Creative Tim - Official Sponsor at The Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine (TGEIF)

We are proudly announcing our implication in The Global Impact Forum on Ukraine. The event took place in Istanbul, Türkiye, on the 21st and 22nd July 2022 at the Atlas Sinema Museum and Creative Tim was an official sponsor.

What is TGEIF?

The Global Impact Forum on Ukraine is an international forum bringing together senior business executives, government ministers, public sector officials and investors, from across the globe to discuss rebuilding Ukraine, regional trade, global supply chains, food and energy security, and foreign direct investment.

This year, 723 attendees joined in-person at the forum in Istanbul, with numerous meetings between participants taking place throughout the venue across both days of the event.

In attendance, in addition to the Ukrainian governmental partners and chambers, were Fortune 500 CEOs, Members of Parliament from various nations, and other key stakeholders involved in supporting the economic continuity of Ukraine and the world.

See below a picture of our Creative Tim colleagues at the event.

creative tim at tgeif event

Why did Creative Tim choose to support this initiative?

We, at Creative Tim, have always believed in the power of collaboration and partnerships. This is why we are developing open source projects since 2014 and we are constantly offering sponsorships to events and projects that we believe in.
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TGEIF partners

In addition, this year the event was about Ukraine, and, as a part of the Romanian community, we wanted to show our solidarity with our neighbors and make some small steps toward global cooperation and economy reshape.

Together we are stronger! 🤝

Alexandra Murtaza

Alexandra Murtaza