How To Identify Fonts From Admin Dashboards and UI Kits

This is probably the simplest to follow guide that will show you how to identify fonts from admin dashboards and UI Kits.

You will use a highly popular software that is absolutely free to use, no matter how many fonts you want to identify.

In plus, the software is not asking for your contact details, so you won't get your email account full of messages.

Before actually showing you how to identify fonts from admin dashboards and UI Kits, let's discuss why it is useful to identify all these fonts.

Why identify fonts from admin dashboards and UI KIts?

Probably most of you know perfectly why identifying fonts is useful.

Anyway, I will explain this also for people that are just starting in the fonts worlds.

So basically there are millions of fonts all over the world, some are free, and some are paid.

Whenever we need a font for our project - admin dashboards, UI Kits, website, landing page, document, book, etc., we normally do one of these 2 things:

  • We pick one of the available fonts if the software we use has some.

For example, if you are using the simple low code builder made by Creative Tim to create your own admin dashboards, you will pick one of the available fonts.

This happens in all the other software, including our TV and HBO app for example.

  • The other way is to use the fonts we like outside the software.

If we have fonts that we like and we own, we can simply install them in the software that we use.

But if we don't have such fonts, we are obliged to use the installed fonts, like everybody else does.

So that is why it is highly important to identify fonts from admin dashboards, UI Kits, and any other place - websites, landing pages, newsletters, etc.

Now you will find out how to identify all the fonts you like for free.

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How to identify fonts from admin dashboards and UI Kits

To identify fonts from admin dashboards and UI Kits, and any other place, you will use the popular font identifier named WhatFontIs.

The software lets you identify fonts from any image, in just a few seconds.

The first thing you need to do is to save a picture of the admin dashboard or UI Kit you like (again, the software works with any picture, of anything you want).

I made a screenshot of this admin dashboard.

admin dashboard by creative tim
Material Dashboard PRO Angular 2 by Creative Tim 

The next step is to upload the picture on

find any font

Now that the picture was uploaded, we have to highlight the text we want to identify.

I am selecting the left part of the photo, the menu.

what font is tool

The next 2 parts will take you just a few seconds.

You will optimize the picture if needed, using the included tools, most times it is not needed.

And the last step is to insert the characters that the software identified.

That is all.

After that you will get a screen with more information than you expected.

You will find out the following things:

  • The name of the font you like.

  • If it is free or paid.

  • How much costs.

  • Where to get it from the link included.

  • As a bonus, you get 60+ free and paid font alternatives.

The whole process will not take you more than 1 minute the first time and 30 seconds after you get used with WhatFontIs software.


WhatFontIs has a huge database with over 820k fonts and it is the only font identifier that works with both free and paid fonts, and all font foundries, including Google Fonts.

The software is very simple to use and soon you will find yourself using it daily, to identify all the fonts you like from everywhere - websites, landing pages, admin dashboards, UI Kits, themes, templates, plugins, and even t-shirts and TV ads.