15+ Youtube Channels for Web Developers and Web Designers

Watching YouTube videos is a very inexpensive way to learn new skills from the comfort of your own home. YouTube is filled with learning resources in all fields and web development & web design are no exception – there are many developers and designers with experience who want to share their knowledge with other people. Many of the YouTube tutorials for web developers and web designers are good enough to compete with well-known coding courses.

However, since everyone is free to post educational videos on YouTube, you have to carefully filter your content because you can also come across misleading information. In order to help you navigate the educational content on this platform, we’ve searched YouTube for channels with web development and web design content and we’ve picked the very best of them.

Read on to see who are the Youtubers that piqued our interest and that we think you should subscribe to.



thenewboston is one of the most long-lasting Youtube Channels for Web Developers, with its first video uploaded on Feb 9, 2008. The videos on here cover a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks such as Python, React, Angular, Django, and some graphic editors like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, as well as other topics unrelated to development or design.

William Candillon

William Candillon

William Candillon‘s youtube channel is focused on React Native tutorials but has a few videos that cover other coding topics too. His most popular videos are the ones where he uses React to recreate functionalities from popular apps such as Spotify or Instagram. He also has a Clash of Code segment where he does coding challenges alongside popular fellow YouTubers.

Creative Tim

Creative Tim

On Creative Tim‘s YouTube channel you can find tutorials on how to use our fully coded web and mobile templates as well as a few more comprehensive tutorials on how to use React with different technologies. Also, if you’re interested in insights from the web development/web design industry, watch the available excerpts from interviews with our CEO, Alexandru Păduraru.

Traversy Media

Traversy Media

Traversy Media features web development tutorials for technologies such as Bootstrap, React, Node.js, Angular, PHP, Rails, HTML, CSS, and others. On this channel, you can find videos featuring many well-known YouTubers on various web development topics. Traversy Media even made a video tutorial on how to build a website using Creative Tim’s Tailwind Starter Kit.


Programming with Mosh

Programmingwithmosh is one of the most famous Youtube channels for Web Developers. The main programming topics on Mosh Hamedani’s channel are Python, Javascript, and C#. He has a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and a Master of Science in Networks Systems and is active on various other platforms such as Pluralsight, Udemy, and his own website.


On ProgrammingKnowledge you can find many tutorials on technologies such as React, Flutter, Vue, Flask, and Django. They also make videos on useful tools for web developers and web designers, such as tutorials for Visual Studio Code, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects. The channel has been around since 2012 and it has a high video publishing rate.


Design Course

DesignCourse is a channel managed by Gary Simon, a full-stack web developer with 20 years of experience. The main focus of his channel is teaching great UX/UI so you can find here many videos on tools such as Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop as well as videos on front-end frameworks and tutorials on various UI effects and styles.

Dev Ed

Dev Ed makes videos on web development, web design, and 3D modeling. If you’re looking for know-how in using tools like Figma, creating video games in Unity, or developing applications in Node.js, this is the channel for you. Some tutorials on Dev Ed are about designing in limited amounts of time or in a limited color palette so they are even more challenging than your average tutorials.


The Net Ninja

Thenetninja is a youtube channel managed by Shaun Pelling and it has a wide selection with over 1000 free programming tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Node.js, Laravel, React Native, Flutter, and others. This is a learning-oriented channel, so tutorials are the only type of videos that you will find here. Shaun is also active on Udemy and his website.


CodingTech is a programming YouTube channel that publishes content from many tech conferences that they partner with, such as ReactiveConf, You Gotta Love Frontend, React Native EU, Node Summit, JavaScriptLA, and so on. The topics on this channel are varied and cover front-end, back-end as well as AI, blockchain, hacking, and other tech topics.

Tech With Tim

Tech With Tim focuses on programming, as well as on software engineering, machine learning, and other tech fields. The channel places an emphasis on Python and Javascript, so you will find many videos on these and related frameworks like Flask and Django. If you are interested in Flutter, you’ve come to the right place because Tech with Tim also has some videos on Flutter.


The high-intensity code tutorials on Fireship will help you develop modern applications in Angular, React, Vue, Flutter, and others. The most popular segments on this channel are ‘Code This Not That’ where you learn how to write the best code possible and avoid the bad stuff; and ‘100 Seconds Of Code’ where you understand coding concepts in just 100 seconds.

Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials is a web design-oriented channel where you can find content on creative UX and UI Design using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. As the name of the channel suggests, all the videos are tutorials, so prepare yourself for coding beforehand. If you want to learn how to create responsive designs that also look great, look no further!


WebDevSimplified is managed by Kyle Cook, whose goal is to teach web development in an efficient and practical manner. His videos cover a wide range of topics necessary to a full stack developer but he also tackles web design, as well as personal development and personal happiness in the programming work field.


DevTips is called by its creators a weekly show about programming that teaches front-end development. Subscribe to this channel if you want to learn more about UX/UI, frameworks like Bootstrap, React, and Next.js, and design tools like Adobe XD & Sketch, among others.

Jesse Showalter

Jesse Showalter

Jesse Showalter creates web design and web development video content focusing on tools, techniques, and projects. Some of the topics on here are UX, UI, HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, design principles, open-source stuff, and more. Check Jesse’s videos out if you are interested in becoming a web designer, UI designer, or front-end developer.

Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell‘s YouTube channel is a great source of information for people interested in front-end development and web design. He has a decent amount of how-to videos and tutorials, as well as simple tips and tricks. Watch his videos to gain know-how in topics related to HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Sass, and tools like Adobe XD, Figma, or Gulp.



codeSTACKr is a YouTube channel managed by Jesse, a full-stack developer who wants to pass on his programming knowledge. It is a fast-growing channel that managed to reach 128K subscribers in just one year. The videos on here are mainly about web development and are focused on coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

James Q Quick

James Q Quick

James Q Quick prides himself on teaching only the newest techniques in web development and web design through his videos. If you want to learn more about Javascript frameworks and libraries like React, Vue, and Angular, plus other programming topics, check out his videos.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an experienced developer/designer or you are just starting on this path, YouTube videos are a great and inexpensive way to learn more. We hope you find our list helpful in your quest to gain more skills in the web development and web design fields. The topics tackled by these YouTubers are varied so the chances of finding the information you are looking for are very high. If our picks don’t fit your interests but you like video learning resources, we assure you the information you seek is just a YouTube search away.

However, if you prefer reading to watching a YouTube video, check out our blog where you can find tutorials and articles with reading recommendations on Angular, React, and other frameworks and technologies.