Top 7 React MUI Templates

Web developers are always searching for tools and resources that will enable them to rapidly and effectively design stunning and helpful user interfaces in today's fast-paced digital world. Popular front-end framework Material UI provides many elements and styles influenced by Google's Material Design guidelines.

Although Material UI offers a robust framework for developing online applications, designers and developers could still work hard to start from scratch and produce visually appealing layouts. Material UI templates are helpful in this situation. In this post, we'll look at some of the top Material UI templates for your web development process.

What Is Material UI?

Material UI is a React component library based on Google's Material Design, offering a wide range of prebuilt components for immediate use in production.

Its elegant design is complemented by extensive customization options, enabling users to easily integrate their unique design systems atop these components.

Material Design bold and crisp designs, creating textures by meticulously handling how components cast shadows and reflect light.

Designing with Material UI offers several key advantages:

  1. Comprehensive Documentation: Unlike some front-end frameworks with inadequate documentation, Material UI provides detailed and user-friendly documentation, facilitating seamless navigation through the framework.
  2. Regular Updates: Material UI stays current with regular updates. When writing this article, the most recent update was v7.0.0-beta.0, released on Jan 29, 2024.
  3. Consistent Design and Color Tones: Material UI ensures consistency in design and colour tones across its components, resulting in aesthetically appealing applications and web pages.

Some Features of Material UI Versions

MUI X v7.0.0-beta.0

  • Data Grid - Sticky headers
  • Data Grid - Columns management panel
  • Rich Tree View
  • Date Time Range Picker
  • Charts - Reference line

MUI X v6.18.x

  • Charts go stable!
  • Tree View goes stable!
  • Clearable Date and Time fields
  • Customization playgrounds for Date and Time Pickers
  • Data Grid column autosizing
  • Sparkline Charts on the Data Grid

MUI X v6.0.0

  • Date and Time Pickers
  • Date Range shortcuts
  • Improved layout customization
  • Edit ranges with drag and drop
  • New Column menu
  • ApiRef in the community version
  • Cell selection

Top React MUI Templates

1. Material Dashboard 2 PRO

material dashboard 2 pro

Download | Live Preview | Check Free Demo

Material Dashboard 2 PRO, most recent premium MUI Admin Template, is built on React. This is the perfect solution for developers who want to construct a feature-rich, highly configurable, and developer-friendly admin dashboard.

With its gorgeous design influenced by Google's Material Design, the cutting-edge MUI & React dashboard will help you create unique websites & web apps that will wow your clients.

  • 200+ front-end individual elements, like buttons, inputs, etc
  • Multiple Color Available
  • Prebuilt design blocks

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2. Material Dashboard PRO Material-UI v4

material dashboard pro material ui

Download | Live Preview

Inspired by Google's Material Design, Material Dashboard PRO React is a Premium [email protected] Admin with a brand-new look. Material Dashboard PRO Material-UI v4 uses surface, movement, and light. To clarify the depth and order, the overall design is similar to sheets of paper that follow several layers. With the text on the right, the navigation primarily remains on the left sidebar.

  • Beautiful 7 color filter choices
  • Fast, modern design, lightweight to develop next app
  • 100+ front-end individual components

3. Berry

berry material ui

Download | Live Preview | Check Free Demo

Berry is a beautiful React admin template which comes with ready to use blended Material UI components. It helps you to create backend applications faster than before. This now supports React v18 through which you can build anything you want, for eg. Chat app, user management app, customer centric app and many more with high performance code and fully responsive designs.

  • Components from Material-UI
  • Support for all modern browsers with full responsiveness
  • Code structure designed for simplicity and ease of use
  • Code that is both flexible and high-performing
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly documentation guide

4. Mantis

mantis material ui

Download | Live Preview | Check Free Demo

Mantis is a well-designed React dashboard template with Material UI elements ready to use. With its straightforward, minimalistic style that provides an excellent user experience, Mantis is ideally suited for enterprise applications. It has practical features, including chat, user management, e-commerce, and customer relationship management. Ant Design served as a significant inspiration for the design.

  • Quick start with the Skeleton and Seed versions
  • Lots of customised customised Material UI components
  • Responsive design with the support of modern browsers
  • Prettier and well-commented code style

5. Able Pro

able pro material ui

Download | Live Preview | Check Free Demo

Able Pro is one of the best admin dashboard templates out there. With its material design, this responsive template provides an extensive toolkit to power your online application. Able Pro can help, whether you're developing a CRM, eCommerce platform, or SaaS-based interface. This template offers a dynamic and customizable solution for your backend requirements with support for Material-UI and ReactJS.

  • Developer Experience (DX) as Top Priority
  • Emphasis on High-Quality Aesthetic UI/UX
  • Comprehensive Helper Guide for Ease of Use
  • Timely Technical Support

6. Materially


Download | Live Preview | Check Free Demo

Building upon the success of React 18 and Material-UI With Materially, you can have the most excellent possible design and development experience for your website with its robust yet modern user interface.

There are many effective designs and solutions available. Your design time and page concepts are cut down with carefully chosen and created designs.

It is fully loaded with components and application pages that require no setup to function on any website. To deliver the greatest possible site experience, we code quality over design Materially.

  • 130+ Pages
  • Faster Loading Speed
  • 25+ New Advance Layouts
  • 1000+ UI Elements

7. Soft UI Dashboard PRO React

soft ui dashboard react pro

Download | Live Preview | Check Free Demo

Use an Innovative MUI and React Admin Template to Get Your Development Started. This dashboard will win your heart if you enjoy the style and feel of Soft UI, the newest and most popular design trend! It has a tonne of parts that are all designed to work together flawlessly and look fantastic.

You can freely choose and combine the more than 300 front-end individual pieces that makeup Soft UI Dashboard PRO React, such as buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, and alerts. Every component has colour variations that you can easily adjust using sex prop and MUI-styled API.

  • Comes with a lot of variables for colors, fonts, sizes, and other elements

  • 290+ frontend individual elements

  • Empower the development process with pre-built example pages


When initiating a new project, numerous technical decisions come into play. Opting for React is a solid choice, given its status as the most widely employed, user-friendly, and potent free UI library in the market. Particularly well-suited for enterprise applications, administration tasks, and dashboards, React facilitates the display and management of extensive data sets through features like charts, data grids, gauges, and other tools.

However, picking the best one could be challenging because there are so many open-source React admin templates, dashboards, and administrations available. For your convenience, we've compiled the top React Material Dashboards. You can use them to come up with ideas or to cut down on time.