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  • Components · 200
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jualansandi 5 days ago

do you have any plan to add list group?

  • owner

@jualansandi thank you for your interest in our product. Can you please let us what kind of list groups? Do you have an example? Then, we will check it and see if we will add it in a future version. Best, Alex!
4 days ago

jualansandi 2 days ago

thanks for support, o iya. i got confused when add fixed button. i want to make FAB in my dashboard, i;ve set the button to fixed position. but, when scrolling, the button follow the scroll.

  • owner

@jualansandi please add the fixed button outside of the div.main-panel, and it will stay fixed without problems :D
1 day ago

johnson 21 hours ago

Hi, this looks really awesome. I wonder if you guys do any discounts throuout the year as 200$ is way to expansive for me at the moment. Thanks.

kristiangoul.møller 3 hours ago

Hi. I have been looking at the previews of this admin theme. It looks really good. But for the project that I am currently working on, I need to have a Gantt Chart in the admin theme. Do you have any current plans to include a Gantt Chart into this admin theme? Thanks! :)

kristiangoul.møller 3 hours ago

Btw, I just saw this admin theme for sale on Themeforest - and the Regular Form page looks very much likes yours:

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Works out of the box on any browser I threw it at. Great base for any application... refresh your bootstrap-based application with Material Design!

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I'm happy to see what I can develop with these dashboard. Thanks!

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