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Vue Argon Dashboard

Vue Argon Dashboard

Free Bootstrap 4 And Vue.js Admin Template
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MIT License

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6 months Updates
Release: 2 months ago
Update: 2 months ago

100 Handcrafted Components

3 Customized Plugins

7 Example Pages

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  • Components · 100
  • Plugins · 3
  • Examples Pages · 7
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What is in PRO Version?
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  • Plugins · 17
  • Example Pages · 26
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Github Docs FAQ Page

  • downloaded
24 days ago

Why does the menu for page exchange not close when entering another page?(mobile mode)

  • owner

Hey @ph7ack We'll make sure to add that in the next update. You can modify it quite easily to do that by adding inject: { autoClose: { default: true } } Inside SidebarItem.vue component
7 days ago

  • downloaded
17 hours ago

i am getting this error "@\plugins\argon-dasboard" as it does not contain a package.json file." when i use npm install --save @/plugins/argon-dasboard

  • owner

Not sure I understand you problem @clintonilva3g1 This plugin is located in the source code locally inside plugins folder. Don't really understand why you'd want to install it via npm
46 minutes ago

aronpc 1 hour ago

HI, this a great template <3 I'm not finding documentation for the notifications plugin :/

  • owner

Hi @aronpc Indeed it's missing the documentation for notifications, but you can find it in the PRO version which has basically the same code for this plugin
47 minutes ago

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