.


5. Customer testimonials

Be sure to include customer testimonials on your page. People actually rely more on what others think of your site then what you are trying to tell them. If you have five-star ratings, include them on your site. The sales world is shaped by five-star ratings and your customers will respond positively to other customer testimonials.


6. Design

Your website should reflect who you are as a person and business. You should put some of yourself in your design and encourage your customers to get to know you and your business. Designing a web page can be fun and exciting. There are many small business website builders available for you to help you get started. When you find one you like to use some of those elements to create the perfect website for you.


7. Survey

Including a survey on your site can help you find out how your potential customers feel about your website and your product. Make it a short, simple survey with no more than five questions targeted to help you improve your site. Make it optional and easy to find. Most people will take a short survey and their responses can help you shape your future website designs.


8. Free trials

Offering a free trial to your customers without making them use a credit card is one way to also draw in potential clients. Make the free trial reasonable for both parties and your customers will thank you. Most people that use free trials end up buying the product. Make it easy for your potential customers to sign up for and stop the trial. You do not want someone complaining about you online because they were not able to do something as simple as stopping a free trial. You only want good publicity for your page.


9. Customer service

If you can provide online customer service you will gain more customers. Have a readily available customer service link for customers to email or live chat with a representative. Make sure the link is easy to find and that it does not pop up all the time. If a customer needs help, they should be able to get it quickly and efficiently.


10. Blog

You should include a link to your company blog. If you do not have a blog, you should start writing one. Blogs can offer your customers a quick read about your product or how your product will help them in their day to day life. If your product has been featured in an article, you can link to the article in your blog or highlight the article on your homepage. People enjoy reading short blogs about things. Keep your blog up to date and make sure it caters to your customers.