Ultimate Tips to Enhance Cooperation between Web Developer and Designer

Have you watched Avengers Endgame Yet? You have I mean who has the patience to wait for the series’ most interesting conflict. I would say that the movie finally finished the longest-running battle, and it’s not with Thanos! I am talking about the at-odds relationship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers; i.e., Iron Man and Captain America. Both the legends stood at opposite ends of the field in Avengers: Infinity War. A similar scenario can be found in today’s digital realm- The never-ending conflict between Web Developer and Designers.

Web designer vs. web developer has been a hot topic among conversation since the inception of the IT industry. In the early days of the web, the answer to that question was simple: the designer’s design and developer’s code. Speaking about today, the scenario has more nuances; most of which no one really talks about. In simple words, the boundaries between web designers and web developers are getting blurred as more and more designers have begun to code while developers have started paying attention to design theory. This gave rise to the never-ending conflict between designers and developers, resulting in a user experience that lacks in terms of efficiency, engagement, and value. Arguments often begin when at one end, designers feel that developers have butchered something of their design and at the other end, developers might think that a design emphasizes more on beauty rather than actual functionality.

But have you ever thought of a win-win situation by improving the relationship between web developers and designers? The following post emphasizes on using the abilities from both Web design, and Web development team provides a certain edge that is impossible without collaboration. How to make this work?


Perks of this Cooperation

One of the most important reasons for close cooperation is to enhance progress in the project as well as the best possible outcome. After all, your web project doesn’t just need to fit but also look appealing. Both web designers and developers need to be kept in sync right from the start. When all participating members are under one roof, meetings can be organized- That’s the best case. Even if they are located at different places all around the world; Skype conferences can be set up, files can be shared via Dropbox or other services.

Its core key features include:

  • Set of eyes to find potential mistakes
  • Creative brainstorming for more thoughtful design
  • Both designers and developers can get to know the problems and worries of each other
  • A stable design. Everything fits, and no compromises become evident.
  • Empathize with the other occupational group much better.
  • A multitude of ideas is combined with one perfect whole.

Apart from this;


#1 Communicate well-

Communication has always been the key! So being a designer or developer; it’s crucial to think about the project first keeping their big egos aside. Act smartly! I mean it’s quite apparent that you won’t be able to win every argument, so what’s the point? Good teamwork is like a working marriage: you need to make small compromises now and then and choose the path that both parties can go while keeping their faces. I hope this gives you a clear idea about communicating well. Talk to him/her about the different possible work processes and decide on one method together. This helps both of you. Apart from this, voice your criticism in such a way that it seems to be as constructive as possible.


#2 Empathize

Do you have a child, or have you been a guardian? If so you would surely master in the scenario. You know why? Because they have finally understood something of what it took for their parents to bring them up. The point is designers and developers should seek to understand as much as they can about how the other works. By doing this, they will seem to be realistic in their demands, especially when they have an appreciation of how difficult it can be to meet those expectations. Let there be peace!


#3 Write It All Down: Document

Here when a designer hands over the project to the developer; it is advisable to have a clear list of all that has been done and left. Documenting such small matter provides excellent help! Right from the fonts used to a list of all the colors and their names as well as exact dimensions and annotations for all screen sizes, everything must be specified for better understanding. Developers are often accused of butchering the designer’s work; writing all down will definitely provide some help!


#4 Can you Compromise

Stubbornness won’t work anymore! And if you someone who is not willing to compromise might be great for specific instance but terrible when it’s about working within a team. Often experienced professionals; whether designer or developer fails to take this hard stance, aggravating their rift. So what you need to do is get them to a place where either one can compromise their position for the greater good. The goal is common, but what’s not so common is different visions.


#5 It’s all about Collaborating

Building an app or a website is no small task, and there may be the need for continuous dialogue about certain aspects of design, possible changes that need to be made or clarifications required for progress to be made. So what can be done is insist more on proximity, pair individual developers and designers, encourage those dialogues even when they get a little heated. And who knows? It may actually cause them to be better designers and developers at the end of the day, which works for everyone, right?


It’s a wrap!

At the end of the day! The battle between designers and developers is about being more humane and understanding with each other, and treating a fellow human as we would like to be treated. So now, why is it that we can’t all just get along? User expectations are growing day in day out! So we really need to pull our socks and work for hand in hand for better outcomes like never before.

Olivia Diaz is working at eTatvaSoft.com, an Enterprise level Web & Mobile Application Development Company. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets.

Olivia Diaz

Olivia Diaz

Olivia Diaz is working at eTatvaSoft, an Enterprise level Web & Mobile Application Development Company. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technol