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  • downloaded
1 month ago

Hi, I liked the "Material Dashboard Pro" panel, but I noticed that the tables do not allow export to PDF, Excell like other templates available, will you launch some update with this functionality? Thank you very much

  • owner

Thank you for the kind words. We are using a very complex plugin for tables, Datatable.net which has the export functions. Please check their documentation here: https://datatables.net/extensions/buttons/examples/initialisation/export Hope this information helps you. Best, Alex!
1 month ago

  • downloaded
26 days ago

Hi there am using this template in my website. I want to use price range slider how may i use it ?

  • owner

@tagheir.hisham thank you for using our product. Please check the original library's documentation: https://refreshless.com/nouislider/ Best, Alex!
25 days ago

ken.ng1 20 days ago

@axelut, i see you do not have support for form hints (available in angular material io). If I would like that is it possible (and advisable) to use angular material components on top of this framework where needed?

  • owner

@ken.ng1 sincerely we didn't use Angular Material till now so we don't know how they are working. If they are regular HTML/CSS/JS plugins then there is no problem in working with our product. Hope this information helps. Let us know how the things are going and if we can we will help you. Best, Alex!
19 days ago

yemocorps 13 days ago

@axelut Hello please there is a problem with the datepicker modal ! The styles are gone

  • owner

@yemocorps thank you for using our product and sorry for the late response, we had a small vacation. Can you please let us know what is not working? Did you activate the datepicker after you open the modal? Do you have a link that we can check to give you a solution? Best, Alex!
8 days ago

  • downloaded
12 days ago

@axelut Hi, I just bought the template material dashboard pro. Because our company use reactjs. We need javascript code to initialize some components such as the checkbox, switch ....

  • owner

@quan.caoanh thank you for using our product. We responded to your email for this, so I will write the answer here, maybe some other customers have the same issue. For dynamic content, you need to use Arrive.js library: https://github.com/FezVrasta/bootstrap-material-design#arrivejs-support Best, Alex!
8 days ago

alex.kojin 11 days ago

Our current admin dashboard has tables with multiple filters. It's just a form with dropdowns (one or multiple selection), search box, radio boxes... So, one table can have up to 10 filter controls. Maybe I missed but I didn't see a template(example) for this use case. Could you present your vision of this? P.S.: anyway we're planning to buy this cool template))

  • owner

@alex.kojin thank you for your interest in our product. We are using Datatables.net as the tables plugin which has a lot of options: http://demos.creative-tim.com/material-dashboard-pro/examples/tables/datatables.net.html and you can see all the possibilities in their official documentation: https://datatables.net/examples/index It has a lot of options and methods and I'm sure you will find there all the things that you need. Please let us know if we can help with any other information. Best, Alex!
8 days ago

azakanych 4 days ago

Hello. Are there any plans to introduce Bootstrap 4 version of this template? Latest version of Angular UI/Bootstrap library expects version 4 of Bootstrap and it is time consuming to migrate your template to this version. Thanks.

  • owner

@azakanych thank you for your interest in our product. Yes, there is in our plan to migrate it to Bootstrap 4. We are working on a tool that will automate the process of migration and we will also share that tool with our customers, so they don't have to work on the migration, everything will be done automatically. Hope this information helps. We will let you know when the BS4 version is launched. Best, Alex!
1 day ago

尽.张 1 day ago

I love this style, but he lacks some as the enterprise must “control”, such as editable form, dialog box, when I send a Ajax request and necessary shielding box, there are also big data drop-down box,$49 = RMB 326.487 ,I think it's expensive !Mostly I'm an individual developer

  • owner

Thank you for the kind words. Can you please show us an example of the elements that you are looking for? Most of the items that you need in a dashboard are presented in Material Dashboard PRO, please check the live preview here: http://demos.creative-tim.com/material-dashboard-pro/examples/dashboard.html. For dialog boxes we use SweetAlert: http://demos.creative-tim.com/material-dashboard-pro/examples/components/sweet-alert.html is this something that you are looking for? Please let us know if we can offer any other information. Best, Alex!
4 minutes ago

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