How to buy NF-Tims - The Complete Guide

In the following step-by-step guide, we explain the process of buying NF-Tim NFTs in a safe and secure way. Buying an NFT isn’t hard, but it requires following some steps that are detailed below

What is NF-Tim by Creative Tim?

NF-Tim by Creative Tim is the first NFT utility project for Developers and Designers based on Elrond. The collection includes 9,999 NFTs of three types:

What is special about our projects is that our NFTs have real and instant applicable utilities. Each of them will give you access to premium products developed by Creative Tim.

Visit the official NF-Tim website for more details about our project.

How to Buy NFTs Guide

STEP 1: Create your Elrond Wallet.

Enter and get started.

how to create elrond wallet

STEP 1: Buy eGLD.

You can use one of these methods:
• You can transfer from another exchange using the Elrond blockchain (ESDT protocol).
• You can buy from your Web Wallet (using your credit card).
• You can buy from your Maiar App (using your credit card). Make sure you download the
right one:

download maiar app

STEP 3: Convert eGLD in BHAT.

NF-Tim will be launched on Bhero Launchpad. Therefore, if you want to buy our NFTs, you must have at least Level 1 on this launchpad.

Your BHero Level will be considered for how many NFTs you can buy. You will be able to buy 5 NFTs per Level.
Example: If you have Level 1, you will be able to buy a maximum of 5 NFTs. Same, if you have Level 2, you will be able to buy a maximum of 10 NFTs. See in Step 4 how to grow your BHero level.

To get a Level on BHero, firstly, you have to convert eGLD in BHAT. For this step, you will use the Maiar Exchange App, at this link.

• See in Step 4 how much eGLD you should convert in BHAT to be able to buy the number
of NFTs you want.
• You should keep in your wallet some eGLDs for the Transaction Fees (1 transaction fee < 1
• If the transactions are not working, please consider clearing the cache and cookies.

STEP 4: Grow your Bhero Level.

To grow your Level, add BHAT to Metastaking, using the following application: Maiar Exchange App.
• If you add 1 000 BHAT at Staking, you will grow to Level 1 in 12.86 days.
• The more BHAT you stake the faster you grow your BHero Level.
• Use this Time Calculator to see how you can achieve the desired Level depending on time and how much BHAT you stake.

You should consider this step only if you:
• Do not have Level 1 Launchpad.
• You want to buy a number of NFTs and your Bhero Level doesn’t allow you

STEP 5: Apply for KYC (1st – 7th September 2022).

When the KYC process is open (starting on 1st September), you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to click connect, choose Maiar Wallet, with your Maiar Wallet scan the QR
  2. code and approve the connection;
  3. Go to NF-Tim section from homepage;
  4. Click register in the first box of the dashboard and fill your email;
  5. Confirm your email;
  6. Go back to the dashboard and start KYC;
  7. Fill in the funds source requested information;
  8. Take liveness test;
  9. Submit proof of identity (ID/passport based on documents requirements);
  10. Submit proof of address;
  11. Wait for KYC approval.

What is KYC?
KYC is a data-driven process that allows crypto businesses to verify the identity of their customers in order to prevent money laundering, terrorism financing, and other illegal activities.
More info here.

STEP 6: KYC Final Processing (8th September 2022).

At this step, you do not have to do anything.

STEP 7: Minting Day (9th September 2022).

For buying our NFTs, you will have to:

  1. Enter Launchpad and access NF-Tim section (not available yet).
  2. Access "Buy" button.

• Your Wallet should include the eGLD amount that is needed for buying the NFTs + the
Transaction Fee (less than 1 cent).
The price of 1 NF-Tim will be 1 eGLD.

STEP 8: Access your NF-Tim NFTs and Products.

To access your NFTs and utilities after minting, you will have to access our dApp:

  1. Enter
  2. Connect using your wallet.
  3. Access your NFTs & Download your products.
dApp dashboard NF-Tim

Using our dApp, you will be able to analyze statistics about your favorites NFTs collections.


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