NFTs Weekly News #80- Ecosystem: The first Nissan NFTs

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🗞️ News from last week

  • Pacman by Blur came out to clear up several misunderstandings circulating about Blast (if you don't know what Blast is, Endi covered everything you need to know in premium edition It's NFTime last week). Apparently, there are concerns that Blast is a Ponzi scheme being promoted by Paradigm, which is responsible for launching Blast.

  • Magic Eden hints at new features. Soon there will be the possibility to exchange currencies such as BTC, ETH and SOL to buy NFTs directly on its platform.

    Besides that, has launched its own wallet, the Magic Eden Wallet, in Beta. You can get on the waiting list here.

  • ALTAVA Group is partnering with Darewise Entertainment to integrate its AI platform for digital wearables into the upcoming Bitcoin Metaverse ecosystem, including the game Life Beyond.

  • Game distributor G2A is launching an NFT marketplace dedicated to gaming. This move comes in a context where both Epic Games and Google Play are showing increased interest in blockchain gaming.
  • CoinGecko has acquired Zash, a start-up that provides NFT data from multiple blockchains and plans to integrate it into its platform by the second quarter of next year.
  • Animoca and Ubisoft are teaming up to bring Champions Tactics™ Grimoria Chronicles to the Mocaverse. In addition, the collaboration also supports Ubisoft's web3 initiatives, allowing players to earn rewards by being active in the game.
  • Floor launches a Mobile Minting feature that enables a secure and seamless mining experience directly from the app.
  • AxieInfinity has launched its long-awaited merch store and will allow NFT owners to sell their own products.

💰 Investments

Rokid: From AR Glasses to Metaverse - $112 million investment to revolutionize the AR landscape

In a landscape where augmented reality (AR) is evolving due to growing demand for authentic digital experiences, Rokid, a Chinese startup founded in 2014 that develops AR glasses and advanced solutions for industrial users (e.g. AI assistance that facilitates remote collaboration) is cementing its leadership status in the field with a recently raised $112 million in funding.

This round included a strategic investment from Hong Kong-based gaming company NetDragon. A company known for its expertise in metaverse technologies, immersive 3D experiences and its global distribution capabilities, it will support Rokid to expand its reach (including geographically into the US and Europe) and develop interactive metaverse experiences using Rokid-developed AR glasses.

Rokid's vision for the future of AR is to create sleek and affordable glasses - far beyond the bulky virtual reality devices available on the market today - that offer immersive 3D experiences and have the potential to bring the metaverse to a wider audience, making it an accessible technology.

With an experienced team of engineers and designers and a clear vision, Rokid is well-positioned to become a major player in AR and revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world.

🗽 Brands / Celebrities

  • FIAT launched on Tuesday 21 November, the FIAT® Pass, a collection of 55k Membership ID NFTs, distributed via airdrop, for which an allowlist is open. Yesterday FIAT announced the closure of the list, after only 24 hours, 7 days earlier (we guess why) than planned and the distribution of the FIAT Pass Gen1. If you haven't yet managed to snag a spot on the list, there's still a chance. More details in the tweet this.
  • Lacoste announced the collaboration with The Sandbox Game and a series of activities for players: parkour, tennis with Daniil Medwed in Paris, minigolf with Celine Boutier, dance, etc.
  • Torque Motorsport has launched the first Nissan NFTs, with utility in the TorqueDrift2 game. In collaboration with Grease Monkey Games, subsidiary Animoca Brands and Formula DRIFT, NFTs of two famous Nissan models - the Nissan 180sx and the Fairlady Z Z34 - will be sold.
  • Lockheed Martin Corp (NYSE: LMT) enter a series of military training solutions using metaverse technologies. The US aviation, weapons, defense, information security and technology corporation has developed a visual display system called Amorphic Appearance Zero-Projector (AMAZE) that allows forces to participate in simulated combat in the metaverse.
  • Porsche Engineering tells us its vision of the Metaverse and how its engineers could soon use the Metaverse to revolutionize vehicle design. How? For example, designers could use virtual environments to create and test different interior options, allowing potential buyers to have their say well before the development stage. And that's just a small part. Here you can read the full article.

📣 Projects News / Updates

  • Cool Cats has released a mini-series of shorts called "The Milk Chug," created by Cloncast and animated by Titmouse Inc.
  • Looks like the Cool Cats project was the star of the week. Together with Clon Cast have become the most popular Web3 IP featured in the Macy's US Thanksgiving Day Parade, reaching an audience of 22.3 million.
  • RTFKT Dunk Genesis sneakers could be purchased without owning an RTFKT NFT. For only $222. What makes them cool? They're NFC equipped, you get the digital version, and they look great.
  • Doodles recently unveiled its plans which include e-commerce, the launch of a new app and the launch of Stoodio.
  • On top of that, Doodles is launching a holiday capsule collection, available for sale starting yesterday, November 27.
  • The Pudgy Penguins Instagram account has become a benchmark for sharing Web3 content on social media platforms. It has reached 1 million followers recently without mentioning anything on social media about NFTs, Web3 or blockchain. It can be done!
  • PROOF has announced its new rewards system called Talons available to PROOF Pass, Moonbird and Mythics holders. Talon tokens will be visible in PROOF profiles starting November 28.

⚙️ NFTility

We've talked in the past about Mercedes NFTs and how you can (or can't) use the reputation you've built up over time to increase your Web3 presence and access a new user market. The reality is that navigating the NFT space is not easy at all. Regardless of a brand's size, if it doesn't understand the culture and isn't prepared to deliver before it asks, it's likely to end up in the position of saying "why so serious" when hit by the tsunami of backlash. Some brands go into Web3 with an "important person" attitude and ask ETH upfront for "super limited" collections that come with far-flung promises. Others do things a little differently: when they enter the playground they offer free NFTs to anyone who wants to join them, understanding that the length and intensity of the journey matters.

Fiat is in the second category, and as of Tuesday, November 21, is offering 55,000 free NFTs, called FIAT® Passes that come in the form of a Membership ID, or "social safari number" (VIN for non-motorheads). These represent access to the brand's digital world, where Italian spirit and modern technology harmonize. Tokens are soulbound (non-transferable), created on Arbitrum, and distributed via airdrop to everyone who signs up with an email address and a corresponding crypto address. Pro-tip: in Metamask you get the option to import Arbitrum One automatically, and if that doesn't work, use the steps here to add it manually. To qualify for airdrop, you need to collect XP by interacting with tasks created in conjunction with

Fiat went into Web 3 without revealing a concrete execution and development plan but hinted that in addition to access to digital and IRL experiences, plus access to future digital collections, NFTs will be used as a bridge between the real world and blockchain via machines.

Perhaps the most important thing the company did was to kick-start a new method of community activation that can be studied by other brands. Gamification through, constant interactions with the Web3 audience (including giving them the opportunity to choose their name), partnerships with various Web3 native projects to address issues brought to light by the community, the launch of the Fiat Artistica initiative (open call for generative art enthusiasts), all put the project in a very good position. In addition, the company has already extracted value by using this campaign in a very lucrative way to promote the electric Fiat 500e in the North American market.

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