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  • downloaded
11 days ago

I would like to know if i can use Material UI and Material Dashboard together?

  • downloaded

Hi, @moeidsaleem ! Thank you for using our product. We don't recommend you to combine the material kit with material dashboard, but if you want you can try with the following steps: 1. You can go to material-kit/assets/sass/material-kit/_fileupload.scss and put it in the same folder structure to material-dashboard. 2. Compile again the assets/sass/material-dashboard.scss SASS using Koala (make sure you set the output path to assets/css/material-kit.css). 3. Move the library for the file upload from material-kit/assets/js/jasny-bootstrap.min.js to the same folder in material-dashboard and then everything should work fine in the Dashboard. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else. Regards, Dragos
8 days ago

  • downloaded
6 days ago

I have this navbar-brand: <a href="/" class="navbar-brand">Some<span class="text-rose">Word</span></a> can anyone help me how to remove the on click animation? I just want it to be a plain text on any state - hover, active, focus. Thanks a lot.

  • owner

Hello @ranpardz21.. , thank you for using our product, that animation is from Material Design (bootstrap-material-design.js), if you want to remove it, you have to set "display: none;" for the "ripple-container" div that is inside of the <a class="navbar-brand"... >Some</a>. Best, Stefan
4 days ago

  • downloaded
5 days ago

Download error!

  • owner

Hello @jpegamesqq , thank you for using our template, it was a problem with our platform but we fixed it; please try to download again. Best, Stefan
4 days ago

  • downloaded
5 days ago

The download is bad! <Error> <Code>AuthorizationQueryParametersError</Code> <Message> Error parsing the X-Amz-Credential parameter; the region 'eu-east-1' is wrong; expecting 'us-east-1' </Message> <Region>us-east-1</Region> <RequestId>687F6B2037ECE0FE</RequestId> <HostId> TSZ3BC8D0SNrx0uQtnz1EcZYwaFeKq8131LqfH6TOWlXQvdx3k1CcZNPxvMnTOPNzcRg2NVeqaw= </HostId> </Error>

  • owner

Hello @lucianom99 , thank you for using our template, it was a problem with our platform but we fixed it; please try to download again. Regards, Stefan
4 days ago

  • downloaded
4 days ago

Thank's! The download is OK!

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