NFTs Weekly News #77 - Ecosystem: 30 days of NFT Tech

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šŸ—žļø News from last week

  • Most of you have heard of Zeneca and his work at ZenAcademy. And you also know that last year he launched an educational course on NFTs. Now, together with A Fox from he's launching a new course: 30 days of NFT Tech, a course that will help you understand the technology behind NFTs. And it's completely free! Registration runs for one week and you can apply here.
  • Yuga Labs and Magic Eden join OMA3 (Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3), a consortium of notable industry companies to develop new standards that aim to solve the problem of creator royalties on NFT marketplaces.
  • The French National Assembly has adopted the Sorare Law, a regulatory framework for video games based on NFTs and cryptocurrencies, designed to distinguish these games from gambling activities.
  • Pixelmon is gearing up for the release of "Kevin the Adventure" on October 24. The game looks a lot like Flappy Bird, for those of you who remember. If you were good at that game, I recommend you take a look at what Pixelmon is cooking up as well. Not to mention the opportunity to win prizes in USDC. The prize pool is somewhere over $10,000 in USDC.
  • Sharjah City launches "Sharjah NFT", an initiative that uses blockchain technology and NFTs for government and private entities to store and track digital documents and certificates on the blockchain using a QR code.
  • The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) application has a new update, namely the "ownership" module to better manage the ownership of ENS domains.
  • Deca has introduced Mint on Demand, an option that allows artists to mint art only when a collector places a satisfactory offer for the artist.
  • Animoca Brands presents MOVES:YOU, the first Dance Move Shop in the metaverse, a creation of Virtual Arts through the Dance Fight mobile app.
dance move shop metaverse

šŸ—½ Brands / Celebrities

  • The Norman Rockwell Museum has announced the launch of its first NFT Collection, which will offer collectors the opportunity to own several digital and physical works created by the celebrated American artist, and includes a number of previously unpublished images and works taken from the artist's archives.
the norman rockwell museum nft
  • Cross-game digital avatar platform Ready Player Me is partnering with major entities such as Angry Birds game studio Rovio, TV show "The Voice" and Warner Music Group to launch custom skins of these brands using their IPs.
  • Beeple has announced its next event - Crypto Winter Wonderland - to be held at its Charleston, South Carolina studio on December 16. It is open to Beeple and CryptoPunks collectors.
  • Deutsche Post will launch a series of "crypto stamps" depicting historic buildings in Germany on 2 November. The stamp will also feature the Brandenburger Tor, created using artificial intelligence.
  • Animoca Brands and Mocaverse are collaborating with Elite Apes Hong Kong to host the "Elite Moca Cruise," which will take place on November 5 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

šŸŽµ Music NFTs

  • Neversea, Europe's largest beach festival, has arrived in the Metaverse via EntertainM Metaverse. The Wild Whales Party happened on October 20 and was the result of a collaboration with Neversea's NFT collection - Dreamy Whales. Can you spot NFT Bucharest?šŸ‘€
  • Royal, known for its mission to bring artists and fans together, is expanding its strategy to bring music on-chain, focusing on decentralization for the benefit of both artists and fans.
  • Sound introduces multi-player functionality to the world of music. "Gifts", the first feature introduced, allows users to give music to other people directly from the Sound platform. Bonus, this feature improves wallet security and provides a new level of functionality for creating and storing NFTs.
  • The fintech company Block, has acquired Hifi, a music-focused startup that operates as an artists' financial rights organization. The acquisition is part of Block's mission to empower the music industry after it acquired streaming service Tidal two years ago.
  • Songcamp has unveiled its latest artist lineup, which includes 15 musicians, songwriters, producers and vocalists in the C4 Artist Lineup.

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Who's gonna save the bear (market)?

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