NF-Tim by Creative Tim - The First Project on the BHero Accelerator Program

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Black Hat Network through our Web 3.0 upcoming project - NF-Tim by Creative Tim. This project is the first step that accelerates Creative Tim's migration from web 2 to web 3 and allows us to create a suite of Web 3 UI Tools & dApps for developers.

Who is Black Hat Network?

bhat network web 3 solution

Black Hat Network is a global freelancing community that came with a cryptocurrency-based solution - a digital marketplace - for all of the problems freelancers face: paying too much for buying services, waiting for too long to withdraw the hard-earned money, and run the risk of fraudulent chargebacks - costing time and money.

More details about Black Hat Network, here.

What is Bhero?

nft projects on web 3

Bhero by Black Hat Network is a complete crypto launchpad designed for startups who want to take their cryptocurrency project or NFTs onto the Elrond blockchain,
following all legal regulations and requirements.

More details about Bhero, here.

Bhero is aiming to launch the Next Generation of Web 3.0. tools and projects. The first project on this launchpad is NF-Tim by Creative Tim. Let's see more details about our project.

What is NF-Tim?

nftim first nft project for developers

NF-Tim by Creative Tim is the First NFT project based on Elrond for Developers. Behind this project there is a solid team of business developers, software developers, designers, marketers, advisors, and analysts willing to build a suite of Web UI Tools & dApps for developers on the Web 3 scene. This is the first step that accelerates Creative Tim's migration from web 2 to web 3.

What is special about our projects is that our NFTs have real and instant applicable utilities. Each of them will give you access to premium products developed by Creative Tim.

More details about NF-Tim you can find on:

How many NFTs are there?

The collection includes 9,999 NFTs of three types:

  • 3,333 Meta-Bots
  • 3,333 Meta-Humans (including Celebrities)
  • 3,333 Meta-Tims

NFT Statistics and Benefits

Our NFTs will provide instant access to the following:

  • 70+ Bootstrap UI Kits & Dashboards (over $6,000 in value)
  • 25+ React UI Kits & Dashboards (over $1,900 in value)
  • 28+ Vuejs UI Kits & Dashboards (over $2,500 in value)
  • 10+ Angular UI Kits & Dashboards (over $700 in value)
  • 7 Mobile UI Tools (over 1,000$ in value)
  • 25+ Back-End UI Kits & Dashboards (over $3,800 in value)
  • 25+ Products on Figma/Sketch/Adobe XD/PSD (over $2,000 in value)
  • Digital version of our UI/UX Book (8 years of know-how - invaluable)

Depending on the type of NF-Tim you own, you will receive the following benefits:

Meta-Bots - a collection that will give you access to:

  • Web & mobile development Premium Products, based on React, Vuejs, Angular, Mobile, and Backend Tools (Laravel,, Django)

Meta-Humans - a collection that will give you access to:

  • Products & Resources for UI/UX designers
  • The Digital Copy of our UI/UX Book
  • Plus 25+ Designed Products on Figma/Sketch/Adobe XD/PSD

Meta-Tim - a collection that will give you instant access to:

  • All resources from the Meta-Bots and Meta-Humans collections.
  • 100+ Premium Products.

Celebrities - the rarest NFTs provide instant access to:

  • All the resources found in Meta-Tim.
  • These NFTs will also have the most significant part of the rewards plan announced later. The team will announce more benefits & rewards later.

Why Did Creative Tim Choose BHero?

We have seen many companies in this ecosystem that promise a lot and deliver less or not at all. Our primary way of doing things is to design, implement, and show to the world. That is how we started our business by building UI Tools and then telling the world about them.

BH Network is one of the few teams that build and deliver, then build again, then deliver again, and so on. We've seen many synergies in the way we look at the Web 3.0 ecosystem. They have demonstrated they are a great team and the right partner for us.

The team is formed by experts in blockchain and marketing, and we were amazed to see how fast they can execute from an idea to an actual product. We are grateful they chose our project to be a part of BHero. We think it’s the best launchpad for NF-Tim to start the Web 3.0 journey and bring value to the Elrond Ecosystem.

Alexandru Paduraru - CEO @ Creative Tim

Why Has BHero Teamed up with Creative Tim?

The BH Network and BHero goals are to onboard as many palpable web 2.0 companies as possible onto web 3.0. We are not looking for the next trend or swerve in blockchain movements; we prefer companies with direct impact on online or offline markets, avoiding temporary popularity.

Creative Tim has shown tremendous resolve, initiative, and ability in the Web 2.0 realm. Their NFT collection increases the already prodigious business by providing the global developer market with more advantages than already offered.

As one of the most important software engineering startups we are incubating, the knowledge, skill, and products on Creative Tim will boost the Elrond network as a top-three layer-1 blockchain solution by the number of active developers.

With 1.8 million developers currently using their solutions, they plan to provide complete turnkey solutions for front-end, back-end, and smart contract audits. The team and products will be one of the most important and solid foundations boosting the Elrond developer ecosystem very soon.

We are incredibly proud to work alongside Creative Tim in their new venture, and we will do everything in our power to make it a success.

Marius Grigoras - CEO - Blockchain Technical Director

More details about this partnership, here.

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