2023 Web 3 Overview and Next Steps for 2024 - NFTim

As we closed 2023, it's time to look back at the milestones and challenges that shaped our journey since the minting of NF-Tim on September 9th, 2022. NF-Tim has a unique story, rooted in our team's commitment to advancing Blockchain/Web3 adoption, particularly within the MultiversX ecosystem.

A Year of Innovation and Challenges:

Despite a challenging macro-environment and a market experiencing fluctuations, our team, renowned for its success in Web2, ventured into the Web3 space with NF-Tim. Our commitment to delivering on promises is evident through the consistent updates on our roadmap, catering to both Web2 and Web3 developers.

The past year saw a slower-than-expected uptake by developers, partly due to the early stage of Web3 adoption and market conditions. However, we remain unwavering in our belief that utility-driven NFTs, like NF-Tim, will find their place as the Web3 landscape matures.

Highlighting Achievements

NF-Tim stands apart from traditional PFP projects due to its real utility. The Meta-Bot, Meta-Human, and Meta-Tim Collections offer a diverse range of premium tools for developers and UI/UX designers. Our commitment to providing value is reflected in the impressive array of products and resources we've curated:

  • Meta-Bot Collection: A suite of web development products for React, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap, Mobile, and Backend.
  • Meta-Human Collection: Resources for UI/UX designers, including our famous book "Fundamentals of Creating a Great UI/UX" and various design assets.
  • Meta-Tim Collection: Over 100 premium products for web developers and UI/UX designers across different technologies.

2023 Upgrades & Releases:

Throughout the year, we rolled out various updates, partnerships, and initiatives aligned with our roadmap. Key highlights include:

  • NF-Tim dApp - Core Update & New Design
  • NF-Tim dApp - Ranks & Combos implementation
  • NF-Tim Statistic dApp update
  • xBulk redesign partnership
  • 10+ Giveaways from our team and partners  
  • 2 Big Airdrops for NF-Tim holders
  • 82 Blogposts & Newsletters in Partnership with Metaventis
  • Analytics Tool for Web 3 dApps & websites
  • Elrond Elements Rebranding to MultiversX UI
  • 4 Zealy Campaigns for community engagement - Each sprint prizes were given
  • NF-Tim 100 Days Campaign
  • New dApp based on Artificial Intelligence - Exclusive Access to NF-Tim Holders (e.g. AI Tweet generator)
  • 1929 wallets/people used our products till June 2023 (updated version will come soon)
  • Release the Guide on how to Buy on XOXNO marketplace
  • Launched the Invocing dApp for Digital Collectibles on MultiversX UI

Now let's take them one buy one and show more details:

NF-Tim dAapp - Core Update & New Design

NF-Tim dApp - Ranks & Combos implementation

NF-Tim Statistic dApp update

Here you can see details about different collections, like sales, volumes, holders etc.

Also there is the Token section where you can see all your tokens.

And of course the Web 2 products that we released, including the ones from 2023. All the future releases of our products will be available to the holders.

You can check all these updates on the official website https://nf-tim.com/, just connect with your MVX wallet and see what you have in your account.

xBulk redesign partnership

Together with the awesome folks from xBulk we did a redesign to follow the principles of multiversx-ui.com. Check the live view here: https://xbulk.app/

xBulk is one of the most popular and used dApps from the ecosystem for sending multiple NFTs & Tokens.

10+ Giveaways from our team and partners  

Valentine’s Day Giveaway:

Women Day Giveaway:

HoodHeroes Giveaway:

CowCow Giveaway:

EuMalele Giveaway:

S4Fit Giveaway:

Giants Giveaway:

Tokero Partnership:

Material Tailwind PRO Giveaway:

IXFI Giveaway:

2 Big Airdrops for NF-Tim holders

1st Airdrop:

2nd Airdrop:

82 Blogposts & Newsletters in Partnership with Metaventis

Each week we released a new article about the news from the Web 3 ecosystem

You can check all the articles on our blog: https://www.creative-tim.com/blog/author/metaventis/

Analytics Tool for Web 3 dApps & websites

We've been working with some partners on creating an analytics tool for startups, dApps and websites from both Web 2 and Web 3 worlds: https://nepcha.com/

Of course, all the holders have discounts on this service.

Elrond Elements Rebranding to MultiversX UI

10+ Zealy Campaigns for community engagement

Each sprint prizes were given to those who were helping us push the the project on social media.

NF-Tim 100 Days Campaign

One of the biggest campaigns where we started the staking poll and all the royalties from the transactions from those days were given back 100% to the community holders.

New dApp based on Artificial Intelligence

Exclusive Access to NF-Tim Holders (e.g. AI Tweet generator)

1.929 people used our products till June 2023

At the end of January 2024 we will do another check on all the unique wallets that checked our dApp, its features and the products and see how the numbers grew till january 2024.

Release the Guide on how to Buy on XOXNO marketplace

We created a complex article making it very easy for new persons to buy NFTs from XOXNO: https://www.creative-tim.com/blog/web-3-0/the-xoxno-guide-how-to-buy-and-sell-nfts

Invocing dApp with Pontis

For all the NFT collections we created an automated invoice dApp that takes all the transactions and based on the details it creates invoices that you can use for your company.

A revolutionary solution for businesses, leveraging blockchain for invoicing processes. Offering enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency, Pontis Labs aims to transform the way businesses manage invoicing.

This is very important for the entire ecosystem as one of the important things for adoption is to make sure the companies/individuals who create NFTs can have their activity legaly declared: https://pontislabs.io/

"In a moment of pride for the NF-Tim community, we are thrilled to announce that NF-Tim was awarded the Best Real-Life Utility Project by xSpotlight, a testament to our commitment to real-world applications and innovation."

IRL Engagement:

Throughout 2023, the NF-Tim team actively participated in key industry events, showcasing our dedication to fostering community connections and industry growth. Notable events include:

xDay 2022 (Paris): Our team's active participation demonstrated our commitment to the global NFT community, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

NFT Bucharest Warm-up 2023 (Bucharest): We took part in this significant event, laying the groundwork for community engagement and partnerships.

xDay 2023 (Bucharest): The NF-Tim team continued its active involvement, contributing to the vibrant discussions and collaborative spirit at this influential gathering.

Increasing the focus on Developers and adoption in 2024:

As we look ahead to 2024, our focus is set on the developer community. Acknowledging the lessons learned, we plan to unveil strategies aimed at engaging developers, making them aware of the unique benefits NF-Tim NFTs offer. Expect announcements on partnerships and initiatives designed to empower developers with the tools they need. These tools will be accessed by the NF-Tim Holders.

We appreciate your unwavering support and encourage you to stand beside us as we embark on this exciting journey into 2024.

One of the most important projects where we had focus in 2023 was the growth of our popular Framework Material Tailwind. This was one of the steps to have the eyes of developers on us. Now it's time to add the Web 3 components from MultiversX and other chains on this framework.

Hopefully the developers that are using this framework will start to join the Web 3 wave with us.

Developers, Developers, Developers - that's one of the mantras for the upcoming year!

Material Tailwind

  • New SEO strategy for traffic growth
  • Web 3 components that we made for our dApps will be integrated in the main framework and inside the documentation
  • New Free & PRO Blocks for Web 2 Businesses
  • New Blocks for Mint NFTs, Collection discovery, View NFTs, View Properties, View Tokens, My Wallet etc.
  • New Community feature where community can create and add their own Components

New AI ChatBot for Web 3 projects

  • A UI Chat trained on Web 3 terms and knowledge that can give details about an individual project.
  • You will be able to train an AI model with data from your Website, Tokenomics, NFT collection, Litepaper, Blockchain Code etc and people will be able to discuss with this chat
  • This will work for NFT Collection's websites, for Tokens and for general Web 3 projects
  • We estimate that the Telegram/Discord number of questions will be dropped by over 50%
  • Each Website/Collection/Token Owner will be able to install this on his website

NFTs Burning System and NFTs upgrade/merge*

  • inspired by other builders from MVX, we will implement a burning system for our collection, in this way the supply will be smaller
  • NFTs upgrades: owners of the NFTs will be able to merge them in order to get access to more benefits, like Material Tailwind PRO Blocks or big discounts to the AI Tools that we will release. In this way there will be less NFTs available and the ones that remain will have even more value than before.
  • *more details will be presented this year after we check all the technical implications of this experiment

New Real Life Events

  • We will join the NFT Bucharest and other events organised by the community
  • You can come at our booth and see what we can do together

New AI Tool for MVX Developers

  • Based on our https://code-mentor.ai/ we are working on a mentor for the MVX ecosystem where developers can get details about how to implement different functionalities from the MultiversX documentation and code

As a final mention, all these projects we are planning for this year will

Here's to a promising 2024 filled with innovation, collaboration, and the continued growth of the NF-Tim community!

Alexandru Paduraru

Alexandru Paduraru

Managing Partner @ www.creative-tim.com