6 Web Design Trends That Will Influence The Year 2018!

Web design industry keeps changing with every year. What was “in” last year might not be relevant today. This volatility in this industry is what makes it even more interesting for the web designers as it gives them more room for learning.

So if you are an inquisitive digital artist who is in search of the latest trends, we bring here some of the hottest trends in web design industry that are likely to make an impact in 2018:


  1. Rise And Rise Of Mobile-Friendly Design

With mobile traffic taking over the desktop users, it is the perfect time for online businesses to create mobile-friendly designs that can attract more users from mobile devices. With the availability of better UI and UX features, mobile users can efficiently utilize a website.

The use of icons and burger menu make it even easier and convenient for the visitors to make the choices. All these conveniences make the mobile a primary source for users to access online world. So if you want to beat the competition, you need to get ready to make your website mobile-friendly in 2018.


  1. Illustrations Will Be More Ubiquitous

Illustrations are gaining popularity for its sporty look and fun element. Apart from being interactive, they also convey an idea quickly. They are mainly handy to define an intricate process or complex ideas. Besides, you can use the illustrations to personify a user or client without looking racist, sexist, or biased.


  1. There Will Be More Websites Based On Parallax Scrolling

The parallax scrolling makes navigation a breeze for the users. Now they can navigate the different sections of a website without having to leave a page. This makes the navigation smoother and seamless for the users and allows them to access any part of the website without hassles.

The ease of accessibility offered by parallax scrolling has forced many website owners to revamp their web design on this technique, and it will be likely to encourage more website owners this year to emulate this trend.


  1. There Will Be More Variety In Typography

Typography is more than just a design of the type. It is a significant part of the web design as it puts across the personality of your brand and conveys the message. As more devices support high-resolution fonts, it is now possible for the web designers to infuse big fonts with various colors in the design.

The arrival of ‘Variable Fonts’ by Adobe, Microsoft, and Google has taken a further step to create more typography with different designs and colors. The concoction of the different fonts will inspire more web designers to develop more typography designs.


  1. There Will More Use Of Video Content

Videos are much more efficient and engaging than textual rants. In a website, they can be used to demonstrate about a subject, unveil a product, or share the office culture. Since they can convey a message faster than the text, website owners are using them on different pages of their websites. With the growing trend of video content, you can expect to see more videos in 2018.


  1. Animations Will Be In Vogue

In 2018, we are going to see more animations in web design. Animations are popular as they simplify the information-sharing process and make it more interactive. By integrating animation, you can quickly explain a process, promote an idea, or even create the buzz for a product launch.

Whatever your purpose may be, get ready to use more animations in the year 2018 to hook more eyes into your product or service.



2017 has been a happening year in web design industry and the New Year looks favorable for further changes and the trends mentioned above are some of them. Hope they help you become an efficient web designer in 2018.


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