How Software Development Changed the World

Software development can be said to be one of the greatest things that ever happened to this world over the last two or so decades. Software tools, which are a crucial part of computers have changed the world in many huge ways, making our lives better and fulfilling. Here are seven ways in which software development has positively impacted the world:

  1. Software Development Has Promoted Morality and Safety for Children

With the advent of smartphones and the internet, particularly social media, many children are exposed to immorality & bad behavior as well as crime. For instance, because of the two resources, kids now have easy access to pornographic materials online, which can result in porn addiction for some. Apart from that, smartphones and the Web, make it easier for criminals like pedophiles to lure and prey on unsuspecting, innocent children. According to statistics, sexual crimes against children have been on the rise since 2013, just about that time when the smartphone industry had exploded.

With the explosion of the software industry, parents are able to monitor their children’s activities on the phone and also online, thanks to special tools like Spyfone and more. Nevertheless, authorities can track down and nail child sexual abuse perpetrators, bringing them to book. Without software development, spyfone and the likes would not be possible.

  1. Software Development Has Facilitated Business

Software development has, without a doubt, helped improve efficiency in commercial setups. For example, there is no more unwarranted wastage of raw materials and other production resources now as there are countless software pieces available to curb that. Likewise, employees work harder and are more productive now than ever, thanks to the fact that their outputs are, nowadays, easy to track, using various types of software tools out there. Sofware tools such as employee clock in software ensures business owners are able to track their employees’ clock in and out, allowing them to pay only for the hours they have clocked in. That discourages lateness and instead encourages punctuality for employees, directly contributing to improved efficiency in business.

  1. Software Development Has Enhanced Defense

Software development has taken the defense of many countries to a whole new level. Countries such as the United States of America today invest billions of dollars in defense. A good portion of that money goes into software development for military purposes. Come to think of it, without software development, sophisticated military weapons like drones would remain science fiction. Unmanned ballistic missile systems that can be launched remotely to hit a target thousands of miles away, wouldn’t be a reality. So are satellite systems, which many strong countries around the world, including the US, heavily rely upon for defense. All these military weapons and resources are powered by software tools, which are results of software development.

  1. Software Development Has Changed the Healthcare Landscape

Besides defense, another industry that relies on software development heavily is health care. Healthcare facilities use computers and software in a number of applications from patient record management and diagnosis of ailments to the administration of treatments and so on. Without those special software tools that are designed for medical purposes, the healthcare scene would be a chaotic jumble. Hospitals would not be able to manage patients’ records, detect diseases and deliver treatment as effective as today.

  1. Software Development Has Facilitated Transport

Software development has really changed the transport industry for the better. Because of that, airports can manage flights more effectively, avoiding potential congestion, delays and even accidents. So are road traffic authorities, who use computers equipped with special software tools to do their job. The control of traffic is no longer a manual affair as it used to be just a few years ago. It has become a digital affair that’s why you don’t witness traffic proportionate to the number of vehicles on the roads out there. Ever wonder how more people are buying cars, yet the traffic situations remain the same as they were many decades ago? It’s because traffic departments have become more efficient in their work due to the fact that they use computers to get the job done. Of course, expanding infrastructure is also a minor factor in this.

  1. Software Development Has Contributed to the Economy

Software development has indeed shaped the world’s economy by creating software development jobs, which are some of the highest-paying jobs in the world, depending on the job level of course. According to Glassdoor, software development managers are the tenth highest paid professionals in the world.

  1. Software Development Has Facilitated Scientific Research

Software development goes a long way in the field of scientific research by availing the necessary software tools for this discipline. For instance, it simplifies a number of technical methods that are used in research, including computations, data manipulations, and simulations. Not only does it make those methods easier to execute, but it also allows for maximum accuracy with minimal error margins in their execution.


Final Thoughts


Software development has changed the world in many huge ways. For instance, the development of software tools has promoted morality and safety for children, facilitated business, enhanced defense and changed the healthcare system. Additionally, it has facilitated transport, contributed to the economy and facilitated scientific research. Know of any other ways in which software development has changed the world? If yes, feel free to share your thoughts.