14 GPTs for Coding That You Need To Use Now

Custom GPTs are tools specially made to do certain jobs the way we want them to. In the context of programming, these GPTs act like smart, customizable assistants that can help write code, spot errors, and even fix them.

In this article, we've curated a collection of over 10 custom GPTs that will definitely help you if you are a programmer. Regardless of whether your focus is on frontend or backend development, these AI-powered assistants will offer you coding recommendations, enhancements, debugging support, and more.

What are Custom GPTs?

The custom GPTs available on OpenAI are the specialized versions of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) models that have been adapted for specific tasks or contexts.

For example, ChatGPT can chat, answer questions, or write stories. These custom GPTs can be trained by people like us to be good at understanding doctor's notes, technical papers, or how to code websites and apps.

All you have to do to train them is give lots of information and instructions in a particular area.

Now, let's explore some GPTs that have been trained to be the perfect work buddys that programmers are seeking.

How to access Custom GPTs?

To access and use a custom GPT, you must first have a premium ChatGPT subscription. If you already have one, then there are two ways to utilize them:

  1. Enter the dedicated GPTs marketplace
  2. Or you can simply bring GPTs into any conversation in ChatGPT by typing "@" and selecting the desired GPT.
how to access custom gpts

GPTs for Frontend Programmers

HTML Mentor

html gpt

HTML Mentor is a custom GPT that offers support in HTML. It assists users with HTML code checking and provides suggestions for optimizing and enhancing web page structures. This GPT can be used by both beginners and advanced users aiming to master HTML coding techniques.

Javascript Mentor

javascript gpt

If you are starting to learn web design, this custom GPT is a must! It offers assistance in Javascript code checking and provides tailored suggestions for writing efficient and effective JavaScript code.

Material Tailwind - GPT

tailwind gpt

Are you a Tailwind CSS fan? Then you must definitely try our custom GPT that generates ready-to-use Tailwind CSS components, elements, and pages. Based on the Material Tailwind popular framework, this GPT will increase your productivity and simplify your workflow.

Bootstrap Buddy GPT

bootstrap gpt

Bootstrap Buddy GPT is a custom GPT focused on Bootstrap, the popular frontend framework. It helps users in leveraging Bootstrap's components and grid system, offering code checking, examples, and suggestions for responsive web designs. Try now if you want to become a Bootstrap PRO!

Vuejs Mentor

vuejs mentor

This custom GPT example is an essential tool for developers seeking to improve their development skills with Vue.js. Use it to get personalized coding guidance for Vue.js 2 and Vue.js 3.

Material Tailwind GPT - React

react gpt

Use this custom GPT to generate ready-to-use components for your website or applications based on Material Tailwind. With this tool, developers can quickly and effortlessly create the layouts of their React projects within TailwindCSS.

GPTs for Backend Programmers

Python Mentor

If you are looking for an AI-based tool specialized in Python programming, look no further. This Pyton Mentor GPT will help you with expert advice, debugging, code organization, and more. Try it now!

Java Mentor

java gpt

Java Mentor is customized to help users in Java, the widely-used object-oriented programming language. It offers strategic suggestions to enhance code quality for software development, mobile applications, and large systems.

PHP Mentor

php mentor gpt

Need expert insights, bug resolutions, or code optimizations for PHP? This custom GPT is your answer.

SQL Mentor

sql mentor gpt

SQL Mentor offers expert guidance in SQL, the standard language for relational database management and data manipulation. This custom GPT can help you with query optimization, database design, and provides strategic advice to efficiently manage and analyze large datasets. Essential for developers and data analysts aiming to leverage SQL in their work.

NOSQL Mentor

nosql mentor gpt

Need help in using NOSQL? Our custom GPT is here to help you. It provides advice, bug fixes, and code optimization and is suitable for all developers, offering individualized support.

Ruby Mentor

ruby mentor gpt

This custom GPT detects any issues or bugs in your Ruby code. It can also helps you with code examples or new techniques for problem-solving within the Ruby programming environment.

JSX Mentor

jsx mentor gpt

Try this custom GPT so you can use JSX without any problems. JSX Mentor is there to assist you every step of the way.

R Mentor

r mentor gpt

Try this custom GPT if you need help working with R for statistical computing and data visualization. Use it as an interactive guide and for practicing R programming.

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