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Material Kit

Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit
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MIT License

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6 months Updates
Release: 3 years ago
Update: 4 months ago

60 Handcrafted Components

2 Customized Plugins

3 Example Pages

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  • Components · 60
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  • Examples Pages · 3
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  • downloaded
3 months ago

It's great!

  • downloaded
2 months ago

Hello Guys, How can I resolve this below error? Mixin form-validation-state is missing argument $icon Under: ~/assets\scss\core\mixins\_forms.scss (line 159, column 14)

  • downloaded
1 month ago

Amazing. Its to great

  • downloaded
1 month ago

Hello, I am wondering why, when I include in my html file, <link href="/assets/css/.min.css?v=2.0.5" rel="stylesheet" /> that I get a [28/Feb/2019 22:18:53] "GET /static/forum/assets/css/material- kit.css%3Fv%3D2.0.5 HTTP/1.1" 404 1751 [28/Feb/2019 22:18:53] "GET /static/forum/assets/js/material-kit.js%3Fv%3D2.0.5 HTTP/1.1" 404 1745 [28/Feb/2019 22:18:53] "GET /static/forum/assets/js/material-kit.js%3Fv%3D2.0.5 HTTP/1.1" 404 1745 As soon as I get rid of '?v=2.0.5' it seems the css works fine? Thanks for your aid!

  • downloaded
1 month ago

one last question, why am i receiving [01/Mar/2019 00:21:48] "GET /static/forum/assets/css/ HTTP/1.1" 404 1723 ? Thank you truly.

  • downloaded
1 month ago

Is there any possibility of providing the theme by npm?

  • owner

Hello @iagofrota , thank you for your interest in working with our products, please check the following link: Best, Stefan
1 month ago

  • downloaded
18 days ago

Please provide the NPM installation too. Great product.

  • owner

Hello @vishal.anandpil , thank you for your interest in working with our products, please check the Readme and you will see how to install it: Best, Stefan
17 days ago

  • downloaded
11 days ago


tigroun 5 days ago

Any Possibility to easy use these templates with concrete5?

  • downloaded
2 days ago

thanks page

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