Top Predictions for Web Application Development Trends in 2019

2018 witnessed many transformative evolutions in the web application realm. With groundbreaking developments, the legacy of technology is all set to write new milestones in the year 2019 with more advanced and agile solutions coming in the fray.

If you had been motivated last year from the top advancements that happened in the webspace; now is the time to keep your motivation burning as new developments are going to script the future of 2019.

Top web app development companies are closely monitoring the market sentiments and technology acceptance. Here are a few things that you need to keep track of as the latest mobile app development trends are all set to let loose.


JavaScript is going to be Bigger and Better  

It is not just this year, but this is the sixth year in a trot where JavaScript has enchanted the developers. It has become the most preferred programming language for development as per the Stackoverflow User Base. JavaScript has evolved in the past 6 years and now the latest version, the ES6 and new frameworks like the Vue JS, React and Angular have inundated the platform with infinite potential. As a result, the developers are getting more avenues for transformative application development experience. The open-source libraries, components, and documentations have richly simplified the development. With such advanced features, there lies a lot of fun that the developers are going to experience in the IT domain this fall year. For all the new developers, it is highly recommended that you use JavaScript for the purpose of the development.


Serverless Model to Go Mainstream in Mobile App Development Model 

Top stalwarts in the S-a-a-S or Server-as-a-Service are moving ahead of the times and the likes of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are changing the story of maintaining those big server rooms with additional expenses at the organization. At the moment, AWS Lambda and Google’s Firebase have set new standards in helping the top mobile app development companies to maintain a serverless modus operandi.

In the absence of the pressure to maintain the servers, the developers will be feeling much more relaxed and focused in their coding pursuits. Yes, indeed, they can write the codes freely now without the pressure of spinning it up or giving their leisure time to the monitoring, maintenance, and the scaling of the server.

With the serverless model, most of the use cases are brought within the ambit of this innovative technological advancement. Now, the app development companies can quickly launch their applications in the market after the development. There is no worry associated with the release, and it can instantly happen with just a few clicks. Now, that’s completely transformative from a developer’s perspective.

The serverless architecture has optimized everything as per the varying needs of the clients. Therefore, whether you are going to launch a hefty application or something with numerous images and beautiful UI designs, everything is going to be sorted in the best way possible with the serverless architecture model.


Dawn of the Fringe Technologies like GraphQL and Typescript 

There is a call for an alternate gateway that can power up the deployment and development of the applications. Introduction of fringe technologies like GraphQL and Typescript can solve the tech conundrum with agile solutions. There had been growth in the fringe technologies in 2018 in development, but the influx was not seen. That trend is changing in the year 2019 with increased acceptance of alternate technologies.

With the help of GraphQL and Typescript, both are type system query language that will make the JavaScript development simpler and productive as per the changing trends. With their contribution, the developers can build more robust applications, and they will also not have to deal with complicated queries. As such problems will be resolved, the delivery of the applications will happen more quickly than ever, and scalability and optimization will be possible with an improved outlook. The giant strides are going to happen in GraphQL and Typescript, be prepared to use it if you are a developer reading this article.


The Integration of Machine Learning, AI with Web Applications 

Till date, we have seen the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in very complex sectors that want smart high-end solutions like Big Data. But things are going to change as the 2019 sets in, JavaScript-based AI and ML libraries like Brain.js and Google TensorFlow.js will empower the development library. These libraries are coming with ML kit and Firebase predictions; thus, the power of AI & ML will change the way development is happening in the market at the movement from the application development realm.


Use of JAMstack To Go Mainstream 

JAMstack will be the much-preferred choice when it comes to building a website and mobile applications. Some of the top web app development companies have vouched for the use of JAMstack as it is very cost-effective and scalable. With the JAMstack, the scope of the application gets simplified. The reason being, the Stack serves in maintaining the pre-built files over a CDN with a cache that speeds up the content loading and 3rdparty APIs. Thus, it is effortless to create dynamic data using this technology. With the need for a lean architecture rising with time for faster development, top mobile app development trends include the use of JAMstack in the development.



Developers will have a wonderful time while developing interactive and smart applications when they are accepting these trends in their development model. Be prepared and stay tuned to learn about more ways how the application development realm will be changing with the introduction of new technologies in 2019.

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